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Almost one hundred battleships emerged. They looked like they were made of gold. The entire body of the battleships was sparking sharply as if they were real lances.

This fleet was called Blood Lance, the ruthless lance of Divine Light. Captain Sana was the soul of this blood lance, the expert of the new, infamous generation of Agate Star Area.

The battleships of the Blood Lance Fleet scattered, forming a net that surrounded all the battleships of the Windstorm War Department. The warriors of Divine Light came from many different races. They all had the brutal aura of warriors who had been fighting year round. Right now, they all gazed at the warriors of the Windstorm War Department.

"Sana!" Xia Xin Yan changed her face. She kept silent for a while and then said, "... I've heard of you. You're the adopted son of the Divine Light's Master. You're the Master of the Blood Lance Fleet, a famous young expert of Agate Star Area and a deadly weapon of Divine Light."

The young man had an indifferent face. He spoke faintly, "The Dark Shadow Clan's territory is unowned now. If the Fighting League can rob them, we can too. In Shadow Ghostly Prison, we used power to talk. We will do that the same way."

"Dark Shadow Clan and our Fighting League had fought for years. We've spent a lot of effort to deal with that alien clan. We finally expelled them. Do you think you're despicable enough to interfere with the business at this moment?" Xia Xin Yan gritted her teeth.

"It's not only the Fighting League who had expelled the Dark Shadow Clan. Don't say it as if you've done all the merits." Sana frowned and didn't try to be polite. "When the Fighting League first arrived in Shadow Ghostly Prison, you came with empty hands. Everything you got was from your robberies. What our Divine Light was doing is no different from your circumstance. Don't try to reason with us. It's not interesting. It's cliché."

The Blood Lance Fleet had around one thousand warriors while the Windstorm War Department had only three hundred. They were outnumbered. As they were besieged here, they would obviously lose once the battle started.

The leader of the opponent was Sana, the young, famous expert of Agate Star Area. His reputation had far surpassed Du Lin's. And the Blood Lance Fleet of the Divine Light was also a wide-known powerful force. It was much more dangerous than the Windstorm War Department. The power that their enemy had at this moment had overwhelmed them. Xia Xin Yan didn't know if they could do more than just hiding and waiting for the right chance.

Xia Xin Yan wasn't foolish. Seeing what they had presented, she knew she couldn't get anything good this time.

"Well, you're a genius then. We will talk about it later. Go!" She pondered for a few seconds and then hissed.

Warriors of the Windstorm War Department were worried. They knew that they couldn't stand this battle. They had prepared to leave as they were ordered.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battleships of Blood Lance shot out blinding lights, weaving with each other like shooting stars and blocking the others.

Warriors of the Divine Light had a cold complexion while energy surged on their bodies. They were ready to release their attacks.

Xia Xin Yan changed her visage. "Sana, what do you want?"

She could see that they didn't want to let them go. This chaotic situation was over her estimation. She was restlessly anxious.

"Well, we want you to stay here and take a rest." Sana still had an indifferent countenance. "I heard that the Hegemon of Fighting League has always favored you. We want to talk to him through you. Perhaps we don't need any battle to solve the business in the mineral stars that the Dark Shadow Clan had left."

Hearing him, all the warriors of the Windstorm War Department reddened as their raging flames burst out.

They understood that Sana wanted to capture Xia Xin Yan to threaten Hegemon Feng Yan and force him to acknowledge their possession of the mineral stars left by Dark Shadow Clan. Everybody grimaced.

Xia Xin Yan's soft body shivered. She understood and sobbed while screaming, "Sana, you've planned this before, right?"

"Yeah, I've been waiting for you here for a long time." Sana's voice was stiff. He didn't conceal but admitted it simply.

Seeing him not have any fear to make the situation clear, Xia Xin Yan quieted down. She slowly pulled herself together and looked around as if she was considering something.

"I'm kind enough to remind you. Besides me, we have a precursor at First Sky of Incipient God Realm here." Sana frowned and spoke as if he could read her mind. "Don't try to enrage me. Don't exert yourself to fight. Although the Windstorm War Department is strong, I believe my Blood Lance is enough to destroy you all."

Hearing they had an Incipient God Realm expert here, Xia Xin Yan finally discolored. She was dispirited.

Warriors of the Fighting League felt their hearts sinking. They exchanged looks, but all remained silent.

"He's here because of Feng Yan. We didn't expect that precursor Feng Yan wouldn't come. Anyway, we don't need to move then," Sana explained in a cold voice.

"Could we return to our battleships to rest?" Xia Xin Yan asked with dimmed eyes and tired voice.

"Yes, you can," Sana's tone was still indifferent. "As long as you don't provoke us, we won't restrain you too much. You're smart. You know what to do."

The warriors of the Windstorm War Department returned to their battleships and disappeared into the cabins.

Sana coldly observed them. After all of the warriors of Fighting League had gone into the cabins of their battleships, he made a gesture. Warriors of his Blood Lance then drove the battleships away and maintained a distance of several thousand meters from the Windstorm War Department. They could defend and they didn't want to cause any unexpected dispute.

