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Chen Xiang and Tai Shangzhen took one each.

"Law of Justice, I never thought that there would be such a law." Chen Xiang looked at the Law beads carefully and felt the righteous and strange power inside.

"The power of justice does not have any killing intent, it is only to dispel the evil thoughts in my heart. There are many Dragon beast here that are born with all kinds of evil Qi, I have used these things to tame them, so they are not as savage." The Longhua Lion laughed.

Chen Xiang sighed: "Right now, I do not know what to do. The Myriad Tao City has already been occupied, and only this tower is safe.

"Flying Dragon Pagoda has a thousand floors. There are not only a large number of Dragon beast there, there are also quite a few people … Those people are all the humans that went up to the tower a long time ago. Because the Flying Dragon Pagoda was sealed, there is no way out, and there are so many people up there.

"Furthermore, the world inside the tower is no different from the outside, and there are also a lot of resources, so the world above Flying Dragon Pagoda is a pretty good world, always … It will be more dangerous because the humans above often wage war against the Dragon beast, and there will always be endless conflicts between humans. "

Tai Shangzhen said: "How about this, I will go up to scout first, and after I find out everything, I will come back to bring you up, you should start cultivating here right now."

At the peak of Heaven realm, Tai Shangzhen felt that he could probably make it to the hundredth floor or even higher. After finding out about the situation in the Flying Dragon Pagoda, he planned to train in it for a while and wait for the strong to arrive before heading to Myriad Tao Mausoleum.

Even an expert like Xue Yunxiong had been devoured by the Evil Soul. Although it was said that one had good luck and wouldn't encounter any danger, everyone was worried about what would happen if. After all, the number of people who could return from the Myriad Tao Mausoleum were few.

"Alright, I will work hard to cultivate during this period of time." Chen Xiang nodded his head, he was still in the Tai Dao realm, so he could cultivate it. As long as he cultivated the Spirit of the Dao gods up to its level, he would be able to wield an even stronger power of law and extract a very strong Primitive Tao Power.

After saying that, Tai Shangzhen immediately headed to the eleventh floor.

Although the Longhua Lion were responsible for guarding this place, he would not stop Tai Shangzhen from going up. If it was anyone else, he would think of a way to make things difficult for them.

"Not long from now, more and more people will come up, and those Evil Soul s will quickly find out about the situation in the Flying Dragon Pagoda. Furthermore, after they overturn the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, it will very quickly disappear, and at that time, they will definitely move over here." The Longhua Lion said as she looked at the gigantic staircase that led up to the eleventh floor.

The stairs here were very wide, and the door was covered by a black curtain, just like the entrance to Flying Dragon Pagoda.

"If Xue Yunxiong and the rest were to come here, you would definitely not be able to stop them. They are so powerful." Chen Xiang said: "I think you should go to the hundred floor. With your strength, you won't be able to defend this place."

The Longhua Lion sighed: "Indeed, my powers are limited now, but I want to pick more outstanding Dragon beast seedlings here."

"Oh right, Brother Long, how many Spirit Transformation Law do you need to make a Dragon beast take human form and awaken its consciousness?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I need ten Law beads, but I can only get two now. If I pass through the Myriad Tao's Divine Stele, I would need a hundred million Dao crystal to get one." The Longhua Lion took out two Law beads s.

After being refined by Chen Xiang, each Law beads would be able to support four pills. Chen Xiang felt that if he worked even harder, he would not have to worry about five pills at the same time.

"Maybe I can help you refine it." Chen Xiang said.

"Oh, refining." The Longhua Lion could be said to know nothing about refining pills, to this day he still could not figure out the profoundness of refining pills. However, he knew that refining pills was something very profound, and he was very impressed with those powerful human Alchemist s.

So he was always a little respectful towards Chen Xiang.

"Hehe, you don't know about this, right? Actually, all these Law beads are able to use alchemy to strengthen the power of law inside. After I refine them, each of them will have the same effect as the previous five." Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course, this is my secret technique, the other Alchemist s do not."

He felt that this ability was simply too terrifying. In this world where there was a huge demand for Law beads, to be able to master this ability, meant that Chen Xiang wanted to reach the peak of his abilities in no time.

"Is that really possible?" The Longhua Lion passed the two pellets to Chen Xiang: "If it's possible, doesn't that mean that I can open the spirit of a Dragon beast with only two pellets?"

"Of course it's true. Make a cave for me, I'll go refine it now." Chen Xiang laughed.

The Longhua Lion quickly made a cave for Chen Xiang to refine the two Law beads for him.

After finishing, Chen Xiang went into the cave and started refining in half a day's time.

When the Longhua Lion took the two Law beads s, it also felt that the power of the law inside the Law beads was much stronger than before. Then, it excitedly took the two Law beads s to a giant lion and let it eat them.

"Did you choose all these Dragon beast?" Chen Xiang looked at the other Dragon beast, most of them were lions or tigers, while the others were all Dragon beast with high attack or defense.

There was no dragon ape.

"Yes, they were all carefully selected by me, and they are also my main goal in nurturing in the future." The Longhua Lion said.

There were more than a thousand of these Dragon beast that he had selected, while tens of thousands of others were brought over by him. The fact that the Longhua Lion could transform into human meant that he was very strong, and the Dragon beast were all afraid of him.

Chen Xiang felt that this Longhua Lion had a lot of ambition, and was slowly expanding its power.

Not long after, the giant dragon lion that had eaten the two Law beads had a huge reaction. Its body was shrouded in golden light.

"There's an effect. He's changing, awakening his spiritual consciousness." The Longhua Lion was very excited, it clenched its fists, and wished that it could hug Chen Xiang and cheer.

Sure enough, after just a little more than an hour, this Dragon Mage had taken human form. He looked like an honest looking big guy.

Longhua Lion quickly took out some clothes for him to wear, and gave him the name Long Hua Kun.

"It's a pity that there are only two Spirit Transformation Law beads, if only there were more, it would be great. Myriad Tao City has already controlled the Myriad Tao Divine Stele to a dead end, so I can't let them condense Spirit Transformation Law beads at all." The Longhua Lion said with a depressed look.

"I do have a way." Chen Xiang replied: "I just don't know if I'll succeed."

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