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Another corner of the Endless Abyss.

A jet of blinding light crossed the air and thrusted into one of the abysses. Just like a vortex or a revolving lake, a terrifying deranged fate power emerged.


Sauron walked out of that abyss. He was wearing an old-style silver robe, his hair tied up into a bun. He looked calm and cold like a scholar with ease and natural poise.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and eyed the Absolute Beginning Gateway in the distance, his eyes getting brighter.

Shadows hovered from that abyss. They were Zhen Ru, Cantecie, Fan De Lei, and some experts of other clans; all of them were at the Territory Ancestor Realm. Those people had come to follow Sauron, betting their fate and the future of the clan on Sauron.

"Are they here yet?" Zhen Ru's eyes sparkled with cold light. She clenched her jaw. "We've been waiting for so long. They should be here."

Sauron's face was indifferent. "Yeah. Shi Yan is heading to the Absolute Beginning Gateway. They will get there shortly."

"Then what are we waiting for?" hissed Zhen Ru.

Sauron didn't care about her. He lifted his head to look at the void where a flow of light was falling. He released a wisp of Soul Consciousness.

Then he smiled faintly, "Let's go!"

A massive roulette emerged from that abyss, which was inlaid with gold, silver, iron, rock, gemstones, and diamonds. However, it was unknown what this roulette was made of as it was releasing bright gold halos. The roulette then enlarged until it was as big as an island with many lines crossing each other on the surface. However, those lines weren't still. They could move like human meridians or heavenly rivers.

As soon as the roulette appeared, everybody felt insecure as if their futures were under someone's control, their fates tied.

The Roulette of Fate!

This was a divine weapon that didn't exist in the Absolute Beginning Era. Sauron had forged it himself. Everything in this world, including the immense territories and living creatures, had a string of fate that could be connected and searched by the Roulette of Fate.

As soon as the Roulette of Fate appeared, it hovered underneath Sauron. The roulette then took everybody and moved fiercely towards the Absolute Beginning Gateway.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the fragmented planets and shattering territories fell from the sky and hit the Roulette of Fate, they became dust instantly and turned into pure energy before vanishing.

Zhen Ru, Cantecie, and Fan De Lei stood on the massive roulette but they all felt a twinge in their souls as if they had a tense string in their souls that could break in any minute.

They were all frightened as they looked at Sauron, their souls restlessly insecure. They suddenly recognized that as long as the Roulette of Fate confined their string of fate in their souls, once it was pulled broken, their souls would vanish instantly.


Another corner.

A black tunnel was created in the void. It twisted and changed into a swallowing black hole.

Edgar, Rupert, Serene Prison, and Yuan Zu walked out from that black hole. Sharp lights radiated from their eyes, proving that their powers were increasing fast.

Yuan Zu was in his human form. After getting out of the black hole, he gave it a complicated look and said, "Long time no see. I never though that we would finally meet up again at the ending of an era."

The black hole suddenly shrank into a black dot and exploded.

A figure emerged with darkness shrouding him. This person was a black shadow and no one could see his facial features or body. As soon as he appeared, the starlight around was extinguished. All the sources of light were swallowed. The entire world became darker.

Edgar of the Devouring Clan stood respectfully when he saw the black shadow as he was filled with fear.

That was Devour, his clan's ancestor. The entire members of his Devouring Con were born from this man's blood and soul.

"In Desolate Territory, I, Hui, and Desolate went dormant. At that time, Desolate was divided into five parts. If you had the guts to get in there, at your realm, you could have refined his body piece by piece. Perhaps there would have been no Desolate later." Devour looked at Yuan Zu. His voice was low and ghostly vague like crying souls, which wasn't pleasant to the ears. "Unfortunately, you've always been a coward. You knew he was silenced in Desolate Territory but you didn't dare to intrude."

Rupert and Serene Prison were surprised. When they looked at Yuan Zu, they wore odd faces.

Yuan Zu wasn't enraged because he knew how terrifying the shadow in front of him was. He knew that this man was the nightmare of all creatures in the Absolute Beginning Era. If Desolate hadn't been more prominent than him, this man would have been the Demogorgon of that time.

In Absolute Beginning Era, when Devour had his supreme power, Yuan Zu had to dodge him. As time went by, when Devour hadn't recovered fully, Yuan Zu had accumulated for an entire era. That's why he dares to stand in front of Devour without being worried about turning into ashes instantly by the devouring power.

