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"You see, Dr. Xiao Fang is good-tempered. Besides, his medical skills are also very excellent!"

Said Mr. Jia triumphantly as he turned to Li Jianjun immediately.

Li Jianjun nodded in disbelief.

He was also startled at the first sight of Fang Qiu.

"How could there be such a young doctor?"

"Although Mr. Jia has reminded me in advance that the doctor is very young before we came.

"But he can't be so young!

"Look underage?

"Is he really reliable?"

Now, he really kind of doubted whether Mr. Jia was a hospital scalper who was trying to cheat his friends for money!

At this moment, the nurse who was blocked behind them moved forward and was dumbfounded immediately at the sight of Fang Qiu.

"This... is Dr. Xiao Fang?

"Too young!!!

"A man who looks younger than me becomes a doctor?

"And he was specially recruited by the hospital???"

She quickly drew Cao Ze aside, whispering in shock, "Senior, is that really a doctor inside, not a trainee?"

"It's a doctor."

Cao Ze had noticed the reaction of these people and immediately smiled wryly.

"Do you suddenly feel that this world is very strange?

"So do I!"

"He is a doctor who was recommended by Mr. Shen Chun and was specially recruited by Director."


The nurse was speechless in shock for a moment. "It sounds normal, but something seems wrong."

She just said one sentence after a long time, "But he looks very young."

"He is seventeen years old, a freshman of our university."


"Seventeen years old? Underage?

"And a freshman of the university?"

The nurse was shocked completely.

She felt like the Arabian Nights.

"Is the world mad?"

"Can he really do it? Is his medical skill really very excellent? It's impossible since he is underage. How excellent can his medical skill be?"

The nurse still asked incredulously.

Cao Ze said only one word, "Last time, the most intractable patient You Sheng in our department was cured by him."

"Isn't You Sheng not ill..."

The nurse broke off in mid-sentence.

She covered her mouth, looking at Cao Ze in shock.

She couldn't say anything for a long time.

"It was not that You Sheng was not sick but no one found it out. And it was found out by this little doctor and was also cured by him???"

Cao Ze seemed to understand what the nurse was thinking inwardly and certainly said, "You Sheng had an illness and he was cured, so age and medical skills sometimes are not associated!"

"Look, an old patient has introduced the new patients."

He sighed with emotion, getting up to do his own things.

Only left the nurse who stood there and had not come to sense from the heavy blow for a long time. Her mind was still down.

You Sheng was a famous man in the whole department. Everyone thought he had something wrong with his brain because he insisted that he had a disease, but actually not.

Mr. Shen Chun also said so.

"That Dr. Xiao Fang actually cured You Sheng of his disease?

"Could it be said that Dr. Xiao Fang is better than Mr. Shen?"

Moreover, she thought of Fang Qiu's age and his student status.

She suddenly felt that the world was strange.

After a long time, as she came to herself, she glanced at Fang Qiu's office in surprise and continued the reception of the patients.

Here in the consulting room.

Fang Qiu asked Mr. Jia and Li Jianjun to sit down.

But Mr. Jia didn't sit down. He said that he was going to watch his friends outside and prevent them from being cheated away by other doctors!

After that, he left. Only left Fang Qiu and constrained Li Jianjun with suspicion full of his face.

Fang Qiu did not care about whether Li Jianjun doubted him or not. What he concerned was whether the patient could be cured or not.

"Would you please tell me specifically about your condition?"

Asked Fang Qiu as he picked up a pen to write on the casebook.

"I've just got lumbago and discomfort of the cervical vertebra which are both old problems caused by driving a taxi for a long time. They are occupational diseases."

Said Li Jianjun.

Fang Qiu nodded, asked specifically where was painful and then let him lie prone on the bed.

Fang Qiu put his hands on the whole spine to feel it and found that the patient's lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra both had protrusions.

There was also something wrong with the thoracic spine.

"Alas, the occupational sitting posture injures a person indeed!"

Fang Qiu sighed inwardly.

He could imagine how taxi drivers sat when they drove cars all day.

They bowed with their necks forward.

Back of a bow was okay. After all, a person's spine curve fitted back of a bow.

But the lumbar vertebra and the cervical vertebra were concave forward.

But drivers' sitting posture made both of them bow backward.

Although it was very relaxing and comfortable to sit this way at first.

It gravely violated the normal condition of a human body. If things went on like this, the lumbar vertebra and the cervical vertebra would definitely have problems. It would be painful because both of them pressed nerves.

"You have the third, the fourth, and the fifth cervical disc protrusion. So does your lumbar vertebra which is a lumbar disc protrusion..."

Fang Qiu told Li Jianjun his condition briefly.

It really frightened Li Jianjun because he did not expect it to be so serious.

But then he deeply suspected it.

"Can't this little doctor say it seriously on purpose to cheat me out of my money?

"So, doctor. Since it's so serious, does it need a lot of money?"

Li Jianjun asked tentatively.

At the same time, he set a bottom line for himself inwardly.

"If it's more than three hundred yuan, I will get out of bed and leave!

"As for Mr. Jia, I must scold him for his disloyalty when I'm back. He actually became a hospital scalper!"

"Not very much, your registration fee is enough."

Said Fang Qiu as he exercised his fingers.

"It's enough?!"

Li Jianjun was dumbfounded.

He thought that he would spend at least several hundreds yuan. "How come a registration fee of eighteen yuan is enough?

"Is it so cheap to see a doctor now?

"But when I saw doctors before, I spent eight hundred to one thousand yuan every time. How could it be cheap?

"What's going on here?"

Before he understood, Fang Qiu said, "Turn over and lie flat on the bed."

