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He was dressed in a snow-white brocade robe, and his sleeves were sewn to create a pure-white plum blossom. Snowflakes accompanied with plum blossoms were exceptionally intoxicating, and there was a freshness and sweetness about it, just like his demeanor. It was fresh and elegant, just like sweet wine.

If this extremely handsome man was not Mo Ranbai, then who else could he be?

"Brother Ranbai." Feng Zhiyao shouted excitedly. Oh my god, I really couldn't find any place to get my hands on this.

"Yao'er, you still haven't told me how you ended up with Ximen Family." The two of them were so close, could it be that Yao'er was going to get married? Could it be that Ximen Family was older than her when it came to age?

"It's a long story, let's explain it later. Oh right, are you going to the Jade Buddha Temple as well?" Feng Zhiyao asked curiously.

"Ranbai, your brother came to find me yesterday to exchange for treasures." Xi Men Yu yawned lazily and said. It seemed like he had not woken up yet.

"You must not have agreed to the exchange." Mo Ranbai said confidently.

"Of course, that is a family heirloom of my Ximen family. If I were to be replaced, I would be worried that my great-grandmother would jump out of the coffin and scold me. " Feng Zhiyao felt that it was very interesting to be at the west gate in such a state.

As a result, she raised her head and looked at him twice, but Mo Ranbai was unhappy.

"Yao'er, how about Brother Ranbai's horse?" Mo Ranbai looked at her with a warm smile. Such a pure smile made Feng Zhiyao stare at her foolishly for a few times, but she suddenly remembered the scene where she wanted to rape him, but was driven away by Mo Ranbai. It made her small face turn pale, and she immediately shook her head quickly.

"Don't sit down! I will ride together with Uncle. Haha, look, the scenery of the Jade Buddha Temple is really good! " Feng Zhiyao didn't care about Mo Ranbai's disappointed eyes, she looked at the red maple that was spreading along the way, and her mood was especially good.

Even though the entire mountain was red in color, it was still mediocre.

"That's right, little girl." Xi Men Yu also smiled.

"Yao'er, are you here to request for marriage?" Mo Ranbai perked up his ears and asked.

"No!" I don't believe in such things! " Besides, why did he mention about marriage again?

This really gave her a headache.

I wonder if those beautiful men who did not see her were frantically searching for her all over the world?

However, this was also a good way to test whether these men were sincere towards her or not.

If it's true, then just pick the best one, the best one!

Only, Feng Zhiyao never thought that he would one day become wife's master! And there was such a Dov! Of course, this was a story for the future, and there was no need to show it here for the time being.

"Yao'er, then what do you believe in?" Mo Ranbai led his horse, while walking steadily, he laughed at the demon.

"I only believe in myself!" Feng Zhiyao gave a light smile that was more beautiful than a mountain full of red maple.

"Little girl, you are very confident." Xi Men Yu dismounted from his horse and let Feng Zhiyao ride on his horse alone. He led the horse forward slowly.

"I've always been very confident!" The corner of Feng Zhiyao's lips curved up in a perfect arc. She was extremely beautiful, and her entire body was shining with a holy radiance, as delicate and pretty as a white lotus after a rain.

"Little Zhiyao … Flawless …" Hua Qian Xun, who was wearing a white silk dress was standing at the entrance of the Jade Buddha Temple. At this moment, Hua Qian Xun was waving at them.

"Yao'er, my mother is with us! Ranbai, please do as you please, we will talk at the Red Maple Pavilion in the back of the mountain, how about it? " Xi Men Yu hurriedly apologized when he saw that Hua Qianlou was calling him and Hua Qianlou.

"Alright, since Aunt is calling for you, then quickly go over. I have something to say to Yao'er alone!" Mo Ranbai carried Feng Zhiyao off the snow-white horse's back with such a gentle motion, as if he was holding fragile porcelain.

"Okay, I got it! That little girl, remember to hurry up! " Xi Men Yu did not think too much about it. Holding the reins of the white horse, his tall and slim body moved gracefully and gracefully.

Therefore, Feng Zhiyao stared at it without blinking.

But in the next second, her heart broke because Mo Ranbai was extremely jealous!

"Mo - Xiao - Bai, what are you grabbing my wrist for? Don't you know that your grip hurts so much due to all your strength! " Feng Zhiyao's charming little face sank as she glared at him.

"Did I really scratch you?" Mo Ranbai frowned, her beautiful and thin lips curved into a straight line.

"Of course, look. Look. Here. Here... So painful …. "So painful …" Feng Zhiyao coldly slapped Mo Ranbai's big hand away, scolding him unhappily.