"Desolate Territory is his territory. In his territory, he's the sole God and the only God that can make rules." Yuan Zu forced a smile and didn't try to conceal his fear. "Especially when I knew that you and Hui were nearby too. How could I take risks?"

Devour snorted. "You'd been a coward for an entire era. How come you have the guts to come now? You didn't dare to go to the Absolute Beginning Gateway to fight that year. Why do you dare to do it now?"

Yuan Zu smiled calmly. "Because you guys are weaker and I'm stronger now…"

"Not much stronger than that year," Devour scrutinized him and spoke casually. "Well, you're more cautious and sissy than you were that year. I hope you could stop Hui. I didn't expect you to offer more help."

Yuan Zu smiled and didn't try to quarrel. To his peers, he had always had good sense.

"Let's go to the Absolute Beginning Gateway. That kid must have opened the Absolute Beginning Gateway now. As the gate opened, his death is coming. I should retrieve that part of my Devouring power Upanishad," Devour's voice was cold and harsh. "Swallowing him, I will resume my supreme power. I will beat Desolate up!"


In front of the Absolute Beginning Gateway.

Shi Yan, Zi Yao, Han Tian, Hiro, and the others reunited. The Absolute Beginning Gateway was also an abyss, the biggest one. The abyss had a surface like a black mirror where there were so many wiggling Absolute Beginning symbols. Within seconds, they could form thousands of complicated formations. However, no one could understand those mysterious formations.

"In Absolute Beginning Era, the bloody, epic battle took place right here. Every time someone of my kind died, parts of those symbols moved. It seems like it requires so many deaths. Unfortunately, when we almost all died, it still remained closed…"

Zi Yao looked at the Absolute Beginning Gateway and mumbled, "As the sea of stars had great changes: race wars, shattered planets, collapsed territory… Everything is to open this gate. Sauron wasn't wrong. He has facilitated those symbols to revive them."

Listening to her, people's initial doubts were cleared.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower was shining dazzlingly. Billions of symbols flew out and fell on that gate, connecting with the symbols down there. It seemed like they wanted to create some formation.

Shi Yan didn't need to do anything.

He just stood and watched the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower do its job. At this moment, he had become an outsider.

However, staying in this place, the familiar feeling he had became stronger. He felt that he saw this gate before, but as he tried to squeeze his memories, he didn't get anything.

He didn't know that when his soul pierced through endless spaces to get to this world, he went through that gateway.

However, at that time, he was in his soul form, which had left only vague pieces of his memories in his soul. As his soul was too fragile at that time, he couldn't remember anything.


All of a sudden, the Absolute Beginning Gateway burned furiously. So many Absolute Beginning symbols became fiery flames. At the same time, Shi Yan's host soul rolled in agony.

Then, he turned into a lightning bolt and thrusted into the burning Absolute Beginning Gateway.

As people were watching, the Absolute Beginning Gateway changed drastically into a massive flaming vortex, which had an extreme suction force.

That suction force affected people's souls greatly!

Shi Yan's body didn't listen to him and soared like a moth heading into a fire. Immediately, he stabbed through the eye of the fiery vortex.


Zi Yao screamed, her eyes brighter than ever. She followed close behind Shi Yan and entered the vortex's eye.

Han Tian and Hiro were hesitant. However, seeing Zi Yao depart, they immediately knew that the Absolute Beginning Gateway had opened now. They didn't have time to contemplate and moved fast forward.

Shortly after, the first group entered the vortex's eye one by one.

From a closer look, that flaming vortex was created by countless Absolute Beginning symbols and powered by the power of the Origins. The fiery vortex didn't cease after Shi Yan's team went through. Quite the contrary, it burned more furiously as if it would never extinguish.


At the same time, extremely terrifying energy fluctuated from the abysses in this Endless Abyss. The energy even reached out toward the endless universe out there. Many areas of the Sea Domain of Nihility collapsed continuously. More and more territories shattered for unknown reasons!

Billions of creatures, including powerful experts from different clans perished altogether in that moment!

"It begins…"

Sauron stood on the Roulette of Fate and mumbled. He accelerated the roulette.

As the abysses were exploding, Devour and Yuan Zu brought Serene Prison and the others, moving fast. Devour and Yuan Zu were shaken continuously as the blood and flesh in their Absolute Beginning bodies boiled.

Deep in the sky, a cyan lightning ball with immense vitality plunged all of a sudden.

Vaguely, the cyan lightning ball contained the earth-towering Life Soul Tree. That tree filled every corner of the lightning ball and released thick vitality.

Desolate was also punctual!

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