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"Is there a powerful restriction?" Wei Suo, Jia Ya and the others all looked at each other.

At this time, Wei Suo had already seen clearly that this grey coffin was indeed made of bone, just like the grey stone tablet he had seen when he had entered the Yin Corpse Sect. It should have existed when the Yin Corpse Sect was founded. However, from the outside, other than the extremely vast and extraordinary aura of the bone coffin, it didn't seem to have any spiritual light and one couldn't tell that there were any restrictions.

This place was a secret location that only the Sovereign's inheritance knew of. There was a high chance that there was also a restrictive spell outside that was opened by the Blood Spirit Grandmaster before he perished. It was possible that the Blood Spirit Grandmaster had suddenly faced a breakthrough to the Divine Profound Realm and had failed. Thus, he hadn't been able to leave behind any records about his failure here.

At this moment, Wei Suo was carefully observing Ling Long Tian's expression. He was also afraid of what kind of treasures were contained in this grey bone coffin, and this horned Steelfang was only deliberately making things look mysterious. However, the expression on the surface of the Exquisite Heaven was very solemn, so Wei Suo could tell that it wasn't fake.

A golden light flashed through Ling Tian's eyes as he revolved around the grey bone coffin.

"There's even blood!"

Almost at the same time, they saw another four dried words written in blood on the ground opposite the gray bone coffin.

"What secret …"

The four 'blood' characters were black in color and exuded an extremely puzzled and unwilling aura. They were like the unwilling roar of an expert when he finally came to an end.

"This was left behind by Patriarch Blood Spirit. It seems he doesn't even know the mysteries of this gray bone coffin." Wei Suo frowned as he looked at the gray bone coffin. It was clear that before he had fallen, the Blood Spirit Grandmaster had come here in order to finally investigate the mysteries of this bone coffin. He wanted to find a way to not let him perish, but in the end, he still wasn't able to understand the mysteries of this bone coffin.

Even the First Generation Sect Master of the Yin Corpse Sect, an antique at the late fifth-level of the Aurous Core Stage, had these words written in blood. This made this gray bone coffin appear even more extraordinary.

"Could it be that this is the highest scripture of the Yin Corpse Sect, the scripture left behind by the founder of the Yin Corpse Sect?" "If that wasn't the case, why would Patriarch Blood Spirit have come here to search for a way to extend his life before he died?" Qi Long Shan couldn't help but say as well.

"Sister Steel Teeth, did you manage to see anything?" Is there anything in there? " Wei Suo looked at the surrounding gray bone coffin and asked Ling Tian, who had stopped once again.

The golden light in the Exquisite Heaven's eyes was extremely strange. It could even see the inner contents of a spatial enchanted treasure like the Na'bao bracelet. If one could see through the void, they might even be able to see through the inner contents.

"This restriction should have been left behind by a Supreme Elder at the fourth level of the Divine Profound Realm. It contains the unique Divine Inscriptions that he comprehended. If there's a unique order within, it's extremely strange. I'm also unable to see through it." Ling Long Tian's expression was somewhat serious. She didn't bicker with Wei Suo as she spoke these words.

"Can this restriction be broken?" Han Weiwei could not help but ask Ling Tian.

"All of you, stay within a three meter radius from me. I'll open this gray bone coffin. " Ling Tian said as his eyes flashed with a golden light.

"Do as she says." Wei Suo nodded towards Yin Lihua, Jia, and the others. He had personally followed Ling Long Tian in exploring treasures in the Northern Mang Ruins. He knew Ling Long Tian's methods, and Ling Long Tian was even able to enter and exit the restrictions laid down by the super powers. Although the restrictions of the Divine Mystery Realm were terrifying, they shouldn't be much of a threat to her.

Everyone gathered behind Ling Long Tian. The grey bracelet on Ling Tian's hand released a gray light, forming a gray light barrier covering a radius of 30 feet. Then, she stretched out her hand and placed it on the lid of the bone coffin.


Under Ling Long Tian's forceful pushing, a crack appeared on the gray coffin's lid.


Countless dark green light patterns suddenly overflowed, and a terrifying aura burst out from the bone coffin.


The expressions of Wei Suo and the others all changed. Ling Long Tian's grey light screen was in effect, criss-crossing one another, blocking all the light patterns that they felt they couldn't resist. However, the aura that flowed out from this grey bone coffin was so heavy that even Wei Suo was unable to breathe, making him feel extremely small. This aura did not feel like it belonged to Ling Tian, but it far exceeded the aura of a Spirit Xuan expert. In front of this aura, Wei Suo felt as if he was facing the Thunder Emperor Sword, completely suppressed by the unrivaled divine might.

"How can it have the Ancestor's majesty!" "That's not right!"

Ling Long Tian's expression also changed.

Her perception was much clearer than that of Wei Suo and the others. This bone coffin was also far beyond her imagination. There was actually more than one type of aura within it. Other than the divine runes of the Divine Profound Supreme Elders that had set up this restriction, the gray bone coffin actually exuded the aura of a True Immortal.

"Could it be that the corpse of a True Immortal is buried inside?"

Under the impact of the dark green light patterns, the grey light barrier surrounding the Exquisite Sky Body shrunk to a size of two zhang in diameter. However, Ling Tian didn't stop and continued pushing the coffin's lid.


The dark green divine imprint seemed to have been defeated by the gray brilliance surrounding Ling Tian after the coffin lid had been opened by less than half. The gray radiance completely devoured all of Liu Ming's Essence, disappearing without a trace.

