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The God Lord suddenly came across the sky and used his supernatural power to bring a crowd of God experts to this area.

For the time being, so many God experts gathered around the giant worm Hui. Most of them were at Incipient God Realm. They were the peerless warriors including members of the Elder Committee and the Chiefs of the twelve families.

To fight Hui, the God Lord had mobilized all the warriors of his elite force.

Ming Hao and Xuan He were stern. Apparently, they were afraid of the God Lord. As soon as they saw him appear, they became cautious and urged their power Upanishad to the utmost. They were prepared for a bloody battle.

Everyone expected that the battle between the Bloodthirsty Force and the God Clan would happen in Ancient God Continent, Ancient Demon Continent, Grace Mainland, or any other star area. However, it took place right at the chaotic space current. Because of Hui, the battle that shouldn't happen was forced to take place before an ideal time.

Actually, the God Lord still needed a lot of energy and time to recover his original power. Ming Hao, Xuan He, and the others hadn't prepared completely. This battle should have been postponed.

However, the inevitable occurred today.

The God Lord was like a blinding sun. Magnificent lights radiated dazzlingly from his body. The holy light rolled torrentially with an undying soul spirit, shooting at every direction.

Shi Yan had unknowingly entered Third Sky of Incipient God Realm and his power Upanishads had sublimated. His Star and Space power Upanishads had preliminarily fused. Now, it showed a marvel that nothing could compare to.

The sea of stars in front of him was both real and dreamy. It changed continuously like the reflection of the moon on the water.

The bunch of light beams that the God Lord had shot was covered by the fantasy Incipient Extent, but they couldn't harm Shi Yan's real body.

He smiled faintly and gave a surprised scream. Then, he considered Shi Yan his primary target, stepping on the void to approach him.

Shi Yan cursed him inwardly. His soul now received terrifying pressure. When the God Lord was about to reach him, he felt so heavy as if his soul altar was about to smash. He was frightened as he got to know the God Lord's intimidation.

He had just reached Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, but he believed that if he fought Spark at the False Immortal Realm, he would defeat him easily.

Shi Yan could even manage to fight First Sky of Immortal Realm experts like Caesar, Lorraine, or Ling Xiang once.

However, he couldn't face the God Lord, the one who was severely hurt, had to use Haig's body to resurrect, and hadn't recovered half of his power yet. Shi Yan felt anxious and restless as if he was facing a wild beast from the Immemorial time.

His soul was intimidated.

"As you also got the ancient continent's Origin, you should get its magical features. It's called Hui, a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era like Desolate. They are from a very ancient time. This archaic living being has many marvelous things. However, I can't understand it completely. Perhaps it will be easier if I get your Origin."

The God Lord was talking casually. When he spoke to Shi Yan, his face looked magically tender.

However, he had entered the "Sea of Vanishing Stars" that Shi Yan had built in just a blink of an eye. The Sea of Vanishing Star was the ability of Space and Star power Upanishads. It had connected directly to his Incipient Extent. While his Soul Consciousness changed, the sea of stars seemed to vanish.

"It's an interesting ability of your power Upanishads," smiled the God Lord.

A chunk of bright light emitted from his palm. Marvelously, that light had many magical power Upanishads.

The auras of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning and Electric, and Wind emerged at once inside the chunk of light in his hand.

Boom! Boom!

The sea of stars that Shi Yan had created melted like snow under that light.

Shi Yan was exposed.

"You shouldn't fuse with the Origin. It's your luck but also your calamity. Maybe I will give you room to grow to give Bloodthirsty face. However, when you got the power Bloodthirsty controlled, you became a person I had to kill. Hmm, it's too bad."

The God Lord looked regretful. He sighed, raising one hand and attempting to capture Shi Yan.


Shi Yan looked cold, his eyes crimson. He spurted blood.

That blood was a scorching flame burning fierily. His energy rocketed and urged his spirit, Qi, and soul.


His brain was shaken as if his life energy was completely triggered. His cells, hair, flesh, and bones seemed to have life. The explosions echoed abruptly inside his body. His body cracked and a fierce desire of killing arose in his head.

The thick murderous aura swarm over. Under Death power Upanishad, it turned into a massive, bloody hand as big as an imposing mountain.

That giant hand was as red as if it was made of blood. It reached for the God Lord. As it was about to touch the God Lord, vigorous life energy was sent out of the fingertips of the giant hand. That vitality didn't weaken the deadly hand. It had enhanced the hand's intimidation. The energy fluctuating from the bloody hand was enough to break a life star.


The massive hand slapped the God Lord like a stone ball hitting a big mountain. The God Lord stood imposingly.

However, he looked surprised. Eyeing Shi Yan for a while, he said, "It seems that Xuan He has given you all the essence of his power Upanishad. Although the power of your Death Upanishad isn't as excellent as Xuan He's, it isn't bad."

