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Ning Du Quan finished, after which all people in the City Master Palace had their expressions changed in terror. 


Miserable, pitiful cries echoed from everywhere in the Palace. People then saw many housemaids of the City Master Palace being decomposed with a speed that naked eyes could observe, turning into puddles of blood. 

Most of the housemaids in the Palace had low cultivation bases. They were only at the Earth Realm or the Disaster Realm. 

Warriors at this level had nothing to resist the Seven-colored Poison Technique from a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior. They died because of the poison got into their bones and marrow. They didn't have the time to bring out any responses.

Soon, all the maids in the Palace were killed. None of them were lucky enough to escape death. All of them now were blood puddles, a tragic death indeed. 

Bing Qing Tong was extremely sorrowful. She shouted in rage. "Ning Du Quan, you won't have a decent death! You didn't spare even the housemaids with your Seven-colored Poison Technique. You do want to start the war between the Fighting Union and the Heaven Temple!" 

"I want to make the people in the Ice Emperor City vanish. The Ice Emperor City will be a dead city!" Ning Du Quan smiled coldly and then continued talking. "If it weren't because of the Icebound Earth and Firmament you released, the entire Ice Emperor City would have been like this Palace. Under the Seven-colored Poison Technique, no one can survive in the surrounding within hundred li, not even an insect underground!" 

"This moment onwards, our Ice Emperor City and your Ning family can't coexist!" Bing Qing Tong's face reddened, talking through her gritted teeth.

Shuang, Han Cui, and Leng Dan Qing had the same grudge. Their faces were emotional and indignant, as if they wanted to risk their life with Ning Du Quan. 

"Can't coexist..." Ning Du Quan sneered, "I've advised you a lot of times, but you are so stubborn. Those maids died because of you. When I'm taking action, I'm merciless. Today, I will erase your Ice Emperor City from the list of the Seven Cities of the Fighting Union!" 

"You are so ruthless!" Bing Qing Tong panted, her face changing dramatically. All of a sudden, she sat down at her spot.

Shuang Yu Zhu, Han Cui, and Leng Dan Qing also knew that it was a dangerous situation. They didn't think much, sitting cross-legged, urging their Ice Jade Technique to the limit. Countless icicles appeared in the City Master Palace, tearing the wind and stabbing towards Ning Du Quan like rows of sharp swords. 

Tens of thousands of sharp icicles were as dense as a cloud of grasshoppers. They were sharp and many as if they were packing the whole place, aiming at Ning Du Quan. 

Each icicle kept the extremely cold Qi that could break everything. 

The four Spirit Realm warriors were condensing the Cold Qi in their Icebound Earth and Firmament, which created an attack power that even Ning Du Quan didn't dare to underestimate. He had to prepare himself well to counter the attack. 

Halos of seven-colored light shot out from his body, creating a seven-colored membrane covering him like armor. Inside that thin membrane was the frightening evil energy. When the sharp icicles shot forward, the seven-colored light smashed them down. 

Ning Du Quan's face was ruthless as he spoke with a cold voice, "Just release all of your power! I want to see how long you can endure. As you're poisoned by my Seven-colored Poisonous Technique, you need to resist the toxin in your bodies at the same time. You will have to consume your energy faster. Well, you'll die soon. If you want to die earlier, just use all of your strength. I'm waiting to see how long you can resist."

Yu Li Ming laughed oddly, "Ning-ge, your Seven-colored Poisonous Technique is awesome. It seems the Ning family is rightly ranked the first in Heaven Temple, and its fame is true, indeed."

Ning Du Quan was contented.

At this moment, Ba Fei's face turned seven-colored. Her legs were soft, and she couldn't stand firm. She trembled and then collapsed.

She had only the Nirvana Realm cultivation base. In this place, her realm was the lowest. After the Seven-colored poison got into her body, she appeared to not be able to withstand for long. 

"Ge, I...I..." Ba Fei's face was seven-colored. Her voice faded down, looking at Ba Si Teng with frightened eyes.

Ba Si Teng was like an enraged beast. He suddenly became strong and wild, shouting, "Ning Du Quan! Give me the antidote! Or else, I'll destroy the whole Ning family!"

Ning Du Quan was surprised, throwing him a strange glance, then shook his head, "A kid with only Sky Realm but dares to talk arrogantly to me? Well, you don't know how high is the sky, do you? Kid, in a very short moment, you will turn into blood. Are you going to haunt my Ning family after you die?" 

He completely looked down on Ba Si Teng, just gave him a glance and then turned around. 

"I'm going to risk my life with you!" 

Ba Si Teng roared, as a dazzling gold light shot out from his body. An arbitrary, ominous power burst out like a volcano eruption, expanding vehemently. 

At this moment, Ba Si Teng looked like a gold sun, carrying the aggressive supernatural power with him, soaring to the sky towards Ning Du Quan. 

In the middle of the air, Ba Si Teng was now a golden man with the fierce, crazy aura. 

