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Shi Yan and Audrey understood clearly that only when they gathered, they could strike the God Clan with their best attacks that would also keep them safe.

The powerful vortex would send each of the warriors who had entered the Center to a different area. Groups of warriors scattered and stayed in the areas by the edge of the Center where deathtraps and restrictions attacked them. All had to struggle to survive.

If Shi Yan and Audrey could meet up shortly after, it was their big luck. Since they were both super powerful, when they accompanied each other, they would surely have the capacity to defend themselves unless they had to face Haig, Harson, and Mia at the same time.

While walking with Audrey to the majestic holy mountain, Shi Yan kept silent and used his Soul Consciousness to check his co-soul.

In this moment, his co-soul had six different auras of heaven flame including the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame, World Extinguishing Thunder Flame, Nine Serenity Soul Devouring Flame, Ice Cold Flame, and the two combined forms of the Purgatory True Flame, Vermilion Bird True Flame, Earth Flame, and the Immemorial Demonic Flame, Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame.

The three heaven flames Immemorial Demonic Flame, Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame that had just fused with each other and created a blue-green restlessly flickering flame had the blended aura of Demon Qi, Yin Qi, and Monster Qi. The energy fluctuation of this flame was sinister and peculiar.

The six heaven flames with different auras flew in his co-soul like six different brains. They all released terrifying energy fluctuations.

The six flaming light shapes floated and continued to generate energy, which accelerated his co-soul in connecting to the energy remnant of earth and heaven. He could feel it at any minute. His co-soul was taking in the free energy and pouring it into his Ethereal Extent. He could feel that his Ethereal Extent changing every day.

After the second fusion of the flaming co-soul, Shi Yan had a feeling that his co-soul had gradually become independent. It seemed like his co-soul didn't need his host soul to exist and eventually, it could become a real-life form.

The co-soul was the combination of the heaven flames and Grace Mainland's Origin. It seemed to have a magical connection with Grace Mainland. Every time his heaven flames fused, he had a stronger feeling that he could use the co-soul to connect with Grace Mainland and make it change somehow...

Grace Mainland was like the God Body of his co-soul. The changes of Grace Mainland would also change his co-soul and make it evolve.

It was a unique co-existent relationship in which both sides would grow or decline together. It was so marvelous that it couldn't be described clearly with words.

If the Ethereal Extent was a world that was created by the soul altar, his host soul could control that world. With the same principle, Grace Mainland would become a world that his co-soul could control, which was a real world that existed and was one of the most magical ancient continents in this cosmos!

As his flaming Origin could be fused to the utmost degree, Shi Yan's co-soul seemed to have some transformation to grow further to the point where it would become the sole God of Grace Mainland who could adjust all changes of the whole continent!

Nothing could compare to this mysterious, fantasy understanding!

It was a marvelous miracle that couldn't be described!

"If you could fuse all the heaven flames of the Origin, the ancient continent... will become your Incipient Extent!" Audrey suddenly turned to look at him and spoke to him after a long time of remaining silent. "Refining the ancient continent to be the life Incipient Extent is the ultimate dream of countless creatures from different clans. You're really lucky that you've made another step on this long, thorny journey."

Refining the ancient continent to the life Incipient Extent!

Shi Yan felt shaken, his face shocked. Audrey had frightened him.

In this minute, he understood how lucky he was. He finally knew to which tremendous degree he could reach after he had completely fused his flaming Origin!

In the primal time of this universe, the five ancient continents had given birth to the Great Four Creatures who had taken turns to be the overlords of the cosmos and the races of this entire world. The ancient continents were always the most mysterious and marvelous places in this vast sea of stars.

When a warrior refined the ancient continent to be his Incipient Extent, he could understand the deepest secret of the ancient continent and the mysteries of the dawn of this universe. He would be able to understand the essence of the births of the Great Four Creatures.

To anybody, it was an enticement that they could never resist. No one could stay cool and calm in front of this temptation.

Audrey's indifferent voice had given Shi Yan direction quickly. He suddenly felt a sublimation where he was changed mentally and physically. It felt like someone had cleared the mist covering his soul. The world was now so clear and vivid to him.

"You... You didn't know the mysterious features of refining the flaming Origin, did you?" Audrey's body slightly quivered. She looked at him disbelievingly, "You knew nothing about it?"

His sublimation of clearing the mist to see the rainbow on Shi Yan's face was busted as she said so. It surprised Audrey a lot. She now looked at him as if she was watching a monster. "As you knew nothing, why did you come here?"

Shi Yan's face twitched as he was embarrassed. He wore a stiff look and gave her nothing but a snort.

