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The Endless Abyss...

A rainbow-like band of light zoomed over from the void, reaching the thick sea of clouds. Many people were riding that rainbow; when it landed, they emerged one after another.

They were Shi Yan, Han Tian, Zi Yao, and the others.

The Endless Abyss was icy cold and dead silent, without the aura of living creatures. Deep in the gray void were the fiery rocks that rained down furiously, falling into so many dark abysses.

After arriving there, they all released their Soul Consciousness. However, all they sensed was a blank space with no end in their range of perception.

This place was the bottom of the universe. Rumors had that it was an area that forbade creatures because it was the place of spirits, shattered stars, and vanishing territories. The present people pulled themselves together and observed, indeed finding many planets falling and territories cracking like bursting rubber balls, all falling into those abysses.

"So, this place is the Endless Abyss? A place that forbids creatures from entering?" Mei Ji was the last one who arrived. She frowned as rays of light were shooting from her eyes like cold electricity. "Er, I don't see anything special here!"

Shi Yan stood in the middle of the crowd, stepping on a five-colored auspicious cloud. He squinted as he was using his Soul Consciousness to explore.

He suddenly had a strange but magical feeling he couldn't explain. He felt he had been here a long, long time ago. This feeling puzzled him, as it was somehow unimaginable. Thus, he didn't tell anybody and just stayed skeptical himself.

"Nobody's here. As Sauron's invited us several times and how urging he was, I think he should be guarding this place."

Montecie wore a pure white dress, her little figure as cute as a little angel. She circled the area, and when she got back to her starting point, she had an awkward face.

Han Tian, and Hiro were also perplexed. Before they came, they had thought that they would bump into Sauron or Yuan Zu's team. Hence, they had prepared for an instant fight.

"Those fellows are right here, but they are hiding well, I assume." Zi Yao said with a calm face, "We don't need to mind them. Even if they are here, they won't disturb us. They will facilitate us anyway, until…Shi Yan uses the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower to open the Absolute Beginning Gateway, which is when they will show up."

Hearing that, everybody understood the situation.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower Shi Yan got was an important factor, and indeed the key, to open the Absolute Beginning Gateway. To Sauron, Devour, and Yuan Zu, Shi Yan was the main element who must get to the Absolute Beginning Gateway and open it. After that, they could carry out their plans.

Everybody who desired to enter the Absolute Beginning Gateway needed Shi Yan to open it. Thus, before he did anything and before the Absolute Beginning Gateway opened, even if they were in the Endless Abyss, they would try their best to hide and restrain themselves. They must smoothen the way for Shi Yan.

Everything was to open the Absolute Beginning Gateway!

"So, before the Absolute Beginning Gateway opens, we don't need to worry about anything?" Han Tian guffawed. He quieted down immediately, relaxing his stiff neck. "Then, we will fight them after we get through the Absolute Beginning Gateway. We can relax for now."

"He's right, we don't need to be cautious now. Don't make your nerves so tense." Shi Yan looked in a direction while talking to Zi Yao, "Over there, is it?"

"Right," Zi Yao had strange lights in her eyes as she was quite surprised. "You can feel it?"

"Not me…" Shi Yan shook his head. As the others were amazed, he pointed at his head. "It's the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower. It vaguely shows me the way. As soon as we got here, it began to wiggle as if it wanted to run away from my head. It's a little agitated."

Zi Yao's eyes brightened as she hissed, "Sauron does have some abilities. If you say so, it's true that the Absolute Beginning Gateway is about to open. Otherwise, your Power Upanishad Symbol Tower wouldn't act strangely." Pausing slightly, she pulled a solemn face while lowering her voice. "Then, we shouldn't ponder anymore. Let's go to the Absolute Beginning Gateway first!"

Then, she stepped on the rainbow, heading toward the direction Shi Yan had shown. The rainbow glided above many mysterious and deep abysses without a pause, connecting them and creating a magnificent scene.

People exchanged looks as they calmly followed the rainbow, sliding above the mysterious dark abysses.

Numerous planets were falling above their heads like a fiery rain. As the warriors had used their power to create the shields, the fiery rains exploded, sending up so many radiant sparks.

Forefather Dragon Lizard, Mei Ji and Emperor Sea Shark had to slow down under the rain of broken planets. Mei Ji's beautiful face was now heavy, sweat beading her smooth forehead.

Cold mist hovered around her, freezing her protection halo. However, her halo was thinned out under the continuous attacks. It looked fragile, as if it could be broken at any second.

At this moment, she finally knew why Shi Yan didn't want to bring her here. He was just looking out for her.

If she were still at the First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, she couldn't have resisted the fiery rain from the void. She would drain her God power soon, which would expose her body. The flaming shooting pieces would then bombard her body into a dough.