"This …" Wei Suo and the rest immediately saw a cluster of purplish black light within the coffin. It continuously writhed, giving off an extremely sinister and sinister feeling. Beneath the purplish black light was a group of bright red lights. The aura of a True Immortal that caused one's complexion to change and completely surpassed the level of a True Immortal was being emitted from the red light.

Immediately, Wei Suo and the others saw clearly that the purplish black light seemed to be an umbrella shape.

"This is the Purple River Blood Spirit Umbrella!" This is Patriarch Blood Spirit's most powerful treasure. After he attacked the profound mysteries and turned into ashes, he did not appear. I originally thought that he had turned into ashes after his physical body was destroyed … Why is it here? " Yin Lihua cried out in disbelief.

"Purple River Blood Spirit Umbrella?" Wei Suo was also shocked. He had heard from Li Yizhan and the others that the Purple River Blood Spirit Umbrella of the Blood Spirit Master had been forged with thousands of newborn babies. It was extremely vicious.

The Exquisite Heaven didn't make a sound. Instead, he stretched out his hand and took out the Purple River Blood Spirit Umbrella from the coffin.

The Purple River Blood Spirit Umbrella was extremely stinky. All of the umbrella handles and umbrella bones were made of unknown white bones. On them were carvings of runes that were even smaller than ants. The entire umbrella's surface was like a film of oil formed from blood and oil. Streaks of purplish black gas swayed on top of the umbrella's surface, forming a series of mournful writhing figures.

"It doesn't seem to be damaged, this Purple River Blood Spirit Umbrella has the might of a high-grade Profound Rank treasure! In addition, the spiritual light that shrouded this area for thousands of feet has an astonishing ability to defile other's magic treasures! " As soon as Yin Hua saw the light of the Purple River Blood Spirit Umbrella, she immediately said.

"The casting range is that astonishing?" Wei Suo glanced at Ling Long Tian, gesturing for her to pass the treasure to him.

"This item is too sinister. The cultivator that refined this kind of magical equipment goes against the heavens." This will definitely not end well. Even if my cultivation is heaven-defying, I'm afraid I'll still be hacked to death by this heavenly tribulation. " Ling Tian did not refuse and threw this item to Wei Suo. At the same time, he sneered, "I advise you to destroy this treasure. Otherwise, you will be exposed in the future."

"Sister Steel Teeth, you often talk about heavenly tribulation. Is there a connection between this tribulation and your usual actions, treasures, and so on?" Because Wei Suo had received the white ancient dragon's notice from the Heavenly Dragon Tomb, he knew that a cultivator of his caliber would most likely trigger the heavenly tribulation. Thus, after hearing Ling Tian's words, he did not immediately look at the grey bone coffin and immediately asked.

"The cultivation methods and treasures used can all draw in different types of origin energy, causing different heavenly tribulations." The Exquisite Sky sneered: "This magic treasure's magic array is extremely vicious. It gathers astonishing resentment and uses this resentment to transform it into a part of the magic array's might. This resentment is not the divine will of some super powerful expert whose body and soul are indestructible, but rather the remnant consciousness of ordinary mortals and cultivators. In addition, the cause and effect of the world was the most heaven-defying power in the ancient era. It was the only thing that could not be seen through. "According to our Spirit Race's heritage, if we don't destroy such a treasure after obtaining it, it will definitely bring about bad luck."

"This magical treasure's magical formation is unique. If we want to destroy it, we can only activate it from the outside and forcefully attack it. The magical treasure's formation is unique, we can only activate it from the outside and forcefully attack it." After glancing at Wei Suo, Ling Tian added.

"The red light is fading. What happened?" At this moment, the beautiful flower let out another low exclamation.

"No corpse …" "This …"

At the same time, Wei Suo and the others saw the bright red light at the bottom of the gray bone coffin fade away. There was nothing inside, only a rune of a blood-red figure at the bottom.

"This coffin is like a magical treasure … It seemed that a Divine Profound Supreme Elder had obtained the mortal body of an Emperor level Supreme Elder, and had used the flesh and blood of an Emperor level Supreme Elder to lay down the array formation. The restriction from before has nothing to do with this body. " The golden light in Ling Tian's eyes flickered intensely for a while before he spoke.

"A treasure forged from the blood and qi of a True Immortal Supreme Elder?" This coffin is a treasure? " Wei Suo and the others immediately sucked in a breath of cold air.

"However, I have never seen such a unique magical formation. It doesn't seem like it can be activated by concentrated True Essence. It seems to have some sort of unique use." Empyrean God Linglong had a solemn look on her face. It seemed as though True Immortals were sufficiently worthy of her respect.

"This?" The grey light on the bracelet on Ling Tian's hand disappeared. Wei Suo and the others could see that although the aura on the coffin was still astonishing, there was no longer any terrifying aura emanating from it. Wei Suo hesitated for a moment before a burst of true essence wrapped around the bone coffin and a soft sound rang out.


At this moment, the entire Scripture seemed to tremble.

"What's going on?" All of their faces changed slightly.

"Weng …"

A series of tremors rang out, and at the same time, a strange ghost-like whistling sound could be faintly heard.

"It's not a problem with this gray bone coffin." It was an attack from a great enemy. Even the strongest protective magical formation had been activated! Husband, put away this thing first.

Her beautiful face suddenly changed. After she said this, she immediately rushed out of the Scripture toward the exit.

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