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Ten thousand years ago, many experts had besieged Bloodthirsty and made him return to earth, leaving only a broken skeleton. The precursors of the God Clan, Heaven River Temple, Thousand Fantasy Sect, and Broken Hall had seized them.

After ten thousand years, the experts of the God Clan, and the warriors at the Immortal Realm like Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine had put their hopes in Bloodthirsty's remains. They wanted to discover the mysterious power. However, they all failed.

In many people's eyes, that power was the foundation that helped Bloodthirsty become the supreme expert. Also, it was the primary reason that the God Lord and the other experts had to kill Bloodthirsty.

_________ Everybody wanted this power!

Today, this power reappeared in the universe. Bloodthirsty's successor had triggered it.

How could it not shake the entire world?

Now, everybody looked at Shi Yan with hot eyes.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The corpses flew out of Hui's body accelerated and flew like a shooting light.

The three experts in the front of that horde had damaged bodies. No one knew how long they were there. They all had big holes in their chest where pungent, sticky pus oozed out. They could vaguely see their twitching stomachs that made their hearts cold and their scalps numb.

The three corpses had blank looks without any human emotion. However, their bodies had a surging evil energy.

Rhombus sword lights shot out from their mouths.

The sword lights were so cold but they were bright and transparent, stabbing into the chests of the three God Clan's Elders. The three Elders at the Incipient God Realm blacked out as they lost their lives without having a chance to scream.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless rhombus sword lights showered at them fiercely. The experts' eyes brightened, but they didn't have a chance to check Shi Yan's marvel. They had to urge their power Upanishads to shield them from the attack.

Their God power created the sea or the ice mountain, the dazzling light of the sun and the moon, and even the thick blood streaming. Their magical abilities had made the space current magnificent as if it had a beautiful firework performance.

A handsome man emerged at the head of the giant worm. He smiled, his eyes dark and sinister. He was now quietly watching the others.

"Tian Xie!"

Xuan He, Frederick, and DeCarlos shouted at the same time. They were shaken hard as they couldn't believe it.

Tian Xie was the President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. In this cosmos, his force was very powerful and it ranked right after the God Clan, Bloodthirsty Force, and Imperial Dark Tribe. And more importantly, the forces like Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, andHeaven River Temple listened to Tian Xie. They would act under his command.

The filthy rich President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce appeared above Hui's head and he was standing there safe and sound.

Everybody had a bad premonition. They knew that this situation was indeed strange and dangerous. Even the four Heavenly Kings of the God Clan had to knit their brows, especially Heavenly King Divine Martial. He looked at Tian Xie, his eyes restless and frightened. He suddenly cried, "No, it's not right! You weren't this strong!"

Just previously, he had received the God Lord's orders to visit the headquarters of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce to meet Tian Xie and persuade him to stand on the God Clan's side.

Of course, Tian Xie didn't agree. Because of that, Divine Martial made an excuse to fight against Tian Xie once. At that time, Tian Xie was at Second Sky of Immortal Realm and was cultivating Fire power Upanishad. He wasn't weaker than Divine Martial. Their match ended with a tie.

However, Tian Xie had sent shivers down Divine Martial's spine. It was a chill from the soul. He knew Tian Xie was much stronger compared to how he was at that battle!

If they fought against Tian Xie today, he knew he would be defeated and he wouldn't even be able to run away.

He could feel that the aura from Tian Xie now was similar to when he faced the God Lord.

"Ladies and gentlemen, long time no see," Tian Xie smiled gently, his makings excellent. "Welcome to this humble place. I, Tian Xie, on behalf of my Mistress, send our best regards to you."

A beautiful figure appeared behind Tian Xie. Unexpectedly, it was Zi Yao. She was sitting on a brilliant seven-colored throne that was made of precious jades and crystals.

She sat cross-legged on the throne, her face indifferent and arrogant while she looking at the others.

After she had emerged, Tian Xie bowed to her modestly and introduced her to the others. "This is my Mistress."

After Zi Yao and Tian Xie showed themselves, the fierce corpses halted and stiffly floated around the others. They were looking at their targets with blank eyes.

"Tian Xie! What the heck you are doing?!" Xuan He grimaced, trying to suppress his anger. He shouted, "Since when did she become your Mistress? You're the President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce but now, you're kneeling under a woman. Since when did you, Tian Xie, become so shameless?"

It was also what others couldn't figure out.

"Mistress was always my Mistress. It has never changed. It's Tian Xie's honor to become her servant. Also, Mistress has created me and made me who I am today." Tian Xie's smiled and didn't cease. In front of many people, he sounded so proud as he didn't think it was humiliating. He thought it was honorable.

People then turned to look at Zi Yao.