"Your competence does not seem enough."

Shi Yan turned around and halted. As he released his energy, the fiery rain above Mei Ji sizzled inside the vortexes he had released.

After several seconds, the fiery stars congregate into seven crystalline, bright stars that were as big as mountains. Instantly, Shi Yan carved his Soul Consciousness on them, making them Mei Ji's guarding stars hovering around her body.

As soon as the seven stars were created, layers of magnificent starlight fell like a rain curtain, shrouding Mei Ji entirely. The fragments of broken planets that fell from the sky would avoid Mei Ji on their own. They didn't hit Mei Ji's halo anymore, so she didn't need to consume energy any longer.

Mei Ji got rid of the danger, and her pale face regained colors as she didn't need to use her God power anymore. Her watery eyes contained passion as she glanced at Shi Yan. She didn't say thanks, but licked her succulent lips.

Shi Yan burst out laughing, shaking his head, "Don't think too much. Protect your spirit to recover fast."

Mei Ji smiled while flying toward him as she swallowed some aromatic pellets. "Got it!"

"Well, only the beauties get the treats. Old Shark and I won't have such treatment. We have to risk our lives to resist that mighty power," Forefather Dragon Lizard grinned, his laugher husky.

As he was flying together with Emperor Sea Shark behind Mei Ji, they obviously had seen her difficult situation. They had joined hands to help her; however, right before they took action, they saw seven stars hover above her head, shielding her from the natural attack.

It wasn't long since Emperor Sea Shark and Forefather Dragon Lizard had reached the Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm, so it was a little beyond their competence to endure the fiery rain. Sometimes, they had to dodge when a shattered territory was falling, which was why they were at the end of the group now.

Montecie, Hiro, and Han Tian had followed Zi Yao closely, and had disappeared already.

To those experts who had entered the Second Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm for tens of thousands of years, destroying an entire territory was a simple task. Thus, they weren't troubled by the shooting flaming fragments. Moreover, as Shi Yan had their backs, they weren't really worried.

"You seek for trouble yourself. You shouldn't have visited this Endless Abyss. Of course, as you are here, you should expect dangers." Shi Yan smiled. Seeing Mei Ji approach, he didn't hurry to move as he waited for Forefather Dragon Lizard and Emperor Sea Shark and continued, "Actually, you guys shouldn't have come. Even Han Tian, Hiro, and the others aren't really confident, since we don't know what's behind the Absolute Beginning Gateway. Only God knows if we can return alive."

"Well, we must vie for it, right?" Emperor Sea Shark said calmly and coldly, "In the Absolute Beginning Era, even Desolate and Devour wanted to risk their lives for the Absolute Beginning Gateway. In our era, Sauron has planned for tens of thousands of years. We can say for sure…something really magical is over there. So, if we have a chance to go there, why wouldn't we seize it?"

"I want to reach my Ancestor's realm to promote my bloodline. I need to go there." Forefather Dragon Lizard sounded serious, then suddenly sighed, "It's hard to predict the future. When I met you on Dragon Lizard Star, you were at the Incipient God Realm. After hundreds of years, you have reached the Third Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm. Although I've known you would have a bright future, I couldn't believe that you could reach this level."

"Right," Mei Ji smiled charmingly. "I also knew him at your place. At that time, I wanted to kill him to get Desolate's soul clone. I didn't expect to obtain that terrifying result. While chasing after him, I was sinking…"

Shi Yan had urged his power to make the broken planets give them way as the four of them chatted along the way to the Absolute Beginning Gateway. After a long time, Shi Yan received Zi Yao's soul message and he said. "We must hurry up. Zi Yao's team has arrived already. They're worried if we got into any troubles."

Hearing that, they stopped laughing and chatting; as Shi Yan poured more energy, they all accelerated.

After a long time, they stopped by a massive abyss that looked like a spacious, cold, and dark lake. The outer layer of the abyss was like a mirror, with billions of Absolute Beginning symbols flashing and wiggling like a pool of tadpoles. In every second, they changed into a new formation; everything was so absurd and mysterious.

Zi Yao's team was waiting for them right in front of the deep abyss. They all wore a stern face as they watched those Absolute Beginning symbols.

As soon as Shi Yan arrived, he felt shaken as the Power Upanishad Symbol Tower flew out and hovered above his head uncontrollably.

The Power Upanishad Symbol Tower abruptly shot radiant rays of light while all the windows on the tower sprang open. Countless Absolute Beginning symbols flew out of the tower like a cloud of spirits, heading toward the Absolute Beginning Gateway.

Everybody's eyes were brightened with magical lights, feeling excited after seeing the abyss.

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