He was skeptical.

Shi Yan's performance today didn't match the intelligence that the Elder Committee had told him. They said that Shi Yan was at First Sky of Incipient God Realm. They said that he had mastered Space, Star, and Death and Life power Upanishad. However, his power Upanishads hadn't fused with each other yet. They told him that he was still in the stage of understanding his power, so he was still far away from the fusing stage.

However, at this moment, Shi Yan was obviously at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm and his fusion of Space and Star power Upanishads wasn't bad. He had also fused Death and Life power Upanishad smoothly. The conflicting information confused the God Lord.

He didn't know that all of these were the merit of the mysterious energy from Hui. That energy was magical. It did not only help Shi Yan reach Third Sky of Incipient God Realm but it also increased the fusion speed of his power Upanishad.

Shi Yan could blend the special abilities of his power Upanishads to strike with much more strong attacks. All of these achievements were generated recently.

Thus, the God Lord's hand was interrupted midway. He couldn't grab Shi Yan to destroy him directly.

He had missed the best chance!

Because right when he wanted to attack one more time, in the middle of the turbulent space current, countless beautiful "heavenly" doors emerged. Then, countless Ming Hao walked out of those doors. Like shadows, they came and merged with Ming Hao's host body.

The Soul Control power Upanishad had divided the soul into millions of wisps. After each wisp was detached, the user's power was reduced by a little bit. The more clones he created, the weaker they individually were.

It was the principle of the world that no one could change. Of course, Ming Hao couldn't do that, either.

However, as Brian the God Lord had come, Ming Hao knew that it was going to be very serious. He decided to gather all the clones of his soul that were scattered in many star areas. All fused into one.

Right when the God Lord wanted to attack one more time, Ming Hao moved to Shi Yan instantly like a wisp of a soul. His eyes were cold and dark as he said, "Brian, I'm your opponent. Actually, I don't want to battle you now. But as you can't wait, I have to fight you."

As Ming Hao was talking, more and more silhouettes came and merged with him. There were more than several hundreds of them.

His aura became more intimidating and his realm was changing…

"Ming Hao, I can't believe that you…"

DeCarlos cried, his face astounded as if it was the first time he knew Ming Hao.

Aside from him, Xuan He, Frederick, Azure Dragon, and Lei Di were also baffled. They were in disbelief.

After the God Lord had come here, he always looked calm and relaxed. Now, he changed his face when he looked at Ming Hao having many clones merging continuously.

Ming Hao's body was dark like a sinister ghost. He gave people a magical feeling of something real and false at the same time. It was inexplicable, indeed. He was hovering there, but people had a feeling that he didn't exist.

"You are worthy of your reputation as the leader of the Cortege of Eight. After ten thousand years, Xuan He and Frederick have made only one step further but you progressed two steps. You've reached Third Sky of Immortal Realm. No wonder you dare to declare war against our clan. It turns out that you have the same realm as mine," the God Lord lowered his voice.

"Originally, I didn't want to take action so early. However, you couldn't wait. Brian, I've planned each step to start a war against your clan to give you time to recover. I wanted to fight against you when you got your Third Sky of Immortal Realm cultivation base back. You're too fast," Ming Hao sighed.

Before his soul congregated, it was like he was encountering the strongest enemy. He had to be very cautious.

However, when countless clones of his soul returned, his power had reached Third Sky of Immortal Realm. He now could relax and show his arrogant and proud bearings without fear.

Third Sky of Immortal Realm was the ultimate realm of power Upanishad in the vast universe. It was the real ultimate existence. In the crowd of billions of people, the warriors at this realm could be counted with just the fingers of one hand.

Currently, there were two warriors at such a realm: The God Lord and Ming Hao.

However, the God Lord hadn't recovered yet. Compared to Ming Hao who had accumulated for ten thousand years apparently, the God Lord was in a disadvantageous situation.

This point could be seen from Lei Di's and Azure Dragon's cheered up faces, as well as the fear on the faces of the God Clan experts.

Everybody turned to the God Lord to see what how he would deal with this. Strangely, the God Lord looked a little surprised. Then, he pulled himself together and laughed, "Ming Hao, you're wrong. My current power is equal to yours. If I recover fully, you don't have even a small chance of winning against me. After ten thousand years, although my body was destroyed, my soul hasn't stayed still. After ten thousand years, you've entered Third Sky of Immortal Realm, but do you know what I am at?"

Listening to him, the members of the God Clan cheered up and their eyes brightened.

Ming Hao contemplated for a while and then nodded. He didn't protest or look suspicious. "Perhaps, you're right."

"Eleven clones of Hui will come soon. We should have a winner before that," the God Lord frowned, "We shouldn't waste more time."

"That's what I think," said Ming Hao.

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