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Empty Land…

So many cities had their gates opened, but there was nobody inside. It seemed that this place had been covered in dust for ten thousand years.

Empty Land was one of the biggest markets of the Sea Domain of Nihility. Every year, millions of warriors from different clans settled here, and the number of visitors was uncountable. Every day, battleships came and went regularly.

However, at this moment, it seemed that the entire Empty Land was lifeless in deadly silence.

Deep in the sky, several black holes were shrinking. The bodies of so many experts were stuck in those black holes, disappearing altogether. There were numerous motionless battleships and war chariots hovering in the skies of Empty City. However, no beam of vitality was found.

Time flew fast…

One day, a battleship of the Potion and Tool Union came, anchoring above Empty city.

A man stood on the battleship, his arms crossed in front of his chest. He looked at the quiet cities, his face shocked, and then immediately reported the situation.

The news that millions of creatures living on Empty Land had disappeared mysteriously had been spread out fast. Everybody knew about it, and every clan was shaken hard in fright.

This universe was facing its most dangerous time, being shaken continually; this era could end soon.

Han Tian, Hiro, and Montecie were leading their subordinates to attack the homelands of the Black Demon Clan and Ancient Monster Clan. They were shelling on the barriers cast by the two clans for tens of thousands of years to barge in.

Many powerful clans dependent on the Mysterious Sky Clan, White Bone Clan, and Phantom Clan had received the information. They then immediately gathered to attack the surrounding territories.

For example, Masha and Yvelines of the Heavenly Eye Clan had received orders from Judy, which asked them to find a chance and intrude the Wavy River Star Area next to them or the Tuke Star Area, which was even nearer. These two star areas belonged to the Soul Clan.

Previously, they didn't dare to trespass others' lands. However, due to the war between the seven clans that had reduced the Soul Clan's might, the Heavenly Eye Clan had gathered their best force to fight. Finally, they had stepped on the path of conquering. They joined hands with some other small forces under the Mysterious Sky Clan to attack the surroundings clans.

The war between the seven clans wasn't exclusive to the seven clans themselves. Many dependent races and forces had joined this war as well.

In this vast sea of stars and the borderless Sea Domain of Nihility, many territories and races had begun their fights. The race war was filled with slaughter, genocide, conquering, as death reached every corner of the universe, blowing past almost every race!

This striking war had boiled up the sea of stars and the current era. So many life stars had collapsed; numerous territories were utterly destroyed; explosions happened everywhere.

Death, slaughter, genocide, and battles happened in every territory.

The vastly immense universe was shaken hard as countless warriors perished together with their homes.

It was an icy, dark area. Underneath it was an endless abyss, and above it was the gray void.

The suns, moons, and stars fell like a sprinkle through the gray void into this icy world. Many collapsed territories, which looked like burst-off balloons also fell from the sky into this world.

This place had clouds with many colors and bright mists. However, occupying the place were also numerous massive abysses. They were scattered amidst the sea of clouds, gathering in clusters and big masses, too numerous to count.

The suns, moons, and stars falling from the sky would enter those abysses. Even the massive, shattered territories sank, falling into all those abysses.

This place was called the Endless Abyss, the bottom of the universe, the lowest land under the Sea Domain of Nihility. Rumors said that no creature could affect this place.

When the world was cleared and the universe collapsed, the suns, moons, and stars would fall into the Endless Abyss.

At this moment, because of the horrible war in the sea of stars, many life stars had exploded and many territories were torn apart. The broken suns, moons, and stars fell unceasingly, piercing through perpetual darkness to reach this place and then sank into those lake-like massive abysses.

Countless abysses hovered in the misty sea of clouds, always cold and silent, without a wisp of energy from living creatures.

At that moment, a silhouette quietly emerged in this Endless Abyss.

He was a middle-aged human man with white hair draped around his shoulders. With a pair of abyss-like eyes, he looked somehow archaic. He was wearing a simple, bright silver robe, walking in the void above an abyss. Sometimes, he lifted his head to watch the suns and moons falling, mumbling to himself, "Almost! The conditions to open it will be soon met…"

He was Sauron, one of the Ten Great Territory Ancestors. He was from the Human Clan, the real master of the Potion and Tool Union. At the Third Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, he was the peak existence of the current era!

He was walking in the void above the abysses, watching the suns, moons, and stars falling, feeling the death of countless creatures. With an indifferent face, he was talking to himself.

