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Prince Lu, the most prominent among the princes, the one with the best chance at the coveted position of crown prince; one could even say that he was second only to the emperor.


Prince Lu was silenced by a mere token!


Ye Yunxiao called a little worriedly, “Ninth brother…”


Prince Lu shook his head and said rather hoarsely, “We leave….”


Everyone cried out in surprise!


They couldn’t believe their ears.


His Highness, Prince Lu, was beating a retreat!


Those who had opened their mouths just now all shrunk in fear for their necks.


Who on earth could this terrifying person be?


Suddenly, someone exclaimed, “I know! That is the Demonic Prince of the Northwest...”


These few words had just spilled from his mouth when he covered it tightly with his hands.


As if he had spoken the most terrifying statement in the world.


There were plenty of people reconsidering Prince Lu’s words.


“Seventh Royal Brother!”


Though he had left the capital for a decade, even just the memory of him struck fear into their hearts. It was that cold-hearted Demonic Prince! 


The Demonic Prince Jun Ao Han was the son of the Emperor’s elder brother by the same mother.


He was also the most unorthodox, wicked and tyrannical person among the royals. He did as he pleased based on his own moods; he has never cared about the likes and dislikes of anyone but himself.



It was rumored that when he was still a youth, he once killed a diplomatic envoy from another kingdom in the streets over a woman! 


In the rumors, he was a degenerate to the highest degree; there was no evil he would not perpetrate. 


Even later on when he was demoted and sent to the Great Desert of the Northwest to aid in the defense of the Northern Borders…


His evil reputation still lingered in the capital, and the rumors continued to spread.


It was only due to the fact that he had not returned for the past years that his notoriety had slowly lessened somewhat. 


Rumour has it, that he is a tyrant at the northwest territory. His ways are so oppressive, even the emperor does not dare to provoke him.


It turned out that this place is his other residence!


Some people have stood up in fear and were ready to leave.


Prince Lu was really careless today.


After all, this monastery has been abandoned for more than a decade. Who would have remembered that this was Jun Au Han’s?


However, this older brother really does not give him some face.


He actually wanted to drive all these people away?


Prince Lu coldly looked at Au Yun who an aura of the royal family’s prestige around him. Prince had anger burning within his eyes, enough to swallow him whole.


However, the Au Yun just stood there without a care.


Prince Lu’s facial expression was sour, and he finally said: “Everyone, leave this place!”


No one dared to stay here any longer than necessary, quickly calling their family to prepare the carriage to leave.


At this time, suddenly a woman said: "Halt!"


At this moment, Ao Shuang was like a ghost, quietly standing outside the crowd.


Ye Qingli turned to look instinctively.


From this woman’s body, she felt a familiar aura.


She must have been a hitman!


Also, the number of kills that this lady had wouldn’t be less than hers!


Ao Shuang’s held a shortsword in one hand.


"Where are Little Sire Huo and the few girls that were at the other yard?"


Little Sire Huo was summoned by the guards of Prince Lu from the other court. Although he does not dare to offend Prince Lu, however, he does not have a good temper against some no name lady.


When he saw that Ao Shuang covered her face with black veil, but her body was stunning. Due to his bad old habit, he said with a smirk on his face: "Where are you from young lady? Why are you wearing a veil despite having such a great body? Why don't you take it off and show it to this sire..."


His hand immediately reached out for the veil.


Ao Shuang stepped back and said coldly: "You acted unrestrained and tainted the other court. The master wishes..."


"To have you killed!"

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