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Seeing that his first strike did not bring him victory, Black Horn was solemn. He sensed the energy fluctuate on Shi Yan's body. Then, he became more frightened.

At this moment, the energy ripples generated from Shi Yan wasn't something a warrior at the Second Sky of King God Realm could have done. Even a warrior with the Third Sky of King God Realm cultivation base couldn't store energy at the high level that he was doing.

Black Horn focused. He no longer had contempt towards Shi Yan, standing there imposingly. A cold mist gushed out from his body, twirling around him. The hazy mist continually diffused and expanded.

A freezing aura overflowed from Black Horn's body. Shortly, the several-thousand-square-meter training yard was engulfed by a cold mist.

Crack Crack!

In the white fog, a glacier cracked on the ground and slowly emerged in the training yard. The translucent glacier was formed by the underground water under Black Horn's freezing energy. The chilly aura glowed even in the yard while the glacier shot out dazzling lights.

The cold air permeated everywhere in the Blue Demon's base and slowly expanded to other places of the Heaven Punishment City.

Many warriors of the Heaven Punishment City walking on the glamorous streets of the Heaven Punishment City suddenly felt cold air coming, which made them shudder.

All of a sudden, those people found the source of this phenomenon was the Blue Demon's base. They hesitated for a while then started to gather.

The arena where Shi Yan and Black Horn were fighting was the large training yard outside the Blue Demon's building, which had several stone gates. Guards of the Blue Demon Pirates were watching each gate. They didn't allow anyone to get in.

"Chief!" A warrior of Blue Demon stood by the stone gate and looked at Feng Ke from the far distance and asked for orders. "They are asking to come in and watch the fight. Should we allow them?"

Many warriors in the Heaven Punishment City were gathering at the stone gates of the training yard, screaming and yelling, asking to get in and watch the battle. Feng Ke arched his brows. He watched them from the stone platform, contemplated for a while then said faintly. "Let them in."

The crowd surrounding the stone gates became louder hearing him. Shortly after, many people stormed in and encircled the yard. Seeing the glacier raising in the air, they discolored in fear, asking the others to know what was happening here.

Among this crowd, some people were hiding in the back as if they were afraid of being noticed.

That small group of people included Carthew, Zi Yao, Ao Gera, Yalan, and Tie Mu. Carthew, Zi Yao, and Ao Gera who had covered their faces with masks and stood behind the pirates of the Heaven Punishment City. They didn't dare come closer. Instead, they remained hiding and watching from a distance.

"It's him!" As she had just arrived, Zi Yao trembled at first glance, shouting through her gritted teeth.

Carthew, Ao Gera, and the others looked, and their faces became strange when they found a young man standing nonchalantly behind the glacier.

"Why is he fighting this other person?" Zi Yao was very surprised, whispering her question as she couldn't understand the situation.

"Hey friend, what is going on?" Carthew frowned. He stepped forward, flashing five medium-quality divine crystals in his palm then shoving them into the sleeve of a pirate.

"Haha, they are fighting because of Young Lady Feng Rao. Master Barrette wants to marry Young Lady Feng Rao. Master Feng Ke agreed with him before. However, it seems our Lady likes that kid more... then they..." As the pirate received the payment from Carthew, he narrated the story livelily. After that, he waved his hands and stomped his feet to add more details. "When Black Horn and that kid started this battle, it didn't look like he will lose. This battle is fascinating. You should concentrate on the battle."

Carthew was surprised. He nodded to the pirate then stepped back, lowered his voice and explained to Zi Yao's group. "That asshole attacks Barrette's troop because of a woman. Damn it!" Zi Yao felt so annoyed listening to Carthew's narration. She cursed under her breath. She gritted her teeth while her beautiful eyes looked at Shi Yan with rage.

"Second Sky. The Second Sky of King God Realm. This kid is really incredible." Carthew smiled bitterly, turning around to glare at Ao Gera. He compared the two inwardly, his face odd.

Ao Gera grimaced, standing there upright and anxiously.

"This boy really is exceptional," Tie Mu appraised.

Yalan nodded in agreement.

"I know him!" Bi Rou's voice arose from another group. "Father, his name is Shi Yan. We got him from Nita in the Sixth Herbal Star. We used him as the human body cauldron for a while. After that, he joined Du Feng and Zi Yao rescued them all. This man killed Fergie in our Underworld League. He's really ruthless. Without him, Du Feng could never escape!"

Just like Zi Yao, Bi Rou was disguised. She appeared to be a normal woman without the gentle and white features of the past.

"A new character," Bi Tian, the Commander of the Underworld League, nodded. He was wearing a straw raincoat with a leaf hat. "His realm isn't bad, the Second Sky of King God Realm. "Oh, yeah, his realm isn't low. How were you guys able to capture him and make him a human cauldron that year?"

Bi Ruo: "..."

"Hmm?" Bi Tian frowned, changing his visage. "Something weird?"

"At that time, he had only the Second Sky of True God Realm," Bi Rou looked baffled as she uttered uncertainly.

