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Shi Yan didn't know what was special about "Refinement".

From inside the Blood Vein Ring, the Ice Cold Flame kept sending messages to instruct Shi Yan on how to refine.

According to the Ice Cold Flame's instruction, Shi Yan triggered the power of the Earth Core Fire and pushed it into his veins.

Some minor veins seemed to burn after the fire power came in, and the pain from it was intolerable.

If his body had not been once refined by the cold power of the Ice Cold Flame on the Munro Island, he could have been burnt by the Earth Core Fire.

The cold power of the Ice Cold Flame had filled his limbs and entails, so when the Earth Core Fire flew in his body, his temperature didn't surged rapidly.

And that's why Shi Yan's flesh and veins were not melted though he was enduring incredible pain, which the Ice Cold Flame had foreseen.

It dared let Shi Yan refine with the Earth Core Fire as it knew Shi Yan's body had changed by its cold, and it could help him cool down when burnt with fire.

The Ice Cold Flame knew the cold power was enough to prevent Shi Yan's veins and blood from melting, but it couldn't lessen his pain.

He had to go through the pain of burning, and the cold power would strengthen the pain.

Inside the hard ice, little flames came out from Shi Yan's body, and he looked as if he was being roasted in fire.

Dehydration made Shi Yan's body skinny as he operated Rampage.

While the fire was burning inside his body, Shi Yan kept bellowing, as his eyes turned red and his face hideous.

The Ice Cold Flame kept silent and felt the changes in Shi Yan's body, as his body was automatically tried to defend itself.

Shi Yan's body had turned dark brown. The moment the flame permeated his body, his Petrification Martial Spirit was triggered.

However, as the flame burnt furiously, his dark brown skin turned red.

The Ice Cold Flame noticed the changes in Shi Yan's body, while the fire got stronger and stronger, Shi Yan's Petrification Martial Spirit started operating to weaken the pain in his body.

Meanwhile, the Immortal Martial Spirit in Shi Yan's body seemed to awaken as well.

The Ice Cold Flame also gradually settled down.

The Ice Cold Flame handed the "Refinement" method to Shi Yan at the spur of the moment, because it thought Shi Yan would give up soon after he found it unbearable.

It was out of its expectation that Shi Yan preserved more than others, for he could keep sober even under the torturing of the Earth Core Fire.

The two Martial Spirits took effect gradually, so the Ice Cold Flame came to know, that as long as Shi Yan could endure the burning of the fire, the two Martial Spirits would automatically trigger by themselves and would increase his ability.

As his body was refined and his martial Spirits enhanced, Shi Yan's ability surged greatly.

Since they made a deal, the Ice Cold Flame knew that Shi Yan's would keep up his word and it became friendly with Shi Yan.

Now, being sealed in Shi Yan's Blood Vein Ring, it was unable to use its power to the fullest.

So before it got out of the Blood Vein Ring, it hoped that Shi Yan would be fine.

Once Shi Yan got into accident, it couldn't get out of the Blood Vein Ring anymore. Even if the Blood Vein Ring got a new master, he may not spare it.

Therefore, to increase Shi Yan's ability as possible as it could was the best choice for it.

And it did exactly that.

Shi Yan felt like a century had passed.

There was no Earth Core Fire outside and the fire inside Shi Yan's body was consumed up.

After the torment, this short quiet time was very precious to Shi Yan.

"What's up?" His spirit went into the Blood Vein Ring to ask the Ice Cold Flame.

"Take a rest. You should communicate with the Earth Core Fire and connect your perception with it. Before the Earth Core Fire formed its life, you have to leave your mark in it to let it remember you."


Soon, Shi Yan finished communicating with the Ice Cold Flame. Then he concentrated to approach the Flame Crystal Jade.

Once his perception touched the Flame Crystal Jade, the Earth Core Fire inside the jade became like a smiling face.

The Earth Core Fire was ever changing inside the flame crystal jade, and now it became a smiling face, appeared very happy.

Shi Yan's spirit felt its delightment.

This time the Earth Core Fire was attached to Shi Yan so much, that it wrapped Shi Yan's spirit and played happily with it.

Shi Yan had no choice but to stay.

Only until Shi Yan's spirit got tired and the Earth Core Fire has exhausted itself, did Shi Yan's spirit took the chance to leave.

"It's too tiresome this time."

"Have you noticed that it loves you more? And it regards you as family. Do you notice it?" From inside the Blood Vein Ring came the Ice Cold Flame's voice.

"Yeah I do."

"Good." The Ice Cold Flame seemed to know this would happen, "Your body is refined by the Earth Core Fire for a while, so your body and your spirit power had obtained a touch of the Earth Core Fire. Naturally it loves that smell and treat you as family."

Shi Yan was stunned.

"I ask you to refine with the fire to gain its trust. Only when it was in your body and got familiar with you, will it truly regard you as a friend." The Ice Cold Flame said slowly, "Therefore, you have to be more devoted. "Refinement" could strengthen your body and enhance your Martial Spirits, at the same time you can make friends with the Earth Core Fire."

"Yeah I know what to do."

"Good. I will add more Earth Core Fire."

Shi Yan nodded firmly, "Let's begin."

The next moment, overwhelming amount of fire came from all directions.

This time, the fire was extremely ferocious and wrapped Shi Yan in an instant.

The intense fire became another armor on the surface of his body, separating him from the hard ice.

"Let's start." The Ice Cold Flame sent the message.

Shi Yan closed his eyes and pushed the Earth Core Fire into his veins.

As there were no sun and stars in the magma pond, so there was no concept of time there.

At the bottom of the pond, Shi Yan was training with "Refinement", and every time he took some rest, he would let his spirit communicate with the Earth Core Fire.

After a day and night.

"Refinement" tempered one's body, and the exchange of spirit power and Earth Core Fire consumed a lot of spirit power.

Shi Yan brutally used all his energy to train his body and spirit.

On the other day.

He was operating the "Refinement" again.

This time, when the Earth Core Fire flew inside his veins, his spirit found something special.

While the Spirit Power was exploring his blood and flesh. Suddenly, his blood and flesh was exaggerated greatly, and he could see every cell and the fabric of his flesh.

He could feel the minimum things inside his body.

In a piece of flesh that was expanded greatly, Shi Yan could clearly see the cells, fabrics and some milky water drops.

Milky water drops!

They were even smaller than cells, giving out special smell. Shi Yan's spirit went down into the milky drops and carefully felt them.

It's the power from the Mysterious Martial Spirit!

Everytime when his meridians absorbed the amount of Profound Qi exceeding its limit, there would appear this strange power coming from his meridians.

This energy could trigger and enhance the Martial Spirit and strengthen his Profound Qi!

Those milky water were just the strange power from the meridians! They were separated in his cells and fabrics in the form of milky water drops.

"What's that?" From the Blood Vein Ring came the thought of the Ice Cold Flame, "There was magical power inside those milky water drops. And the power seems beneficial to your body. You just try to melt it and use it on your cells!"

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