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At the top of the little volcano.

He Luo and He Lai had already entered into the volcano. He Luo protected He Lai and occasionally scolded him as they went deeper.

He Lai seemed to have started concentrating on refining the Purified Bottle, as he stopped his rebuttals. Soon, He Luo also stopped speaking as if he was scared he would disturb He Lai.

On the edge of the volcanic crater, Shi Yan, Mo Duanhun, and He Qingman also stopped talking.

After half a day.

He Lai, whose face was covered in sweat, appeared at the crater as he excitedly held a bright green Purified Bottle. As if offering a treasure, he shouted: "Success!"

The Purified Bottles that were refined again, were now crystal clear and green like a jade. Its appearance has obviously improved a lot.

Shi Yan smiled, and nodded: "Give me the Purified Bottle and that rock is yours."

"Alright." He Lai smilingly walked forward, and handed the Purified Bottle over to Shi Yan. He triumphantly said to He Luo, who was poking his head in: "Did you see that? I can actually refine Purified Bottles, the reason why many of the things I made before were unsuccessful, is not because I have bad skills, but because the environment isn't hot enough. Hehe, as long as you give me good circumstances, I won't be worse than other people. Actually I have a very high possibility of becoming a weaponsmith."

"Without a fire martial spirit, don't ever even think about being a true weaponsmith in your lifetime." He Luo snorted coldly, "In the future you should be more obedient, and stop thinking about weaponsmithing. Increasing your strength is better than anything."

He Lai put up a bitter face and nodded.

"Let's go to the ten thousand year-old volcano." Once he obtained the Purified Bottle, Shi Yan's objective was reached. He wasted no more time and looked at Mo Duanhun.


Mo Duanhun called the Cyan Blood Bat and the two mounted together. They rode the Cyan Blood Bat flying into the distance.

He Luo's family seemed to also be very interested in Shi Yan going into the ten thousand year-old volcano. By this time they should've had no more business to do with this, but they still mounted the Cyan Blood Bats of the Shura Blood Guards, and they too flew towards the ten thousand year-old volcano on Firecloud Island.

After an hour.

A towering magnificent volcano that was tens of thousands of feet high, suddenly appeared in front of Shi Yan's eyes.

This volcano was extremely high, rising straight into the clouds. Wisps of hot firelight appeared from the crater of the volcano that hid in the clouds. Glancing over at this scene, it seemed as if the whole sky was on fire.

Before they arrived at the crater of the volcano, the heat waves already blew into their faces. It felt like they were in a giant furnace, the temperature was so hot that they almost couldn't breathe.

He Qingman and her family, followed far behind Shi Yan and Mo Duanhun. They watched this area from the top of a level five Cyan Blood Bat.

The level six Cyan Blood Bat under Shi Yan also started to get irritated. The closer it came to the crater of the volcano, the slower its became.

Even ten thousand year-old volcano has a high temperature that was extremely fiery. It had lava that could even melt metals, and the heat waves made its surroundings lifeless, neither human nor beast would dare to easily get near it.

Although this Cyan Blood Bat was of level six, but its body was adapted to cold and icy dark caves. The high temperature of the ten thousand year-old volcano, was very unbearable to it.

Mo Duanhun knew that the Cyan Blood Bat under him did not want to get near the crater of the volcano, but he still frowned and patted its neck.

Once patted by Mo Duanhun, the Cyan Blood Bat immediately got more tamed. It fearfully and slowly approached the crater of that volcano.

The Cyan Blood Bat ridden by the He family members had stopped long ago. All three had a surprised expression on their faces and looked at Shi Yan from afar.

"Qingman, that kid is really only in the second sky of Disaster realm?" He Luo blankly gazed towards Shi Yan, feeling slightly perplexed: "You grew up on Firecloud Island, you should know how high the temperature is at the crater of this volcano. Let alone Disaster realm warriors, even those in the Earth realm might still be unable to hold up against the blazing heat wave at the crater of a ten thousand year-old volcano. But that kid, seemed to have no issues? I see that Mo Duanhun didn't helped him either?"

"If he can't even hold against the heat wave at the crater, how would he dare to go down into the volcano?" He Qingman's pretty brows furrowed as she said lightly.

"Into the volcano?" He Lai suddenly screamed, his fat face was filled with horror, "Isn't it supposed to be Mo Duanhun?"

He Luo's face also changed, he looked at He Qingman with a strange expression, "How can it be him who is going into the volcano?"

He Luo and He Lai, both thought that the one going into the heart of the volcano, should be the Shura King Mo Duanhun. Now that they heard He Qingman say this, they were completely shocked.

Mo Duanhun was in the third sky of the Sky realm, so it does makes it justifiable for him to enter the ten thousand year-old volcano. But what makes Shi Yan capable?

No matter how He Luo and He Lai thought about it, they couldn't figure anything out.

"He was once almost seized by the Ice Cold Flame. Although I don't know what is his relationship with the Cold Ice Flame now, but since he dares to enter the ten thousand year-old volcano, then it's got to have something to do with the Ice Cold Flame. With just his low cultivation, once he goes into the heart of the volcano then he would be immediately burnt into ashes without the help of the Ice Cold Flame,!" He Qingman said lightly.

"Ice Cold Flame? Sky fire?" He Lai screamed repeatedly, his fat face was filled with excitement, "I'm starting to admire him, that is so cool! Really cool!"

"The Ice Cold Flame couldn't seize him?" With a confused face, He Luo was also dazed.