Sana sat down on the peak of the mountain again. However, this time, he took out a Sound Stone. It seemed like he was talking to somebody from Divine Light.


"That Sana is powerful."

Inside the flying bird battleships, Xia Xin Yan furrowed her bold brows and spoke, "This man is a deadly weapon of Divine Light. He's the adopted son of Divine Light's Master. I heard he has been cultivating for years in the Fiery Desert, South of Agate Star Area. The Fiery Desert is burning hot. Many members of the Fire Clan go there to cultivate. Sana has stayed in Fiery Desert for a long time and he has made friends with many important warriors of Fire Clan. That was why Divine Light and Fire Clan had a close relationship. Sana is an extremely heartless warrior. He has destroyed a lot of forces to protect the benefits of his Divine Light."

Some Ethereal God Realm warriors of Windstorm War Department winced. They didn't have any solution.

"They abducted our Lady to threaten the Hegemon. A good plan then. Hegemon would... perhaps listen to them," said a warrior while looking at Xia Xin Yan.

Everybody knew that Feng Han had treated Xia Xin Yan with unconditional and unreasonable love. To increase Xia Xin Yan's realm, Feng Han hadn't regretted anything.

In the beginning, they thought Feng Han had a crazy love for her. Later on, they found out it wasn't the true story. Feng Han's close protection and caring to Xia Xin Yan was just the indulgence a brother gives to his little sister. Thus, they knew that Divine Light had made a good move in using Xia Xin Yan to threaten Feng Han. Feng Han would absolutely do what they wanted.

"Do they actually have an Incipient God Realm expert hiding there?" Xia Xin Yan sighed and couldn't help but ask Shi Yan.

The warriors of Fighting League also looked at him.

On the way to the space passage of the Dark Shadow Clan, Shi Yan had used his powers to prove that he always had a subtle solution in any adversity to rescue people.

Just like Monster Clan and Demon Clan, the warriors of the Windstorm War Department who had followed Xia Xin Yan had trusted him wholeheartedly. They all looked and waited for Shi Yan to give them hope with yearning eyes.

"Yeah, there's an Incipient God Realm expert..." Shi Yan nodded and beamed a forced smile, "He stays in the mountain range underneath Sana. His life energy is really strong. Well, he's the most persuasive thing here."

Listening to him, everybody had a heavy face.

"Shi Yan, you cultivate Space power Upanishad. Can you...?" Xia Xin Yan recalled something; she hurried to ask.

"Let me try," Shi Yan chuckled and closed his eyes. He urged his energy and tried to find a space node.

Suddenly, an icy cold aura shot out from the mountain underneath Sana. That aura shot up into the sky and chased after Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness and froze it within one second.

A gleam of ice appeared right at Shi Yan's glabella. He shuddered and retrieved his Soul Consciousness. He hissed, "Someone interrupted me. That Incipient God Realm expert underground is using his power to prevent us from sending information away. We can't use the Sound Stone to contact other people. He stopped my Soul Consciousness right after I sent it out. I couldn't find the space node to build a space door."

Everybody sighed begrudgingly.

That First Sky of Incipient God Realm expert had just stopped Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness. He didn't mean harm. Otherwise, Shi Yan couldn't retrieve his Soul Consciousness that easily.

"Just keep silent and watch for any change." Xia Xin Yan pondered for a while. As she found no solution, she said that to calm her people down.

Warriors of the Fighting League sighed. They regarded her with a lot of bitter emotions.

They knew that the Divine Light had trapped them. They had planned to use powerful warriors to capture Xia Xin Yan and use her to blackmail Feng Han. They would make Feng Han give all the mineral lodes that the Dark Shadow Clan left behind.

Although they knew the other's purposes, they didn't have a solution to resist. This feeling irritated them.

Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan returned to the deck of the battleships to observe their surroundings discreetly. They wanted to see if they could use the characteristics of this area to escape.

Sana of Divine Light always sat above that mineral lode. He didn't move and just use the Sound Stone to talk to someone. He seemed to be discussing something with Fighting League.

Today, a battleship of the Divine Light appeared in the sky of this planet. This battleship was made of some strange but marvelous purple crystal. It was crystal clear and filled with light. It looked like a massive chunk of purple crystal descending from the sky.

Many warriors of Divine Light saw that battleship. They looked shocked at first. Then, they became so excited and began to clamor.

Sana had sat there for a long time. Seeing the purple battleship landing, his stiff face pulled a rare smile. He stood up immediately to welcome that purple crystal battleship.

"Ah, some VIPs from Divine Light came. They do highly evaluate us..." One of the Fighting League warriors sneered, "Do they really have to do that? How much force do they need to mobilize here to ensure this situation?"

"Hmm, I think that person has a noble status. Even Sana has to go there to welcome. Oh holy sh*t, that poker-faced person can smile. Oh well. Who is that, eh?"

"Oh, it's a woman..."

They discussed quietly. None of them found Shi Yan standing next to them with a strange face. The light glowed in his eyes like two sparkling flames.

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