Most of them were bewildered, frowning and trying to guess Zi Yao's identity.

Not many people in this group knew Zi Yao. Only Xuan He and Frederick knew that Shi Yan had a woman like that on his side. However… since when did that woman had become Tian Xie's Mistress?

They had no clue.

"She's that big worm!" hissed Audrey all of a sudden.

"Is she that worm?" Adele couldn't make head or tail out of it. "How could it be? She's so beautiful. How could she be that disgusting worm?"

"It's her," Audrey took a cold breath, her high breast thrusting out and making her more gorgeous and elegant. "I've fused with the Origin of our homeland. It has the memories. The aura on her body is exactly like that big worm. She's an Absolute Beginning creature!"

Hearing him, the others were stunned. Quickly, they turned stern.

"Kid, is she telling the truth?" Frederick glared at Shi Yan, his face dark and serious. The light in his eyes flickered furiously.

Shi Yan sighed and nodded. "Audrey is telling the truth. Zi Yao is Hui, actually."

While he was talking, Zi Yao didn't pay attention to the others. Her beautiful eyes were filled with a strange light as she eyed Shi Yan from a distance. Her emotionless face slightly changed and showed a gleam of complex emotion.

Shi Yan felt bitter. He understood that Zi Yao had controlled the entire situation. Tian Xie and so many corpses had given her full assurance. He knew that he had been tenderhearted for a while, which gave her time to plan and overturn the situation.

Wederson, the only person who could hurt her, was dead because of his exhausted life energy. The God Lord and Ming Hao, who could threaten her, were delivered to the Sea Domain of Nihility. Also, her clones were coming here at fast speed. Who could stop her now?

"Tian Xie, what happened after all?" Xuan He shouted.

Tian Xie's smile was warm. He shrugged relaxedly. "Mistress is like Desolate and Devour. They are the creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era. They were the very first creatures in this universe. It's not something that low creatures like you could understand. Mistress needs your power to recover. Mistress wants to destroy Desolate and Desolate's Incipient Extent, which is also the universe you're dwelling in. It's simple like that."

The members of the God Clan didn't have many emotions when they heard it from Tian Xie because the God Lord had told them beforehand. They knew that secret.

However, Shi Yan, Xuan He, Adele, and Azure Dragon were greatly shocked as if a lightning bolt had just struck their heads. They felt a little dizzy.

The cosmos they were dwelling in was just Desolate's Incipient. Desolate had created their world!

This heavy bomb had destroyed their minds and left them baffled and sinking into extreme fear.

"The world we're living in is just Desolate's Incipient Extent. So how about us? We are just low creatures?" Xuan He mumbled as if he had lost his mind. The others weren't much different from him. All felt like collapsing.

Only Shi Yan could calm down quickly. He had a marvelous feeling that nothing could compare to.

What Tian Xie said had enlightened him. He recognized the truth now.

Until now, he was still doubtful. He doubted everything since his own Incipient Extent was expanding to a vast sea of stars. He had just used the Soul Consciousness to check it thoroughly. He found that the suns, moon, stars, mountains and rivers and even weathers in his Incipient Extent were very similar to their kind.

While his soul and body had been transformed, his Incipient Extent had changed too. Besides the creatures from different races, his Incipient Extent was similar to the cosmos he was living in now.

He could create the skies or the sea of stars. So couldDesolate!

He believed in what Tian Xie said almost immediately.

"Desolate created you all. Ah no. To be exact, the four limbs of Desolate did that. Grace Mainland, God-blessed Mainland, Ancient God Continent, and Ancient Demon Continent were parts of Desolate. They were detached because Desolate got hurt." Tian Xie turned around and found Zi Yao indifferent. She didn't look offended nor was she losing her interest. Thus, Tian Xie continued explaining with ease.

Everybody was immersed in the effect of Tian Xie's words.

"Her eleven clones will arrive soon. Do you still want to listen to him?" DeCarlos gritted his teeth then shouted all of a sudden.

Everybody was shaken hard. They pulled themselves together. They understood that Zi Yao didn't need to be hurried now.

In fact, they should be the ones who were hurrying. Once her clones gathered, who could be lucky enough to escape this area?

Zi Yao's eyes had a mocking light. She looked at DeCarlos from a distance as if she wasn't afraid that he could make anything different.

With Tian Xie here and Wederson was dead and the God Lord and Ming Hao disappeared, she thought that only the host soul here was enough to threaten everybody else.

"We're going to offer you an exit," Tian Xie smiled and suggested seriously. "All of you give away a flow of your Soul Seal. Be subdued. Worship my Mistress as your Master. My Mistress will bestow you with power. You can then return to Desolate's Incipient Extent to work. That's how you can save your life."

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