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"What about me?"

Another voice came from my side. I turned my head and saw a monkey that wasn't as tall as me. It held an iron rod in its right hand and a willow leaf in its mouth. I almost cried out. This outfit was too familiar. It was Sun Wukong!

"This, this, this…" Jiang Ziya didn't even have a chance to be surprised before I shouted out loud, "Are you Sun Wukong, the Great Sage Qi Tian?"

I was confused. How come Sun Wukong appeared in the Legend of Conferred Gods? The timing was wrong.

"Exactly. I've been hiding between your eyebrows for a long time. Finally, I can come out!" Sun Wukong grinned, then cupped his hands in front of me, which made me scared. I didn't stab him thirty-six times. But then he said, "When there is a cause, there will be an effect. I came specifically to thank you for taking the cause and effect of Hong Hai'er's family and me on yourself. You prevent me from losing a brother like Brother Niu on my way to the west. I also appreciate you for protecting my flesh body. "

So it was. I understood now. Since I had subdued Hong Hai'er, Sun Wukong didn't need to tame Hong Hai'er in his journey to the west. Demon Ox King and Princess Tie Shan were Hong Hai'er's parents, so Sun Wukong didn't need to get into a fight with these two because of this, and Demon Ox King won't be subdued by Buddha and thus lost his freedom. It seemed that Sun Wukong cared a lot of his friends. However, why did he appreciate me for protecting his flesh body?

"Anything is determined by fate, even a meal or beverage," Hong Hai'er laughed and said to Sun Wukong, "Uncle, today there are only you and me. How about us having a great fight with this sinister Jiang Shang?"

"So it's a monkey!" Jiang Ziya was too far away for me to see him, but I could clearly hear his voice."Don't be arrogant. There is a definite rule in this World. Immortals cannot participate in mortal battles. I have many Great Zhou soldiers under my command. What can you do to me?"

After saying that, the soldiers in front of us walked towards us expressionlessly.

"We are in real trouble. I did not expect this move." The Great Sage scratched his head, "Every world has unique restrictions. If this were my Journey to the West world, I would not care so much. If I hit him with my cudgel, a little brat like Jiang Shang would be smashed into smithereens. Unfortunately, I have already become a Buddha, and in this World, only mortals can fight against mortals —" As he said this, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he tiptoed to whisper into my ear.

"Does it work?" I couldn't help but doubt it.

"Do you have a better idea?" The Great Sage chuckled.

"Fine…" I touched Sun Wukong's forehead with a bitter face, "Borrow Me Your Mana!"

After Sun Wukong finished listening to my chant, he took out a razor and shaved off my hair. Before I got the chance to ask him, he hurriedly stuffed the hair into my mouth, and said, "Hurry up, chew!"

Hong Hai'er did not know what we were going to do. His young face was filled with confusion.

Damn, I almost vomited. My hair was too smelly. I hadn't washed my hair for many days! I was wondering if he could tell me in advance about this next time he does it. As I complained, I chewed with all my might. Sun Wukong clapped as he looked at me, "Hurry up, it's about time. Get ready. Listen to my command, puff — —"

Just at that moment, I spat out the pieces of hair that I was chewing in my mouth. At the same time, I shouted, "Change!"

Geez, this was too spectacular!

The hair that was ejected out turned into my appearance in the air that held a sword rushing towards the soldiers in front of me. Although these warriors were experienced fighters, those "clones" also borrowed the martial arts from experts in Mr.Jin's novels. The only deficiency was that they were produced from my borrowing Sun Wukong's famous Body Division Technique. Thus they were a little weak, but it was not a problem for them to defeat those soldiers. Since I was a mortal, my clones were mortals as well. Thus they naturally could fight against these mortal soldiers.

"Nephew, help Hao Ning to fight over Nezha. Leave the rest to me!" Sun Wukong grabbed his cudgel and flipped it over as he shouted, "Today I am going to smash you quasi-gods as I did when I defeated those immortals in the Heavenly Palace!"

