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Chapter 929 Order

"The reason why the ancient vicious beasts were able to dominate that era is naturally because they were powerful."

As Bai Ze said that, his appearance slowly changed and he became a white-faced scholar.

"If it was so easy to get rid of, then it wouldn't deserve the title of an ancient vicious beast."

As Bai Ze spoke, a loud roar suddenly came out from the swamp.


With this voice, the alleyway began to shake.

Qin Chao was shocked, because he felt a strong power that was definitely not inferior to the Thunder Doom Stage.


This swamp area grew larger and larger, eventually evolving into a huge swamp area that completely covered the alleyway.

Then a huge creature emerged from the swamp, black with mud.

This was that Snake. His body, compared to before, was at least ten times larger!

"It's so huge …"

In Qin Chao's mind, he remembered the Hou from that day.

However, Hou was a very strong existence amongst the Ancient Beast. After returning to his original form, he was at the level of Flying Immortal Stage.

This Snake was a little too weak, only having the power of the Thunder Doom Stage.

However, this power, was already a level above Qin Chao.

Could it be that he had to use the Big Idiodynamic Method?

Qin Chao immediately rejected this idea, because, the Big Idiodynamic Method, was something he wanted to stay for the skeleton's Hong Gate banquet.

It's just a Thunder Doom Stage, as long as I work hard, I should be able to get rid of it.

"Qin Ying, protect yourself well."

Qin Chao instructed.

"I know, dad, you be careful too!"

As Qin Ying spoke, his body flashed, and he flew very far away, hiding in a corner.

Qin Chao took a deep breath, looked at Snake below him, and opened his green demonic eyes.

Could it be that this guy is immortal?!

The gigantic Snake rolled in the swamp, one tail already turning into a long snake tail, constantly slapping in the mud.

"Ying Tian, obediently hand over your daughter. This is your only choice."

"Why are you capturing my daughter? If you have the ability, come and capture me."

"Capture you?"

Bai Ze laughed, "King has already given the order, we are not allowed to disturb you. If we catch you, how will we account to the king? Why don't we just capture your daughter and force you to submit. In this way, the King will not blame us. "

"You're quite crafty."

Qin Chao clenched his fists, and felt that Bai Ze's eyes were extremely familiar, "Have I seen you before?"

"My wisdom is everywhere."

Bai Ze thought, of course you're familiar with me, there were some days when I would appear by your side almost every day, hehe …

"Another one."

Qin Chao could not be bothered with him, but had to be careful of him. At the same time, he placed more of his attention on Snake, as he pondered on how to deal with this fellow.

Was there really an immortal body in this world?

"Master, please don't be fooled by Bai Ze's words."

Ah Li reminded Qin Chao from within his body, "There is no such thing as an undead beast. Even Snake has his weakness."

"Let's fight first. Maybe we'll be able to find his weakness when we fight."

As Qin Chao spoke, he leapt down and pounced towards Snake's huge body.

The Nine Hell Demon Dog's Possession made Qin Chao's movements even more nimble.

He flung out a claw and grabbed at Snake's neck, but he felt as if he had grabbed onto a handful of silt, unable to use even a bit of his strength.

"Tsk tsk …"

Snake laughed, that huge face, seemed extremely strange.

His neck started to turn muddy, following that, a lot of clay figures crawled out from his neck, and hugged Qin Chao.

"Damn, it's so dirty!"

Qin Chao felt that it was extremely unpleasant for him to have so many soft and sticky things on his body.

He desperately waved his hands a few times, tearing apart the mud men with his claws. However, he could only tear off a large amount of mud, but was unable to disperse the mud men.

"Hehe, these clay figurines are not that easy to get rid of."

Bai Ze laughed, "You take your time to play with them, I'll be taking your daughter away."

After he finished speaking, he walked towards Qin Ying.

"How dare you!"

Qin Chao roared angrily as cold air spread out from his body, turning the few clay figures on his body into ice sculptures and shattering them.

He flew out and pointed at Bai Ze.


A bolt of lightning struck down in front of Bai Ze.

Although the power of the lightning was not strong, Bai Ze was still shocked.

"There's even the power of lightning. Interesting, very interesting."

"Just stand there and don't move!" Wait until I finish taking care of Snake, then I'll come and take care of you! "

Qin Chao said as he waved his hand. A red wall of fire instantly rose up in front of Bai Ze.

"It's useless."

Bai Ze shook her head, "Today, you are destined to lose here. Ying Tian, I will break your undefeatable legend."

"Today, the only ones who have lost are you two."

Qin Chao took a look, against Snake, only ice and frost could compete with him.

Perhaps he could use this lightning.

"Snake, let him know the difference between you two."

Bai Ze said.


Snake roared, his gigantic ears starting to vibrate.

Qin Chao immediately saw a clear white line rolling towards his direction from afar.

"Holy shit, no way."

He channeled his Demon Eye and looked carefully. It was a shockingly huge wave more than ten meters tall that connected with the surging tide.

Bai Ze looked at the wave and laughed: "Snake, Water Beast. A man with a face like a jackal's. He had wings. He moved like a snake. His voice was like a shout. He wanted to stir up some trouble. "This is the Mountain Sea Scripture's record. If you want to fight with us, you have to make up the knowledge of the Mountain Sea Scripture."

Facing the surging wave, Qin Chao only felt that he was extremely small.

The huge wave quickly arrived in front of him, and it was as terrifying as covering the sky.

If this wave were to really hit, even if he was fine, a child like Qin Ying would definitely be in danger.

