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Chapter 1120 - The Descent of the Celestial Tribulation

If he wasn't crazy, how would he become a devil?

If he wasn't arrogant, how could he rule the world?

If he wasn't crazy, then what was the point of living?

To a Transcender, Long Fei earned more from living every single day. He wanted to be crazy, wanted to be crazy, wanted to live endlessly, and wanted to be crazy nonstop.

god's martial continent was about to collapse.

The power of purification was too strong.

The power of the main artifact could not be unleashed.

Long Fei!

There was no choice.

He had already stepped into a desperate situation. There was no turning back, and he had no choice. He could only move forward, forward, and forward again.

At this moment.

Long Fei took a step into the sky, and amidst the purifying power, his eyes swept across those high and mighty so-called gods. Long Fei laughed coldly, "God?"

"god's general?"

"Heavens! Heavens!?"

"In my eyes, these are just obstacles. If a god wants to stop me, then I will kill a god. If the heavens want to stop me, then I will destroy the heavens." Long Fei roared.

His aura exploded forth.

"How dare a little ant act so arrogantly?! How dare you overestimate yourself!"

"An ant."

"Tremble for us, you and everything else will be turned to ash, and everything will disappear from this world forever."

"Hahaha …"

"Hahaha …"

The god's general started laughing.

In order to not let the main artifact reappear, they did not hesitate to kill all the billions of lives in the entire god's martial continent.

There was no pity in their eyes.

Is this a god?


However, this was also a world where people ate people. It was the same for gods. As long as one was strong enough, gods would also eat humans.



The vortex in the sky continued to spin, and an endless amount of power surged out in all directions.

Yun'er's expression changed as she shouted loudly, "Big Brother Long Fei, don't! Don't! You can't take it!"

The power that was overflowing from the sky caused people to feel a chill in their hearts.

song qianqian immediately asked: "Yun'er, what power is it?"

Tears streamed down Yun'er's face as she continuously shouted, "Big Brother Long Fei, don't!"

Linglong was also anxious, "What kind of power is it?"

"Hurry up and tell me."

Yun'er's voice trembled as she said, "Heavenly tribulation, Big Brother Long Fei wants to summon the power of heavenly tribulation. H-he wants to use the god's suffering force to deal with those god's general s."

"The … the Heavenly Tribulation?"

Zang Tianye's eyes darkened, and said: "In these millions of years, no one has succeeded, the warriors in the god's martial continent are like being cursed, no matter how strong your talent is, or how pure your cultivation is, no one can succeed in the face of heavenly tribulation, 51% is an existence that is not turned into dust."

"Long Fei, don't act recklessly."

"Senior Brother Long Fei!"

Heavenly tribulation.

What a terrifying word.

In god's martial continent, it was like an unbreakable shackle that firmly pressed down on every single warrior's heart.

No one could decipher it.

No one could break through it.

No matter how strong you cultivate, how much stronger your body is, how strong the blood vein, facing the god's suffering force, your body will instantly crack like a chicken and a dog.

This was because heavenly tribulation was unshakable.


Long Fei walked on the killing path.

He had killed too many people along the way, so the heavenly tribulation he summoned with his power would be even more intense.

Furthermore, he had just killed off the god's general, so the power of the heavenly tribulation was unstoppable. He would definitely not let Long Fei succeed in his tribulation.

No doubt about it.

If heavenly tribulation was that easy to overcome, then there wouldn't be so many Flying Fairy Stronger Man in this world who didn't dare to face the heavenly tribulation.

Long Fei was clear on this point.

The Demon Emperor's Tomb explained everything.

However …

He knew that this was a dead end, but his death could save song qianqian, save Xiao Bai, save the leopard girl, save everyone around him, and save the entire god's martial continent.

Long Fei was willing to pay with his life!

Long Fei had never been a good person. This time, he did not do it to save god's martial continent, but to save his brothers and women.

His eyes turned vicious.

He looked at the power that erupted from above the ninth heaven.

The system rang out once again.


"System Notification: Will the player please confirm if you wish to summon divine retribution?"


"System Notification: Player's health point is too low, success rate is not even 1%, player please choose carefully."

"System, if you care about my life or death?"

"Hahaha …"

"Less than 1%?"

"Even if it's less than one in ten thousand, I will still summon the divine retribution." Long Fei's heart sank. He swept a glance at the surrounding god's general and coldly laughed: "If you want to touch my people, you don't have the qualifications."

"Bring it on!"

Long Fei roared in his heart, and the idea confirmed: "Summon heavenly tribulation."


A loud buzzing sound could be heard in the sky.

At this moment.

Han Ba, who had always been in war pet space, suddenly spoke out. "Brat, do you want to die?"

Long Fei released the Giant Demons, Lei Mo, and even the Yan Huang ancestor. Only he ignored this Han Ba.

Hearing Han Ba's voice, Long Fei was slightly stunned, then laughed: "Han Ba, are you afraid?"

"Aren't you rather unreasonable? Are you afraid now?"

Han Ba's voice sank as he shouted, "Kid, respect my words!"

"Let your grandpa go."

"Your elder is disrespectful, what's wrong?" The moment Long Fei's temper flared up, he had even confirmed the summoning of the heavenly tribulation, what was there to be afraid of?

He didn't even want his life, what was he afraid of?

Afraid of Han Ba betraying him?

Long Fei didn't even give him a chance to betray her.

Han Ba's voice sunk as he said in a heavy voice, "You … "You'll know the consequences of your actions later."

"Just wait for your death."

Long Fei scolded: "Even if I die, I will drag you down with me. Aren't you strong? Wasn't it the God of Calamity? I just won't let you out. "

Han Ba:...

There was really nothing he could do.

If Long Fei did not let him go, he would really die together with Long Fei.

However …

If Long Fei did not let him go, he simply could not break this shackle.

At this moment.


The sky exploded, and the power of heavenly tribulation spread out, covering the entire god's martial continent.

It was exactly as Zang Tianye had expected.

Long Fei trained in the way of death, and the god's suffering force he summoned became ever so strong, so strong that it was impossible for him to endure.

Long Fei was extremely excited.

The more powerful he was, the more excited he became.

Long Fei stared at the dumbstruck god's general, "Aren't you all awesome? Let's see if you guys are awesome, or if your heavenly tribulation powers are awesome. "

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei followed Warrior who was holding a bag of explosives and rushed into the group of enemies.

At this moment.

The kitchen knife cut the wire, and sparks flew along the way.

How cool.

Long Fei felt as if his entire body had exploded, as he rushed into the crowd of god's general s. "Come, come, let's go through the tribulation together, hahaha …"


Heavenly tribulation descending …

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