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Chapter 673: An Unprecedented Heaven's Favorite

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Currently, the Sun was hanging high in the sky. It was noon.

On the field, 756 transparent rooms were lined up perfectly like a long-tailed dragon, looking extremely strange.

Inside, tens of pupils were trying to lift arrays. Some of them were within the rooms at the front, some were at the tail of the trail of rooms. But without exceptions, all of them were sweating heavily as they concentrated on breaking the arrays.

This was the rule for the Path of Arrays’ competition.

All 756 rooms were inhibited by arrays. Every single room was different. Starting from the first room, every cultivator needed to break the array of the room and go to the next room and repeat.

Whoever became the first to arrive in the last room and successfully leave it, became the winner of the competition.

One has to admit that the rules for this competition were very simple. It was like trying to walk out of a maze and the first person who walked out won.

Though the rules were simple, the process was difficult.

There were 756 rooms and 756 different arrays. Ignoring the difficulty level, this high number alone was enough to give anyone a headache. In conjunction with the array’s difficulty, most people would not be able to get out of these rooms.

To know that the difficulty level of these rooms was not exactly low. The further along you went, the more difficult it was.

Therefore, since the beginning of the competition, three hours had passed and most people were stuck at the beginning stages, which were the first 100 rooms. Even the fastest person was still inside the 327th room.

This person was Ta Ba Feng.

One has to admit that this person was rather capable. This was proven by the fact that the second best candidate was only in the 200th room.

Don’t forget, the competition was made so that the later stage you were, the more difficult the arrays were. If the second place was mere in the 200th and he was in the 300th, how big of a gap was there?

To say it bluntly, his array skills outcompeted everyone here by a landslide!

In other words, if no accidents occur, he would be the winner of this competition.

What could they do? Ta Ba Feng was far too powerful, powerful enough to make everyone else feel hopeless.

Currently, he was inside the 327th room. His finger was drawing images on the wall in order to lift the array.

Though he hadn’t broken the array yet, his expression was very calm and he was not at all in a haste. Because he firmly believed that an array of this caliber was not enough to stop him.

His nonchalant and confident behavior truly deserved everyone’s compliments.

Compared to him, everyone else’s speed paled in comparison.

Everyone behind him was sweating from their foreheads as they stared deadly at the arrays before them and attempted to think of a way to breakthrough.

However, their array skills were far too poor and they couldn’t think of a solution. Therefore, they were impatient and the more impatient they were, the less they could think.

This became a very deadly negative cycle. They were now pacing around like ants on a hot pan.

Even the person in second place was not an exception.

His hasty and flustered behavior made everyone shook their heads at him.

No matter what one does, one has to remain calm. It was only possible to find a solution when one’s in a collected state.

Yet everyone here had lost themselves from frustration. How did they find ways to lift the arrays like this?

“Aye, most of the competitors this year do not have a good mentality.”

“That’s right. Lifting arrays require a very calm heart. Only when one is calm, can one find a solution amongst complexity.”

“That’s right. Ignoring array skills, these people cannot become great just because of their mentality alone.”

“Luckily, we have found a rare genius in the Path of Arrays, or else our path would look weak next to the other three paths.”

The elders in midair discussed as they sighed and shook their heads. They felt sorry towards the competitors but also felt lucky to have found someone like Ta Ba Feng.

“One has to admit that that pupil is very capable. Ignoring his array skills, his mentality alone is not something normal people can compare with.”

“His array abilities are even better. If my prediction is correct, he is probably of the master realm. He is not any weaker compared to you and me.”

“That’s right. If he isn’t of the master level, there is no way his speed of breaking the arrays would be this fast. There is no way he would be 100 rooms ahead of the second place competitor.”

“Aye, this pupil’s talent is far too dominating. Just how much has he cultivated to have achieved such glory? Compared to him, we have wasted hundreds of years.”

“What can we do? He is a Heaven’s Favorite. His cultivating for one year equals to someone else cultivating for a decade.”

The elders all chimed in. Other than disappointment, there was only compliments - true compliments that came from the bottom of their hearts.

Not only were they praising him, but the audiences were also doing the same.

They all exclaimed over how dominating Ta Ba Feng was and exclaimed over his future as a grandmaster of arrays.

It was true. His actions today had proven that if no accidents happened, he would become a grandmaster. What could they do? His talent was far too dominating and his growth was far too speedy.