The surface of each abyss he had walked through slowly projected some mysterious but incredible images of the warriors dying and soul altars exploding. Those images seemed to be the memories of the planets when they fell into the abysses. In silence, they were telling him many things…

He rarely showed himself. During the last tens of thousands of years, he had settled here to observe the Absolute Beginning Gateway hidden in there. He was waiting and promoting the chances of opening it.

The Absolute Beginning Gateway hid inside the Endless Abyss. This place was a mysterious land that had always been sealed since the Absolute Beginning Era.

The Absolute Beginning creatures had paid with the end of their era, but none of them could break the Territory Ancestor Realm to enter the utmost eternal realm.

The closed Absolute Beginning Gateway didn't open at that time.

Sauron had stayed here and observed for tens of thousands of years, trying to find the way to open the Absolute Beginning Gateway. To do that, he had done everything he could!


As he was walking above an abyss, it suddenly changed into a clear lake.

Inside the lake, a shadow slowly formed: it was Zhen Ru…

Zhen Ru was standing on a cold dead star in the Sea Domain of Nihility. The lake also showed many members of the Myriad Shape Tribe who wore sorrowful faces and groaned in agony for the deaths of their fellows.

"You deceived me! All of my efforts were smashed by the light from the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. I had almost been killed there. Many of my fellows died to save me! I've sacrificed so many warriors for your plan. You must shoulder the responsibility for the loss of our clan!" Zhen Ru's cold voice pierced through the lake, coming from a deep place inside the universe to this Endless Abyss.

The shoulder-length-white-haired Sauron wore an unconcerned face, his voice cold, "It's your greed that has harmed you. I did remind you. I asked you to instigate Cantecie and Fan De Lei's resentments against Shi Yan and make them fight against each other. I had never told you to kill him. He was able to fuse with the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. Do you think you can kill him?"

Without waiting for Zhen Ru to snap back, Sauron talked coldly, "I told Montecie to give him the Cloud Mist Territory so that he could have a chance of obtaining the Skyfall Star River, which helped him attain the Absolute Beginning body. I want him to live well! He's the most important step in my plan. As he's the key to open the Absolute Beginning Gateway, before the Gateway opens, he must live well!"

"Yuan Zu has provoked a war between the seven clans. Is it a part of your plan, too? The seven clans are fighting. The entire universe is in chaos. So many suns, moons, and stars are shattering. This absolutely prosperous time will come to an end because of this! Is that what you really want?" roared Zhen Ru.

"No era can last forever. The Absolute Beginning Era was extremely rich and powerful, but it disappeared in the long river of history… How could it not happen? In my eyes, the end of the Absolute Beginning Era didn't bring any benefit because that gateway never opened. If it requires the end of our era to open the Absolute Beginning Gateway, I think it will be worth it," said Sauron firmly.

"Devour is killing around the sea of stars, slaughtering the big territories to recover its energy. This sea of stars can't endure its swallowing campaign anymore. It's getting more intimidating. If it is fully recovered, do you think you can still control the general situation?" Zhen Ru hissed.

"It's still in my hands. Even if Devour returns to its peak condition, as long as it doesn't make the last step, it can't enter the eternal, utmost realm. So, it's still in my hands," Sauron said calmly. Pausing for a while, he frowned for the first time, "Shi Yan is the only variable. Since I can't hold his string of Fate, I will sweep him away first after he opens the Absolute Beginning Gateway."

"Who is that Shi Yan? What has happened after all? Why couldn't you grasp his string of fate? You can see Devour's and Desolate's, so how could you not see his?" Zhen Ru was surprised.

Sauron pondered for a long time and then said in a gloomy voice, "During the last tens of thousands of years, I've been here, guarding the Endless Abyss and observing the Absolute Beginning Gateway to check if it would change. However, after dozens of thousands of years, it hasn't had any minor change. I was even about to give up once…"

Zhen Ru was so curious, listening to him. She wanted to know what had occurred.

"At the moment I was almost hopeless, on a day hundreds of years ago, a flow of soul light flew out of that Absolute Beginning Gateway! That flow of soul had pierced through the Endless Abyss and disregarded the space limits to enter Desolate Territory, landing on the Grace Mainland. That soul light…was Shi Yan's host soul," said Sauron.

"A soul flew out of the Absolute Beginning Gateway?" Zhen Ru was dumbstruck.

Sauron nodded. "After his soul flew away, the Absolute Beginning Gateway that stood still for tens of thousands of years began to change subtly…"

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