Li Jianjun said "oh" unconsciously and turned over.

Then he couldn't wait to ask, "Dr. Xiao Fang, did you just make a mistake? Does it only need a registration fee? But a registration fee is just a registration fee!"

Fang Qiu sat on the stool beside the head of the bed, held Li Jianjun's back of the neck with one hand, pulled his chin with another hand, and pulled him forward.

It made his entire head hang in the air.

At this time, Fang Qiu attached his fingers to the place where the cervical vertebra was.

Absolute Touch!

The effect of the cervical vertebra immediately emerged in his mind

"The registration fee has included the consultation fee. Medical expenses and other detection fees are extra, but they're not needed here."

Just after that, Fang Qiu squinted his eyes slightly.

His hands' muscles were taut slightly.

He was ready to start at any time with his hands half-loose and half-tight.

"But it can't be so cheap. This is..."

Before Li Jianjun finished talking.

Fang Qiu moved his hands.

He took hold of Li Jianjun's neck quickly with his hands. When his fingers had already pushed the place of cervical vertebra protrusion, he lifted Li Jianjun's cervical vertebra up instantly and turned it suddenly at the same time.

A crackle was heard.

His cervical vertebra was relocated.

But this was just the fifth cervical vertebra.

The third one and the fourth one hadn't been done yet.

He didn't have time to relax and touched the fourth cervical vertebra with his finger joints.

He followed suit quickly.

With a sound of "Ka Ba".

It was relocated!

The third cervical vertebra.

"Ka Ba!"

It was relocated!

After doing all these naturally and smoothly, Fang Qiu was just relieved.

The neck was a very important part of a person.

People would unconsciously tighten up their necks when any external force touched their necks.

But once the neck was tightened up, it would be difficult to relocate the taut cervical vertebra which was pulled by the muscles.

Therefore, he moved so fast just now that he didn't give Li Jianjun any chance to react, even the chance to tighten up the muscles!

It was directly relocated. Done!

Until Fang Qiu finished it, Li Jianjun still maintained a dumbfounded expression without any reaction.

"What happened just now?"

"Get out of the bed and sit on the stool."

Fang Qiu pulled over the stool that he had been sitting just now and motioned to Li Jianjun.

Li Jianjun just came to himself at this time.

He moved his neck hurriedly as he got out of the bed.

Then he looked at Fang Qiu with a surprised face and said happily, "Doctor, I really feel more relaxed. I can see things more clearly!"

Fang Qiu nodded with a smile and motioned him to sit down.

"Be happy later. Your lumbar vertebra hasn't been treated."


Li Jianjun nodded excitedly and immediately sat down obediently.

The doubt about Fang Qiu in his heart was totally forgotten.

Now only left the extreme trust and admiration.

He had found so many bonesetting massage shops for his neck which could only ease the pain. No one could ever make him unprecedentedly relax just with three times of "Ka Ka Ka".

He felt like he had no neck!

"Dr. Xiao Fang actually has the excellent medical skills as Mr. Jia said!

"Mr. Jia, this old brother, is loyal enough because he indeed did not cheat us.

When Li Jianjun took a seat, Fang Qiu crossed his arms through Li Jianjun's armpits, folding and fastening them in front of Li Jianjun's chest.

Fang Qiu held Li Jianjun this way to let him suspend slightly above the stool.

"Relax and imagine you are drunk like a puddle of mud," said Fang Qiu.

As Li Jianjun heard it, he immediately relaxed himself.

Sure enough, he looked drunk.

His entire body was extremely loose and heavy.

Seeing this, Fang Qiu focused all his attention on the position where Li Jianjun had lumbar disc protrusion.

It was so-called the arrival of mind, Qi, and power.

When Fang Qiu's mind arrived, his Qi and power would also arrive.

The arrival of mind, Qi, and power was a very amazing experience.

It was very easy to do it unconsciously. It was like when he saw a trash can, he gave a command in his mind of throwing the garbage and the garbage was really thrown in.

All of these, including the strength, the angle, the radian, were accomplished for an instant without any calculation.

It was an obvious manifestation of the arrival of mind, Qi, and power.

It was very accurate without any conjecture.

But if he thought about how to throw it and how hard to throw it, it would be difficult to throw it in.

During this period, because his own judgment had been interfered by his subjective thoughts and some emotions. Or it was because he had disturbed his mind and Qi and then disturbed his power, which couldn't be precisely controlled.

If he really wanted to consciously control the arrival of mind, Qi, and power, he had to relax his spirit and have a fearless heart that didn't bother about the gains and losses. Once he was not confident, even just a little, he would fail.

It needed a lot of efforts to practice for a long time.

But this was just a piece of cake to Fang Qiu.

He had already passed this level.

He didn't have to think about how much strength he would use to relocate the bone but just think about where the bone was normally and then gave a command to relocate the bone there.

Everything else was left to his body.

Fang Qiu slowly shook Li Jianjun's body. When Li Jianjun's mentality and muscles were both relaxed, he suddenly lifted. Li Jianjun with his eyes suddenly lit up.

With a sound of a crack.

His lumbar disc protrusion was immediately relocated.

When everything was done, the solemn expression on Fang Qiu's face disappeared to be a smile.


Fang Qiu said as he put down Li Jianjun.

Li Jianjun quickly stood up, bending over and straightening his back to move his body.

The pain was really gone as he sat as usual!

He grabbed Fang Qiu's hands and said excitedly, "Thank you! Thank you, Dr. Xiao Fang. I've got this disease for many years which hadn't been cured all the time. Thank you very much for curing me today!"

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