"The Core Fire is inside the Fire Crystal Jade. Take this Dragon Slaying Sword, it is just the right thing to shatter the Fire Crystal Jade."

Back then, Mo Duanhun had straight up pulled out the Dragon Slaying Sword from inside Gu Jiange's body. He now gave it to Shi Yan and explained: "The Hornless Fire Dragon sword spirit inside the Dragon Slaying Sword is connected to Gu Jiange's soul. As long as Gu Jiange's soul lives, it would be very hard to tame the Hornless Fire Dragon. I only temporarily sealed the Hornless Fire Dragon. Fortunately breaking the Fire Crystal Jade doesn't need the Hornless Fire Dragon, you only need the sharpness of the Dragon Slaying Sword and its fire elemental properties."

"Alright." Shi Yan nodded as he grabbed onto the Dragon Slaying Sword.

He released a beam of mind power to probe around, and indeed he found that the sword spirit inside was sealed by a mass of power and couldn't move at all.

Inside the lava of the ten thousand year-old volcano, normal weapons wouldn't be able to handle the blazing heat at all; they could even be melt into a pool of liquid metal. But the Dragon Slaying Sword was smelted using many kinds of metals and minerals of the fire element. It was not afraid of the high temperature of the lava inside the ten thousand year-old volcano, so it was the most fitting weapon to break the Fire Crystal Jade.

"Once the Fire Crystal Jade is broken, the Core Fire would quickly dissipate into the lava. The power of the Earth fire would temporarily scatter around. Only after it managed to reform a new Fire Crystal Jade, can the Core Fire gather together again inside the Fire Crystal Jade.To have a new Fire Crystal Jade form into shape, it would need at least a hundred years. So if you want to obtain the Core Fire, you just have to use the Purified Bottle to collect it before the Core Fire dissipates into the lava." Mo Duanhun said again.

"Alright." Shi Yan nodded and said lightly: "Don't worry, I know what to do."

"Be careful." Mo Duanhun frowned, "Whether it be the Core Fire, or other things, they are only an objective of yours. They don't have to immediately achieved. You only have one life and that is the most important thing, remember not to strain yourself."

"I know, I'm going down now." Shi Yan smiled.

Sinking his consciousness into the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan finally summoned the Ice Cold Flame, "I'm already at the crater of the ten thousand year-old volcano, guard me on my way down."


Wisps of chilling cold energy, abruptly flowed out of the Blood Vein Ring and quietly went into Shi Yan's body.

Shi Yan's body started quickly freezing up at a speed visible to the naked eye. In a mere few seconds, his entire body was covered in crystal-clear hard ice.

Shi Yan looked as if he had turned into an ice sculpture, his body was glistening and there seemed to be pure white lights flowing in the ice.

"I'll go now." Shi Yan's flew straight towards the crater of the volcano and suddenly dropped down.


Inside the crater of the volcano, there suddenly came the sound of a heavy object falling in. Waves of lava splashed out, scaring the Cyan Blood Bats as they screamed and hurriedly dodged.

Mo Duanhun frowned as he stared into the volcano for a while but then he rode the Cyan Blood Bat and left.

The ten thousand year-old volcano was like an upside down funnel. Its crater was like a pointy end and as you enter you will realize that the interior gets wider and wider.

The lava inside the volcano bubbled with fire. Strong heat waves were being evaporated from it, and hot smoke lingered above.

Inside the lava, Shi Yan sank down quickly.

Once he went inside the lava, Shi Yan saw fire lights flashing all around the sea of lava that he was in. Bubbles keep forming in the murky lava, and then they quickly floated to the top.

This was a deep pool formed by the lava and the fire power was strong. The more he went down, the higher the temperature of the lava became.

If normal Disaster realm warriors were to accidentally fall into this pool of lava, then within three seconds, all his flesh and bones would be melted.

Even if a Earth realm warrior fell into the surface of the lava pool, without any special protective martial skills and secret treasures as support, he could hold for a short while at most. In the end he would still be melted.

Maybe Nirvana and Sky realm warriors could move around the surface of the laval pool. But once they go deep into the bottom of the lava pool and sank for a few thousand meters, they would definitely not be able to hold against fiery liquid that is ten times as strong, as it burned away their bodies.

However, relying on the protection of the Ice Cold Flame, Shi Yan was able to slide straight down into the bottom of the lava, safe and sound.

"Be careful, inside this pool of lava, there may be special forms of life. There may also be fire demon beasts that use the Core Fire to cultivate. Be alert of these things, don't suddenly get taken by surprise." From inside the Blood Vein Ring, there came the Ice Cold Flame's warning.

"Special forms of life? Fire demon beasts?" Shi Yan's was a little started as he forrowed his browsdeeply, "In a harsh environment like this, there can still be life forms that managed to survive?"

"There are countless magical and mysterious beings in this world, the miracles of life are everywhere and anything is possible. Under any extreme harsh environment, there is the possibility of the existence of special living beings. The more extreme the environment is, the stronger the living beings inside will be." The Ice Cold Flame's message came, "But inside the lava pool, even if there are some sort of life forms, you don't need to be too scared. My power can suppress the life forms that live here but they have to be of the fire element,. You only need to be careful. As long as you don't get killed, you can use my power to fight back."

"Okay, I'll be careful."


Just when Shi Yan's words came out, a giant fire bubble suddenly popped next to him.

Then, a cat-like demon beast with its body as red as burning iron, suddenly leaped towards him.

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