I used to be touched by Monkey King's stories. Today I could see his heroic actions with my own eyes.

As he spoke, Sun Wukong flew towards the Pagodholding King Li.

"Listen to the Monkey King's command! Brother Hao Ning, shall we start too? " Xiao Hong's eyes sparkled as he shook his spear and nodded at me.

Instead of losing freedom, I preferred fighting with my enemies.

Nezha's face was expressionless. He instantly flew up with a light step and thrust his spear towards us. I stepped on the Wind Fire Wheel, held onto the Water Sword, and flew with Hong Hai'er towards Nezha. Nezha's was pretty smoky. He looked somewhat similar to Hong Hai'er, but when he saw the two of us flying over, he did not seem to be afraid, and with a shake of his body, he became a monster with three heads and six arms. Then he extended his spear out to attack us. When Hong Hai'er saw this, he changed his body as well into the same appearance with three heads and six arms. Nezha was startled and asked, "How come you also have this Three-Heads Six-Arms technique?"

Hong Hai'er was naughty. He stuck his tongue out at him,"Guess!"

Nezha angrily said, "How dare you tease me!" He took out a circle from his body and threw it at Hong Hai'er. I knew how powerful this circle was. It was called the Universe Ring. It was very powerful. People who got hit by it would die or be seriously injured. Seeing the circle rushing towards him, Hong Hai'er did not care at all and blocked with his spear. I did not have the time to remind him, but before I could, the circle had already flown in front of Hong Hai'er, and with a pa sound, his spear was split into three sections. The circle flew over and over, chopping one of Hong Hai'er's heads down like cutting tofu.

"Xiao Hong!" I called out. At that moment, Nezha laughed sinisterly and waved his hand, then the Universe Ring made a u-turn in the air and flew back, hitting the other side of Hong Hai'er, causing another head to be hit down as well.

After a single clash, two of his heads had been crashed to the ground. I couldn't help but to fly over and hug Hong Hai'er. He had only one head left, which was grimacing in pain. I said in a trembling voice, "What should I do? You lost your heads."

"Don't worry, big brother; it's all thanks to uncle teaching me this secret technique." Hong Hai'er noticed that I was in fear; his only head is still comforting me. Then he shouted out loud, "Grow!" After that, two heads sprouted from the other two necks and whispered to me, "I didn't know how powerful this guy was. I have thirty-six transformations, so I have thirty-six heads. But I can't let him keep cutting my heads off like chopping vegetables."

While talking, Nezha also saw Hong Hai'er's head grow out. He was not one bit surprised and threw out his Universe Ring again towards us. The speed was too quick. It was impossible for us to dodge. In that split-second, a voice sounded in my heart. I could only give it a try.

Stellar Transposition! I used my full strength to use this move and changed the direction of the Universe Ring.

Nezha's eyes were filled with disbelief. The Universe Ring turned around in front of us and flew to the side, heading towards the place where Sun Wukong fought with the gods. I looked towards the direction and saw a heroic Great Sage.

He moved back and forced within the crowd with his cudgel and clouds.

He dodged all the devil skills performed by those quasi-gods with his body division technique and mist.

His fire eyes were so formidable that they pierced the auspicious cloud with flames.

The gods had used all their treasure weapons, but they could not do anything but being bewitched by the mist.

The four heavenly kings had skillful magic skills, but they could not beat the Monkey King's cudgel which once stabilized the water of East Sea.

He used to steal divine peaches and fears nothing, let alone those weak enemies.

They used dense smoke and toxic weapons to attack him furtively, but he had predicted and saw through all their moves.

He had no intention to fight with them but had made them all confused with pity.

Neither the Yin Yang Mirror nor Nine Dragons Divine Flame could trap him down but got used by him.

They were all in a free path. What a pity that their souls were bewitched by magic equipment!

He was once a king of the mountains, traveled across the Heavenly Palace, and even threatened the Jade Emperor.

He accompanied monk Xuanzang to the west to obtain the scriptures and become a Buddha, but he still had a heart of stone monkey!

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