Bi Tian's face became solemn. "Are you sure?"

"I'm not sure. But it's true that he had only the Second Sky of True God Realm that year. Otherwise, none of us would have been able to restrain him," said Bi Rou in a worried manner. Her beautiful eyes sparkled as she couldn't believe it.

"Allard!" Bi Tian let out a low shout.

"General Commander, Young Lady Bi Rou is right. At that time, he had only the Second Sky of True God Realm. Moreover, he... had broken through to his new realm on our steamship as a human body cauldron," said alchemist Allard, his face grim as if he had just lost his parents.

"He is such a talented character and you didn't recognize it to persuade him to join our force. You even let Dark Firmament Divine Nation take him. You fool!" Bi Tian shouted in a low voice.

Allard and Bi Rou regretted so much. Watching the silhouette standing in the training yard, they didn't know what to say.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Black Horn soared up to the sky. Ice blades danced around him. His God Domain shot out, snatching Shi Yan in the air.

Countless ice cubes shot out from the raising glacier, fiercely overflowing his God Domain, creating more icicles. At first glance, they looked like a billion ice blades revolving. This threat was formidable, indeed.

"Quick Ice Windstorm!"

Black Horn roared, his voice was able to even shake the sky. Ten thousand ice blades turned, creating a furious ice blade tornado covering the entire massive training court.

The glacier vanished at speeds that naked eyes couldn't see. Countless ice beams shot into the sky, joining the center of Black Horn's Quick Ice Windstorm. People then saw that the whole dome of the sky was covered with sharp, sparkling icicles. Billions of ice blades were about to sweep over the universe. This scene was very frightening.

Many low-realm warriors retreated in fright as they were afraid that the ice blades would deviate and hit them, or that the cold Qi could seep into their God Bodies.

Crack! Crack!

The ice blade collided. Breaking sounds reverberated in the entire place. The Quick Ice Windstorm had covered the entire training yard. The onlookers couldn't see what was happening in there.

Only warriors at the Original God Realm could see through the cold air of the Quick Ice Windstorm to vaguely see the situation inside the storm.

The sharp icicles, ice crystals, ice sabers, and ice beams were wreaking havoc inside the Quick Ice Windstorm. The green stone ground of the training yard exploded. Debris rolled together with the scattering ice pieces. Black Horn guided the Quick Ice Windstorm to fiercely press down to imprison a person.

Numerous pieces of icicles, ice crystals, and ice sabers were used, creating the icy power, which generated the glacier the second time.

Gradually, pieces of rock and ice scattered. The earth-shattering energy tornado ceased, which divided into five or seven parts in the middle of the training yard. A new glacier was formed.

The transparent glacier was around one thousand meters tall and a couple of hundred meters thick. It looked like a giant crystal block. Shi Yan stood upright in the middle of the glacier. He didn't change his posture, looking like he never moved.

However, his God Body was confined in the thick glacier. When people observed him, they could see the current cold air streaming continuously through his body.

Black Horn wore a cold visage. Standing on the glacier, he stooped to watch Shi Yan being trapped inside the glacier. He snorted and turned to Feng Ke. "Do I need to continue?"

Everybody else quieted down, looking at Feng Ke as if they had agreed to do so beforehand. They also glared at Feng Rao, who maintained a grimace while she stood behind Feng Ke.

Barrette grinned continually, raising his voice. "If big brother Feng Ke doesn't say anything, he agrees tacitly that you can kill him. Do it!"

"Watch out!" However, at this moment, alchemist Jester, who had been silent from the beginning, suddenly felt something. He couldn't help but shout.

Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle!

A scarlet flame and a red-orange flame surged vehemently. Inside the glacier, they shot out from Shi Yan's eyes.

Within one second, the intimidating flames expanded, covering the entire glacier. The burning flame had melted and washed away the extremely cold energy of the glacier shortly.

The scorching flames shot out, running on the glacier to reach Black Horn. Instantly, the flame mounted on his legs and crept all over his body. In just a blink, the furious flame burned Black Horn's body. He screamed crazily, which shocked everyone.

The glacier melted quickly. Shi Yan simply left the ice. A brutal gleam sparkled in his blood-red eyes. He sprang towards Black Horn.

Hiss Hiss!

The ear-splitting hissing resounded. Fine space cracks appeared in the void as if something was trying to getting out of its confinement. Black Horn discolored as he felt his God Soul be constrained by some unknown force. No matter how hard he wiggled, he couldn't get rid of it. He couldn't locate the direction of the attacker. Black Horn felt so much pain.

Starlight gathered, making a broadsword in Shi Yan's hand. The starry night seemed to be reflected in this broadsword hiding the mysteries of the stars. It then turned into the moving starlight slashing at Black Horn. Black Horn got hit. Starlight sparked from his body as he was blown away.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

Three Bone Thorns appeared in the void stabbing his back. Blood splashed instantly.

Shi Yan wore a cold and harsh face. There was no emotion reflected on his face. He continued to chase and bombard his target.

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