"Yao'er, right … "I'm sorry!" Mo Ranbai lowered his eyes and looked at her left wrist, which was actually pulled so hard by him that it left a small bruise on it, turning purple. Looking at it this way, Mo Ranbai felt his heart ache, and furrowed his brows again.

How could he be so bad! A few days ago, he sent people to scout for news of Feng Zhiyao. He never would have thought that Feng Zhiyao would actually go to their Xi Liang Kingdom's Soul Devouring Villa, and even have such an intimate attitude towards Xi Men Wu.

"Yao'er, let me help you blow a little." Mo Ranbai lowered her head, lifted her slender hand, and gently placed it on his palm. Her rosy lips faced the bruise on her wrist, and gently blew, causing Feng Zhiyao to look at her heart for a while.

Is this man stupid or smart?

Feng Zhiyao sighed.

"Yao'er, is it still painful?" Mo Ranbai raised his head to ask her. In the depths of his eyes was a boundless love, gently blowing like water in the wind.

Their gazes met, and lightning flashed in their eyes … Had she ever had him in her heart?

"No …" "It doesn't hurt anymore..." He asked such a careful question. He must be regretting what he had done. Forget it, it's fine as long as he knows that he was wrong. On the account that he was a top beauty, she would not hold it against him.

"Is it really not painful? "Don't lie to me." Mo Ranbai placed her slender and soft hand firmly on his palm, holding it with his large hand.

"Ugh …" Why would I lie to you? " Feng Zhiyao was a little curious, the tenderness he suddenly showed her, wasn't his voice even higher than before? How did he become so gentle and gentle to her? She did not think that Mo Ranbai was a nice person, she had personally seen him use corpse decomposing water on those assassins back in Jade Lake Restaurant.

"Yao'er, leave the Soul Devouring Villa and allow … "You want me to take care of you..." Mo Ranbai thought that this beautiful girl, perhaps he could give up the Mo family's treasures for her and give up the qualification of being the successor to his brother, Mo Yanyue, the young warlock.

"I'm already very old. I have hands and feet. I can take care of myself!" Feng Zhiyao's answer made chaos in Mo Ranbai's heart.

"Alright then …" I'll wait for you... "I'll wait until the day you say that you're willing …" Instead, Mo Ranbai stretched out her arms and hugged Feng Zhiyao tightly.

"Brother Ranbai, you are the one who needs to take good care of yourself. Yesterday, when I saw your brother, did he still not give up on the treasures of the Mo family?" Feng Zhiyao asked in a gossipy voice.

"How could he give up! Yao'er, the matters of the Mo family are not something that can be concluded in a few words! " Mo Ranbai sighed as he shifted his gaze to the fiery red maple leaf.

The dazzling sunlight passed through the gaps between the maple leaves, shining out a mottled halo. It was as if the two people beneath the maple leaf had been plated with a layer of light, as if they were a match made in heaven.

"Alright, then I won't ask about the Mo family! Oh right, Brother Ranbai, you have to keep my matter at Xi Liang Kingdom a secret! They must be looking for me! You tried to create obstacles for me so that I could hang out for a few more days. " When Feng Zhiyao thought about how they had played the Five Dragons and a phoenix on her that night in Peace Palace, she felt a little afraid.

"Of course!" Of course he didn't want them to know that Feng Zhiyao was in Xi Liang Kingdom. Since it was so good, if he wanted to pursue a beautiful woman whom he admired wholeheartedly, he would have less resistance. The day that he would return with a beautiful woman was just around the corner.

"Thank you, Brother Ranbai." Feng Zhiyao tiptoed and gifted her a kiss.

"Hur hur." Mo Ranbai secretly despised himself, he seemed to be getting worse, but after being kissed by Yao'er, he was in a good mood, as though he had obtained a rare martial arts manual.

"Ranbai, I need to hurry up and burn some incense. I think Uncle and Madam should be anxious from waiting!" Feng Zhiyao laughed as he bent down to pick up a red leaf. The maple leaf looked like a butterfly, and was extremely beautiful.

The face with the most gentle, jade-like face made him enraptured, causing him to just silently look at her. He really wished that time could stop here, forever and ever.

"Yao'er, you are so beautiful." Mo Ranbai praised from the bottom of his heart.

"Of course, I am the number one beauty of Nan Shao. "Hehe …" Feng Zhiyao gently extended her fist and punched his chest as she laughed softly.

"Actually, Brother Ranbai, if you're a girl, you're also pretty beautiful!" After saying that, Feng Zhiyao covered his mouth and snickered, then raised his eyes to look at the handsome man whose expression changed. He knew that he said the wrong thing, and immediately used all of his strength to break free from his embrace, shuttling back and forth between the maple trees.