Ning Du Quan discolored. He concentrated and then said with surprise. "Oh, this kid has such powers. Not bad. seems you can borrow external forces too."

Ning Du Quan smashed his left hand into the void. A seven-colored poisonous python appeared in the air, baring its fangs at Ba Si Teng. The giant serpent sprayed out seven-colored smoke, covering Ba Si Teng. 

The toxic smoke was mysterious, as it turned into a seven-colored membrane enveloping Ba Si Teng.

Ning Du Quan disdained, curled his lips and said with a cold voice. "Just a boorish fella. You have extraordinary strength, but you don't know how to utilize it." 

Shi Yan stood indifferently, just watched the event happening in the City Master Palance. He seemed not wanting to take action.

However, whether it was Ning Du Quan or Yu Li Ming, even when they were talking to the others, they all kept an eye on him cautiously. 

Before they came here, Ning Du Quan knew about Shi Yan from Yu Li Ming's words. He knew that Shi Yan was the most dangerous person here. Not only he had the War Devil, which was as strong as a Third Sky of Spirit Realm warrior, but also some high levels beasts. Thus, the two of them still preserved their powers to battle with the young man. 

Shi Yan frowned, looking at the chaotic situation of the Palace and Ba Fei crouching on the ground. He thought, then walked toward Ba Fei. 

He kept silent because he wanted to check if the four women of Bing Qing Tong's group and Ba Si Teng were worth forming a relationship with. As an old saying said, true hearts were revealed in adversity. If it weren't the worst situation, it would be hard to realize someone's real conduct. 

No matter what good words Bing Qing Tong and Ba Si Teng told him before, at the critical moment, if they decided to save their lives first, Shi Yan wouldn't feel strange. 

He just wanted to see if Bing Qing Tong's group and Ba Si Teng were as good as he thought through this difficult time. The fact showed him that they didn't fail his expectation. 

He felt warm inside. He had what he wanted, and now, it was time to take action. 

Shi Yan reached Ba Fei, mused for a while, then put his palm on her shoulder. In just a blink, the acme cold of the Ice Cold Flame was absorbed into Ba Fei's body. 

Shortly, Ba Fei turned into an ice sculpture. The cold energy that moved inside her body had frozen her. 

Even the toxin! 

Shi Yan carefully sensed to see Ba Fei's living fluctuation had been frozen temporarily by the Ice Cold Flame. He then nodded, grinned as he turned to the Ning master, "Ning Ze died at my hands, and so did Ning Qi Shan. Your Nings will die one after another in the same way. Oh yeah, including you, the head of the Ning family." 

Ning Du Quan sneered, "Kiddo, are you just babbling?"


An explosion echoed from Ba Si Teng. From his body, which was enveloped by the seven-colored membrane, a robust energy burst out, tearing the membrane into pieces. 

The ruthless, evil aura shot out from Ba Si Teng. At this moment, he looked like a gold Demogorgon, giving people a feeling of a tyrannical, wild warrior to the extreme. 

Shi Yan's face changed, while his eyes shone radiantly. 

Ba Si Teng had urged the God Blood in his body to obtain the power of a Second Sky of Spirit Realm warrior, even though his actual realm was just the Peak of Sky Realm!

The God Blood of the Ba family was really intimidating. The violent, robust energy that burst out from him had cracked his body, but not a drop of the Gold Blood dripped out. 

Ning Du Quan's pupils shrank. He was astounded on looking at Ba Si Teng. His face stiffened, shouting, "Second Sky of Spirit Realm! Kid, did you swallow the God Blood?" 

Ba Si Teng was like a provoked, enraged wild beast. Murderous aura shot out from his pupils. Resentment almost cracked his eyes as he howled, "I want you to die!" 

He stormed over. 

Shi Yan was surprised. He grinned, stroking the Blood Vein Ring and letting out a slight shout, "Get out!"

War Devil flew out first, turning into a black electric current and shooting towards Ning Du Quan. One second later, the Ghost Hunter, the King of Demonic Insects, and the Devouring Gold Silkworm also stormed out from the Blood Vein Ring, aiming at Yu Li Ming. 


Shi Yan snorted. He took a deep breath, then urged the negative power in his body. Instantly, he entered the Rampage Realm.

 His eyes became red like blood. Feeling the negative energy rolling torrentially in his body, Shi Yan didn't call the Earth Flame or the Holy Spirit God, but summoned the giant mysterious sword. 

In the Second Sky of Rampage Realm, with his Sky Realm cultivation base, he could boost his power to the level that only the Spirit Realm warriors could reach. 

The giant mysterious sword answered him immediately. Seconds later, the sword flew out of the Blood Vein Ring, falling into his firm grip. 

The negative energy in his meridians was gushing rapidly into the giant mysterious sword, while a Death Intent Domain was boiling in his heart. The bizarre eyes on the sword opened one by one, until one-third of them had opened. 

Without the combined power of the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit God, and the Earth Flame, he could finally activate the giant mysterious sword after he had broken through the new realm!

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