It was the first time that Audrey didn't know whether she should cry or smile. She looked at him with the odd look that she used for a fool. However, she didn't mock or provoke him and just gave him a curt nod. "It's okay. Perhaps the one who sent you here has some other arrangement. That person wouldn't be so rash."

Shi Yan was moved. He instinctively looked at the Blood Vein Ring and frowned.

According to Cang Yun, the Blood Vein Ring was the key. If the Ring Spirit woke up, he wouldn't be so passive. He would have known what he should seek and harvest in this ancient continent.

Anyway... It didn't seem like the Ring Spirit was about to wake up.

"Can you use the Sound Stone to contact the others?" asked Shi Yan all of a sudden.

"Can't," Audrey shook her head. "This area has some restrictions. Even our Soul Consciousnesses are covered with a foggy curtain. It's really hard to contact each other."

"But this thing seems to be able to do that," Shi Yan took out a bloody bone that came from the Charteris family. It was Xuan Shan's bones. He waved the bloody bone for a while and said, "Each bone has an evil formation carved on it, which can magically contact each other."

Stroking the bone, Death energy from his fingers seeped into the bone. He sensed carefully and then said, "There are two Charteris warriors not far from us."

"If you can sense the blood bones, Harson... can find you with the same methods, right?" asked Audrey.

Shi Yan nodded, "It works like that."

"So in a specific distance, you could sense the location of another bloody bone?" Audrey asked again.


"Not bad. Even if the two you've just sense included Harson, when you and I join hands, we could suppress and kill them."

"Yep, it's true."

They exchanged looks. Shi Yan suddenly dashed away and flew in the direction he had just sensed.

Audrey didn't say a word. She followed him tacitly. They were about to launch the first attack on the God Clan's warriors.


In the boiling lava pond, Sha Zhao, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan looked like they had just shed their skin. Their God Bodies were now terrifyingly red like boiling water. They had almost drained their body to crawl out of the lava pond.

They now lay on the ground, facing the sky and feeling so exhausted.

The scorching lava in the pond was more terrible than the hottest boiling oil. Although they were at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm and they had gathered the God power to create a layer of energy to protect their bodies, they couldn't entirely avoid the attack of heat. They felt like they were roasted.

They had consumed a significant amount of God power.

By the mouth of the volcano stood many red ancient trees that jutted into the clouds. Two men were hiding inside the thick branches of the tree, looking at the other three with bloodthirsty eyes. Their eyes drilled at Sha Zhao's team.

They were two Charteris warriors, Harson's mad henchmen. They had gotten rid of a deathtrap and hidden on that tree to recover. All of a sudden, they found three exhausted warriors getting out of the volcano. They looked feeble as if they had no drop of energy remaining.

The two exchanged looks. They all saw the cruel smile on each other's faces. They didn't say a word when thrusting their hands into their abdomen to take out the blood-dripping bones.

The brutal, wild smell of blood diffused from them, which was terrifyingly thick and gave people a heavy pressure that they couldn't even get themselves altogether.

Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, and Jiao Hai didn't want to move at all. However, they suddenly smelled danger. They felt chilled and their hair raised. They were all startled, jolting up and rolling one round to get up. They looked at the two Charteris warriors wearing crazy faces and, coming with their bloody bones.

The three of them were so frightened and insecure. They hastened to urge the little amount of God power in their bodies. They glanced at each other with fear, sighing desperately.

They knew that it would be a fatal consequence this time.

All of a sudden, the stars in the sky above their heads seemed to come to life. Starlight fell rapidly from the sky like a heavy rain. It gathered in the sky and made a galaxy floating like a silky ribbon.

The everlasting Star power Upanishad was used. Sha Zhao, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan were covered by the galaxy. They felt cool, but the starlight was so dazzling that they couldn't open their eyes to see. They could only hear the horrendous energy explosions from the attacks and the grumbling cracking of the ancient flaming trees. The volcano under their bodies shattered. They were almost buried alive by the lava and rock.

Constant grumbling tremors arose. They wiggled and gathered their God powers to get out of the burning rocks. Then, they found that the two warriors of the Charteris family were now just a pulp of flesh. Then, they saw Shi Yan holding the two blood-dripping bones with some pieces of flesh with arrogant, cold Audrey standing nearby.

"Shi Yan!"

Sha Zhao, Jiao Hai, and Jiao Shan cried in astonishment. They were so happy that they had survived the tragedy. They were so restless.

Shi Yan gave them a slight nod and then turned back to clean the blood on the bones. After he saw that they were all clean, he respectfully put them away to show his respect to precursor Xuan Shan.

"Thank you," Sha Zhao hesitated for a while before bowing to him, talking with a solemn countenance. "I will never forget your favor for the rest of my life."

Jiao Shan and Jiao Hai also bowed solemnly.

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