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The scorching lava pond surged and dyed Shi Yan's face red.

Vaguely, a terrifying energy fluctuated from deep inside the lava pond. Shi Yan knew that the real body of the Forefather Dragon Lizard hiding inside the lava pond was digesting the broken pieces of asteroids he had recently swallowed to absorb their energy. He was trying to reach the Territory Ancestor Realm.

The energy in earth and heaven appeared in many forms. The wind, storm, lightning, a lake, a mountain, and even the lava pond had energy. The warriors and beasts stored energy in their bodies. The crystals, precious treasures, and armor also had energy. There were various types of energy that were rich.

The known energies could be categorized as the major energies. The energies from exploding asteroids, comets, lightning and ice were the major energies.

They were the energies that most warriors controlled and used. They filled the warriors' God power Ancient Tree and gave them supernatural abilities while using their power Upanishads.

However, they only controlled the major energies. The warriors couldn't have the power to create the world. They couldn't create new territories and they couldn't terminate the entire sea of stars with only their thoughts.

According to the creatures from the Absolute Beginning Era, there was another kind of energy called the Negative Energy or the Dark Energy. This kind of mysterious energy was invisible and there was no way to sense or recognize it, even though it was always there and affected the existence and the balance of so many territories in the world. This energy had ruled the world for a long time.

Unfortunately, not many people could grasp the true meaning of this energy. The ones who understood this energy were usually top experts and they never talked to others about their power.

Forefather Dragon Lizard had been stuck in the Immortal Realm for so many years. He just needed one more step to enter the Territory Ancestor Realm. However, this small step was like a deep chasm that he was never going to be able to cross. It made him helpless and hopeless.

He looked at Shi Yan and couldn't hide his excitement. "You have only Incipient God Realm cultivation base. I'm curious. How could you get Dark Energy?"

While talking, Dragon Lizard sent a wisp of his Soul Consciousness into Shi Yan's brain and walked around his Sea of Consciousness before retreating. Forefather Dragon Lizard was thrilled, his eyes passionate. "Right, it's Dark Energy!"

"To be honest, I didn't get this energy through my own study," Shi Yan understood that this old monster had profound knowledge. He didn't dare to lie to him, so he just talked indifferently. "I got Dark Energy from an Absolute Beginning creature. It was hurt badly at that time, so the pure energy in its body was oozing out. I was accidentally cultivating near it. I had strangely absorbed its pure energy and blood. Then, my bones, veins, and souls transformed. Also, my Sea of Consciousness had some changes that I can't explain."

Shi Yan told him half of the truth.

He go Dark Energy from Hui, but it was because of the Devouring power Upanishad. He had eroded Hui's body to completely advance himself and get the energy.

"Absolute Beginning creature?" Dragon Lizard looked surprised. "What's that creature called? Also, where are you from? How could you encounter a creature from the Absolute Beginning Era?"

Shi Yan frowned. He wasn't about to explain this so he just said casually, "Forgive me for not telling everything. I can only tell you about the origin of my Dark Energy. It's something unexpected. It's my usual luck. I can't spread it out."

He could see that Dragon Lizard also wanted to use the Absolute Beginning creature to get Dark Energy and break through the tough gateway.

"Then what can you do to help me?" Dragon Lizard's face darkened. He looked angry. "From what you said, you didn't even know how you got Dark Energy. I think you don't know the power and mysteries of Dark Energy. What else can you tell me?'

"I can transfer a wisp of Dark Energy to you so you can take your time to study it. You can learn its mysterious features yourself." Before he got here, Shi Yan had planned this.

"Giving me a wisp of energy?" Dragon Lizard was baffled, his eyes mocking. "You think we can solve it easily like that? I know there are two ways to get Dark Energy. The first way is what you've said by taking the energy from Absolute Beginning creatures. The other way is to learn it by yourself. You aren't an Absolute Beginning creature. I can't kill you to take energy by refining you. So, how will the Dark Energy you're about to send me work?"

"How do you know I'm not an Absolute Beginning creature?" Shi Yan curled his lips.

"My ancestor was Lizard. You know how giant my ancestor was? Let alone my ancestor, do you know how big my real body is? Each of the Absolute Beginning creatures is bigger than an entire planet. You are too minute!" Dragon Lizard wore a disdainful face.

"Okay. I'm not an Absolute Beginning creature, but I think my Dark Energy can help you somehow." Shi Yan didn't mind it. He closed his eyes and sat in front of Dragon Lizard. He condensed a wisp of Dark Energy in his Sea of Consciousness and used a space seal to cover it.

A wisp of energy flew out from Shi Yan's body and entered Forefather Dragon Lizard's eye.

Dragon Lizard frowned and blinked as he drew that invisible seal into his brain.


The explosion of the space seal was heard in his head. A flow of strange energy flew away. He wanted to capture it, but it had already vanished.