"Since you guys want to play, then I'll play with you guys!"

The Chaotic Yuan Qi in Qin Chao's body started to surge.

His hands began to emit a faint golden light.


When the huge wave that covered the sky arrived in front of him, Qin Chao half squatted and clapped his hands on the ground.

In front of Qin Chao, a row of blue rays of light quickly spread out.

Layers of white frost immediately began to form on the surface of the marshland.

The surrounding alleys, walls, and houses were all covered in silver.

Even the shockingly huge waves in front of him quickly froze. Not long after, they became a small ice mountain that stood in front of Qin Chao.

Using this method, Qin Chao stopped the huge wave's attack.

"Well done."

The corner of Bai Ze's mouth twitched, but he still maintained his smile, "It's worth praising."

"Your time of death has come."

Fortunately, Qin Chao had profound energy, so after using such a large amount of vitality, his body was still brimming with energy. He exhaled a breath of air and a flaming saber appeared in his hand. It was over ten meters long and was extremely terrifying.

Following that, he leapt high into the air and slashed at Snake who was lying on the ice.

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Snake still did not dodge, and was cut into half by the flaming blade. A long ravine had appeared on the surface of the ice, and it was surrounded by melted ice.

Snake was split into two halves, which immediately scattered into liquid that was about to reform in the blink of an eye.

"You want to reform? In your dreams!"

Qin Chao grabbed onto a handful of Thunder Lightning Big Halberd and leapt up once more, appearing above the liquid. Then, he pierced towards Snake with a crackling lightning bolt.

"Tss tss!"

The rolling lightning snakes danced around Snake's body.

Qin Chao stabbed the Thunder Lightning Big Halberd into the ground and the lightning enveloped Snake's entire body. Snake released waves of whines, and a terrible stench slowly spread out.

"Damn it!"

Seeing that Snake had been restrained by the attribute to the point that he couldn't even beg for death, Bai Ze immediately became anxious.

He held the sacred book in one hand and drew a rune in front of him with the other.

"Order!" "Retreat!"

He finished drawing the runes and shouted, pointing at Qin Chao.

As if he had lost control of himself, Qin Chao moved, holding onto the Thunder Lightning Big Halberd, he pulled it out, allowing Snake to escape.

But this strike had heavily injured Snake and brought him back to his original human form. His trembling body had charred black skin and black smoke continued to emit from his body.

"Ying Tian, I admit that you have a trick up your sleeve."

Bai Ze's eyes flashed with anger, "But I want to tell you, do not be arrogant, we beasts are not bad either! Order! "Thrust!"

Saying that, Qin Chao's body started to move uncontrollably again. Raising the Thunder Lightning Big Halberd, he stabbed towards his own body.

"Zi la!"

Luckily, Qin Chao had the Unbreakable Diamond Physique, otherwise, if this big halberd went down, he would definitely be heavily injured. Now that the Thunder Lightning Big Halberd had been bounced back and the lightning snake had rolled over to his body, it did not cause any damage.

"I didn't want to."

Bai Ze shook his head, and said, "It's a pity, if I did not make a move, you really think that no one amongst the fierce beasts can be your opponent. Aren't you very arrogant and confident? Now, I shall let you personally hand your daughter over to us. "

As he spoke, he gave another order.

"Order!" "Go!"

Under the control of Bai Ze's mysterious technique, Qin Chao started to move again, slowly walking towards Qin Ying like a robot.

"Dad, what's wrong?"

Qin Ying saw his father's strange expression and asked immediately.

"Xiao Ying... "Run..."

Qin Chao's body was not under his control, and even after Ah Li took over, he still could not control it. He looked on helplessly as he walked towards his daughter, not knowing how to resist.

"Dad, are you under control?"

Qin Ying was big and small, and was able to see through some clues.

"Yes!" You. "Hurry up and leave!"

Qin Chao was even a little stiff with his words.

"Hm!" Daddy, be careful! Xiao Ying will escape first! "

Qin Ying knew that he couldn't become a burden on his father at this time. He flapped his wings and turned to fly away.

"Where do you think you're going!"

Bai Ze would not let go of his prey, he waved his finger and ordered.

"Order!" "Stop!"

Qin Ying's body did not move, like a statue.

"Order!" "Thunder!"

Qin Chao extended a hand out to his daughter.

"Zi la!"

In his palm, a lightning snake was released and slapped onto Qin Ying's body.

The damage of thunder was very great for cultivators. Qin Chao himself was a demonic dog, so he was somewhat resistant to lightning. But his daughter wasn't as lucky.


Immediately, Qin Ying let out a scream, his body became paralyzed by the electricity, and he curled up on the ground, continuously trembling.

"Qin Ying!"

Qin Chao's eyes were already red.

"Bai Ze, I will kill you!"

"Sorry, you can't do it."

However, Bai Ze sneered twice and continued to give Qin Chao orders.

"Order!" "Go!"

Qin Chao continued to walk, step by step, towards his daughter.

"Dad, dad …"

Xiao Ying looked at his father tiredly.

She was completely unprepared for that lightning snake just now. It had paralyzed all of the meridians in her body.

"Xiao Ying... Daddy deserves to die... "

Qin Chao was ruthless to himself, he was still too weak. Otherwise, how could he be controlled by Bai Ze!

"It's alright..."

However, Xiao Ying started to laugh, "As long as Father is here, Xiao Ying will definitely be alright … "Father..."

After Xiao Ying finished speaking, his vision went black and he fainted.

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