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Chapter 1157 - Integral Experience, Gale

The Yuan Yang clan was located in the center of the Yuan Yang mountain range.

On the Godly Mountain.

A strange ape cannot be reached, and a strange bird cannot fly.

There were countless ferocious demon beast in the Yuan Yang mountain range, it was impossible for even a major power to climb over them.

However …

The path of martial dao was unstoppable.

All the warriors in the range of millions of kilometers wanted to enter the Yuan Yang clan, because only by entering a sect could one go further on the martial path and learn more things.

At the same time.

He would also be able to obtain more cultivation resources.

… ….

In the forest.

Niu Dashan ran out of the forest and gasped for breath, as he shouted loudly: "Boss, boss, it's here, it's here! Right behind your ass. "

Before he could finish his words.

Just as Niu Dashan jumped out of the forest, a few ferocious demon beast rushed out.

It was also at this moment.

Long Fei moved, "Wind God Leg!"

The power in his legs exploded out like a bomb, kicking a demon beast right on the head, "Continuous Explosion Kick!"

"Bang, bang, bang …"

The demon beast was kicked and fell to the ground.

Long Fei's body dropped and moved his fists, "King Kong Fist!"



"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for killing 'Two star monster' for obtaining 1100 experience, 80 Holy Source Points, and 1 Energy Values Point."

"Roar, roar!"

After a few more roars, the three demon beast all rushed out and pounced towards Xiang Longfei.

Incomparable rage.

Just like how Long Fei was their arch enemy right now.

Long Fei retreated a few steps and muttered, "Why are all the demon beast in a state of rage?"

"Big Mountain, how did you draw the blame?"

These demon beast were too strange.

All of them were at full health, but they were all in a frenzied state.

Niu Dashan panted heavily, looked at the bloodied rod in his hand, and said: "Boss, didn't you say that if they didn't follow us, they would stab their anus?"

"I stabbed him when I got there!"

Long Fei looked at Niu Dashan, completely speechless, "You're awesome!"

While they were talking …

Long Fei's right hand fell, and the golden cudgel landed in his hand.

A demon beast was smashed to smithereens.

Long Fei jumped up high, "Wind God Leg!"

He heavily kicked down.

"Boom, boom!"

The moment they landed, they grabbed the golden cudgel s on the ground and swept them again. The remaining two demon beast s were swept flying and crashed into a towering tree. They let out miserable growls.

The amount of blood on top of his head was almost completely depleted.


"Ding! Ding!"

The system sounded out continuously.

Long Fei took a look at his Energy Values, sighed lightly, and said: "I'm already at 800 points, I'm only two hundred points away from the Secondary Violent Ghost."

Ten days.

After killing eight hundred demon beast, Long Fei levelled up one more level from Yellow Rank Level Seven.

To an ordinary cultivator, a level one ten days was akin to flying.

However …

Long Fei was not satisfied.

Even the Yuan Yang clan would not be able to handle this kind of levelling speed, it was simply impossible to overturn that person.

Long Fei muttered in his heart, "I have to increase my speed again."

And then …

Long Fei opened up the trading system, and checked again, "There is anything here, but it just doesn't have a Double Experience Card. Isn't this too fucking stupid? "

Niu Dashan said: "Boss, do you still want to lure more monsters?"

"No need!"

"This is too slow."

If this continued, even if five years passed, he would still be unable to catch up to that person's cultivation.

"Isn't it just a point?"

"Isn't it just a Holy Source Pill?"

"Laozi is giving it his all, that's fine, right?"

Long Fei raised his head and swallowed a Holy Source Pill. His Holy Source rapidly rose in value as he carried his golden cudgel and rushed into the dark forest.

Not long later.

From the depths of the forest, a few loud explosions could be heard.




The golden cudgel unleashed its might, and with a swing of its staff, those low-leveled demon beast were instantly killed. They were existences that could not be stopped at all. Long Fei's consumption of Holy Source was also extremely fast.




… ….

His Experience Points was going wild.

His Striking Energy Value was going wild.

At the same time.

His points were also quickly decreasing.

The value of the Holy Source was also rapidly decreasing.

Right now, Long Fei was equivalent to exchanging his points for experience.


A three star monster was sent flying by Long Fei's staff, and the system sounded out.

Half a month passed.

Long Fei had already reached the peak of the Yellow Rank Level 9 and his Experience Points had reached 90%.

Long Fei's score went from over sixty million to over ten million.

Not enough.

During this half month, the golden cudgel had never left his hand, and continued to crazily crush him.

At the same time.

Long Fei was also unceasingly exploring the secrets of the golden cudgel.

golden cudgel is the second stage of evolution for main artifact. Its power is definitely not as simple as a weapon, it definitely has other powers.

It was just that he hadn't discovered it yet.

"What kind of power is it?"

"golden cudgel, what kind of passive skills are you hiding?" Long Fei muttered in his heart. He checked the golden cudgel's attributes once again, but there was still no description.

The first stage was the main gun.

What was the second stage?

Long Fei asked: "System, can't you reveal something?"

The system did not respond.

It had its principles, and could not be spoken out loud.

"Huff …"

"Alright, System, you have guts." Long Fei was depressed, at this time, Long Fei's Energy Values had already reached 3000 points, and according to the berserk energy standards, he had already reached the three-rate rampage!

"What do I need to explode?"

"The three-rate rampage!"

Long Fei was a little excited in his heart.

At this time.

Niu Dashan walked in front of Long Fei and said: "Boss, how exactly did you cultivate? Why did you break through two realms in less than a month? I can't even touch the threshold of the first level. "

"From the Water City till now, it has only been a month. When I met you, you were only at the first stage of the Yellow Rank, but now, you are already at the peak of the ninth stage."

"How did you do it?"

Niu Dashan was very gloomy.

He had been cultivating with all his might during this period of time, but … It was as if his body was missing something. He was completely clueless about cultivation and had no way of knowing what was going on.

Seeing Long Fei becoming stronger bit by bit, he was truly panicked.

He also wanted to become stronger.

Niu Dashan also did not have any gifted vein in his body, so his aptitude was very mediocre.

It belonged to the sort of physique that was basically trash.

There was no future on the path of martial arts. Even if one was kicked out of the path of martial arts, it would be difficult to achieve anything in this lifetime.

Long Fei also understood this in his heart, but … Since he had followed him, since she had called him big boss, he would definitely take care of it, because this was the first time the Chaos Realm had helped him defend against an injury.

Long Fei took out the immortal crystals from shen tianhe's body and said: "You should be able to use the immortal crystals first, which should be able to help you increase your cultivation by one or two levels. After you absorb all the energy from the Xuan crystal, I'll think of a way."

There was only one way to change a person's physique.

blood vein!

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