Just as everyone was praising him, Ta Ba Feng had moved through another 10 rooms. He had shown all signs of extreme capabilities.

This dragged everyone back to a state of awe as they stared at him with looks of disbelief.

As for the remaining participants… they were being completely ignored. Even the one in second place was not being paid attention to.

All eyes were on Ta Ba Feng and everyone was focusing on him as if he was the one and only one in the world. People found it hard to peel their eyes off him.

Ta Ba Feng did not disappoint. As if he had eaten a legendary Dan, he speedily lifted array after array.

After a short period of time, he had broken through tens of rooms and arrived at the 400th.

This speed astounded everyone. Only after a lag of time, did everyone at the scene start to cheer.

“Haha, awesome. No wonder he is the best Heaven’s Favorite of our path. This insane speed is scary!”

“What a great Heaven’s Favorite. This person is far too insane.”

“This is just who Ta Ba Feng is. A rare genius whose decade of training has made him more capable than those who have cultivated for centuries.”

Everyone continued their discussions. Their words were full of shock.

At once, Ta Ba Feng turned into the undiminishing Sun that shines for miles and reflects off everything.

Just as all attention were on him, nobody noticed that a man in white silently entered the first room.

It was Ling Xian.

He was planning on informing the elders before entering the competition. However, after seeing that all gazes were on Ta Ba Feng, he felt too lazy to wait and straight away came to the first room.

Since everyone was watching Ta Ba Feng, other than the leader of Path of Arrays, nobody else noticed Ling Xian’s arrival.


After a short stutter, the leader frowned and murmured to himself, “That man… is Xian Ling?”

As he spoke, he manipulated his Qi and confirmed that it was truly Ling Xian. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“A master with such profound array skills… why are you here? Aren’t you bullying others?”

The leader of arrays shook his head and laughed. After seeing Ta Ba Feng down below, his old eyes flashed with anticipation, “I have forgotten that Ta Ba Feng’s level of array is also of the master realm. Now that these two are sharing a stage, I need to get a good look.”

Then, to make himself see more clearly, he formed a mysterious hand seal. Immediately, two mirrors appeared before him. In one mirror, the image of Ta Ba Feng was reflected.

In the other mirror was the silhouette of Ling Xian.

“One is a master who helped our dormant array transform successfully, the other is also a master with profound array knowledge. The two of them are similar in age as well. This will be a war between a tiger and a dragon.”

The leader of Path of Array became engrossed and laughed, “I am excited to see who is more capable.”

As this leader of array was full of high expectation, Ling Xian, who entered the first room, was also having high expectations.

He had been cultivating for many years and he had not participated in a test of arrays. Now that there was this competition, he was of course curious. Especially since he encountered such a capable competitor, Ta Ba Feng, his desire to see who’s stronger was very heavy.

“Ta Ba Feng, I sure hope your array abilities are powerful enough to energize me.” Ling Xian revealed a faint grin.

In the Hidden Territory, this person did end up becoming a grandmaster. In the entire Yuezhou, he became very prominent.

To know that it wasn’t that easy to become a grandmaster. Out of 100,000,000, maybe one appears. Therefore, knowing that Ta Ba Feng would one day become a master was enough to prove his natural talent.

This was why Ling Xian was so interested. If his competitors were too weak, he wouldn’t find the desire to care.

“Alright, let us hurry up.”

Grinning, Ling Xian focused on the room’s array. He lifted his sleeve and it was immediately lifted!

He appeared in the second room in a flash.

When he arrived, Ling Xian merely glanced around and solved the array.

He was speechless at this, thinking that the arrays here were far too easy. It wasn’t even a challenge.

Luckily, he was thinking this silently and nobody could hear him. Or else, all the participants other than Ta Ba Feng would be puking blood from anger right now.

“Hopefully the arrays later will be harder.” Ling Xian laughed and once again waved around his hand. He came to the fourth room.

Then, he began an unbelievable journey.

He instantaneously broke through arrays and continued to arrive room after room. His insane speed was getting hard to believe!




Without exceptions, every single room’s array was instantly lifted by him. Within a short period of time, he arrived at the 100th room.

What could he do? His abilities were far too insane. Those low leveled arrays could not stop him.

This insane speed finally caught everyone’s attention.

“Look! That person is insane!”

Some unknown person shouted and caused everyone to shift their gaze onto Ling Xian. Then, all of them fell into a state of awe.

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