Shi Yan was bewildered as he didn't understand the situation. He had used space energy to shroud a wisp of Dark Energy, but he didn't imprint his Soul Seal on it. After it left his body, it disappeared. It couldn't help Forefather Dragon Lizard.

"Was that your method?" winced Forefather Dragon Lizard.

Shi Yan gave a forced smile and tried to squeeze his brain for a solution.

At this moment, Du Lei brought Tu Shi Qi and Ya Yun to the cave. Tu Shi Qi beamed at Shi Yan and then at Dragon Lizard. He smiled casually. "You guys are discussing the magical features of Dark Energy, aren't you?"

Forefather Dragon Lizard snorted.

"Although your body is extremely tenacious with formidable power, your transformation of the life form is still not enough," Tu Shi Qi smiled. While talking, he threw a jade box to Dragon Lizard. The jade box opened. It seemed like something was inside the box, but they couldn't see anything.

But there must be something there. From the dent and the small folds of the fabric inside, there was something that couldn't be seen.

Shi Yan was astounded. His mind flickered and he sent Dark Energy into his eyes. Then, he saw a piece of a bone inside the box.

He was very surprised as he looked at Tu Shi Qi. "A bone?"

This piece of bone was similar to Bloodthirsty's remains that year. It was invisible and the ordinary Soul Consciousness couldn't see. Shi Yan had to use his Dark Energy to see it.

"Yes. It's a piece of a bone. It's the bone of a Territory Ancestor Realm expert after he left. This bone is also called Dark Material or Negative Matter. Only the warriors at the Territory Ancestor Realm can become like this after their life form reaches a specific level."

Before Tu Shi Qi came here, he had prepared well. "According to Sir Han Tian of my Mysterious Sky Clan, before you can understand Dark Energy, you have to transform your life from. Only when your body and soul reaches the new height of life can you get that energy. The life form of the Absolute Beginning creature has reached the peak of existence. That's how they got the power. If we want to reach such a level, we must refine and quench our body and soul to advance our life form."

Shi Yan was shocked. "Before I got Dark Energy, it's true that my blood, veins, skeleton, and soul had changed rapidly. After that, I found the magical features of my body and I found another strange energy in my Sea of Consciousness.

He looked at Tu Shi Qi.

Forefather Dragon Lizard was stunned. He looked immersed in his thoughts as if he had just touched something deep in his heart.

He suddenly remembered the time he was still small and weak. Lizard the Absolute Beginning creature had advised him clearly that he must not be lazy in refining and quenching his soul and body. Each of his muscles and cells should have refined thousands of times. That's how he could have a chance to sublimate his soul and body.

When he was still small and vulnerable, Lizard told him to continuously cultivate both the body and soul. Aside from just condensing and gathering the energy, his soul and body had to also transform to a specific level. When that happened, he was going to be able to see the magical things that others couldn't.

This advice was given a long, long time ago that Forefather Dragon Lizard had almost forgotten it.

Today, Tu Shi Qi told him Han Tian's experience. Dragon Lizard was startled as tears lingered in his old eyes. "My precursor had told me the method a long time ago. Too bad that I have only focused on gathering energy. I had almost forgotten his advice. I didn't know that the body and the soul were the foundation. It's the deepest sorrow of my life. I'm ashamed as I'd failed my precursor's expectations!"

"It should be the first step of the precise path. I'm sure Singh knows this too. He has never reminded you?" Tu Shi Qi was compassionate. He felt sorry for Forefather Dragon Lizard. This old creature had always wanted to create a good relationship with the Soul Clan and he had a good friendship with Singh for many years. Throughout these years, Singh had come to be his distinguished guest many times. He'd asked him several times about this and he got no useful information from him.

Refining the body and the soul to evolve the life form was the first step of learning Dark Energy. The senior experts of the Seven Great Clans knew this. They had guided their children to pay attention to cultivating the body and the soul, which they had to consider as important as accumulating energy.

As Singh was an expert of the Soul Clan, he, of course, knew this. He had always cultivated his body and soul too.

But he had never told Dragon Lizard anything.

"Singh knows this too?" Dragon Lizard rolled his eyes, his murderous aura discernible.

"Well, it's common knowledge in the Seven Great Clans. Although it's just the first step, the Seven Great Clans are studying this step carefully and we think that it's the right path," intervened Ya Yun faintly.

Forefather Dragon Lizard didn't say anything, his breathing short and heavy, and his eyes sparkling with malicious light. After a long time, he had to try really hard to subside the idea of going to kill Singh right now.

Suddenly, he threw an orange jade jar to Shi Yan. "It has an Immortal Pellet. It can help you reach the Immortal Realm. It's a reward for your information. Yeah, I got important things to discuss with the two guests from the Mysterious Sky Clan. Du Lei, you take care of him."

"Yes, Sir," Du Lei answered with great respect.

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