"Yao'er... Yao'er... See if I catch you or not, I'll punish you well! " Mo Ranbai was naturally chasing after her, and he was even shouting.

"Aiya, I'm so tired from running, why aren't you tired?" Feng Zhiyao was finally unable to run anymore, thus he sat down on the ground. In truth, he couldn't blame the young miss for her weak stamina, it was really because some unscrupulous male ghost had squeezed her clean last night, so naturally her energy was limited. Being able to run two or three rounds was already her greatest limit.

"My body is good as long as I'm small. Besides, I'm a man and you're a woman, so naturally there's a difference in physical strength. What about it?" Or was it? You want to be a man? " Never would he have thought that Mo Ranbai's brain would move so quickly to toss back the previous interesting topic. Listening to him made Feng Zhiyao want to grind his teeth and grind them while he moved towards Zhiyao.

F * ck, who would have thought they'd become a man? Nonsense! It was extremely annoying!

"Humph!" Feng Zhiyao turned his face away, no longer paying attention to him.

"Yao'er, don't be angry. Yao'er, if you are angry, my heart will ache for you." Mo Ranbai's enlarged handsome face suddenly appeared in front of Feng Zhiyao's eyes, and as he spoke those pleading words, he was instantly amused by him and burst out laughing.

"Fine, then pinch your own face to my satisfaction, and tell the Dragon Group agents to stop!" "Humph!" Feng Zhiyao looked at him with her bright and beautiful eyes, deliberately making things difficult for him.

"This... This matter... Too … Could it be …. "This is too much …" To think that she could get him to pinch her face.

"Fine, I'll pinch you then. Once I'm done, I'll pinch you a hundred times!" Mo Ranbai thought for a moment, and retorted, she was indeed Su Muyan's good friend, she really had the potential to be a cunning merchant.

"Hmph, good. Then pinch with more force, and I'll kiss with more power!" After saying that, Feng Zhiyao gave him a flirtatious smile, as she continued to make things difficult for this handsome guy.

"Yao'er, how about you first kiss me a hundred times, then I'll pinch my own face. What do you think?" Mo Ranbai rolled his eyes and leaned towards her.

"This won't do. If this is the case, won't I be at a disadvantage?" Feng Zhiyao shook his head.

"Sigh, how about you pinch me? As long as Bo Yao'er smiles, Brother Ranbai will follow your orders!" Mo Ranbai really had pinched his own handsome face, and even created some scars.

"Idiot Brother Ranbai, I didn't make you pinch me, you are really stupid." Feng Zhiyao pouted.

Hehe, Yao'er, I was willing to become a fool for you. Alright, I really pinched myself just now, then kiss me a hundred times! Mo Ranbai brought his jade-like handsome face closer to Feng Zhiyao, this time, it was even closer, just a thumb's distance away.

"Huh?" A hundred kisses?

Feng Zhiyao blinked her beautiful eyes and laughed slyly, her fragrant red lips were like a dragonfly stepping on water as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Yao'er still has ninety-nine kisses!" Mo Ranbai hugged Feng Zhiyao as his thin lips pressed against hers.

"Don't, in the future. In the future, he would redeem it … Now, I am going to burn incense for Lord Buddha. " Actually, they wanted to meet up with Hua Qianlou. They wanted to lead him away so that he could ask the host of the Jade Buddha Temple if they had the chance to go back to the modern era.

"We've agreed to it. A hundred times, we can't afford to owe them. We have to fulfill their agreement now!" "Come on, kiss me here, here." Mo Ranbai extended his long, white, long finger and pointed it at every part of his face. Damn, he even pointed it below his neck.

"Okay, okay, let me give you another kiss, you …" "You should let go of me. I can't let Madam and Uncle wait for long, right?" Feng Zhiyao raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"En, alright, then here it is!" Mo Ranbai lowered her head, her beautiful and thin lips aimed straight at her cherry lips that were as tender as the petals of a rose.

"Alright, then so be it. But let's turn our heads. After all, this is the holy land of the Buddha." Feng Zhiyao unhappily gouged out his eyes, and the petite her was hugged tightly in his embrace. Thus, Feng Zhiyao gave him a deep and lingering kiss.

"Oh... "Oh …" This Mo Ranbai was simply a good student, in that moment, he became passive and took the initiative.

Mo Ranbai felt that he seemed to be the happiest man in the world!

Their tongues twisted and turned, causing the atmosphere to become ambiguous in the fiery red maple forest … Unexpectedly, there was a jealous gaze from a distance locked onto the man and woman who were kissing intimately.

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