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Three days later, Shen Yanxiao finally woke up, allowing everyone in The Rising Sun City to finally breathe a sigh of relief.


Over the past three days, the only thing Xiu and Shen Siyu did was deal with the postwar matters of The Rising Sun City. When Shen Yanxiao woke up, everything had already been handled.


Sitting in a chair, Shen Yanxiao looked down at the small Vermillion Bird in her arms.


Little Phoenix was being looked after by the Phoenix couple.


"I always felt that the interval between the attack of the four-nation alliance and the beast tide was too short. It seems as if someone had deliberately arranged these two battles to come one after another." Qi Xia turned his gaze to Shen Yanxiao, who had already recovered; he appeared pensive.


"If we had fought these two battles separately, then neither the four-nation alliance nor the beast tide would bring us heavy losses. But the two battles occurred on the same day, isn’t it too coincidental?"


They didn’t find anything wrong with Qi Xia’s words.


Even before, The Rising Sun City had already been preparing for the fight against the beast tide. Each city had arranged corresponding defenses and offenses. As a result, the alliance of the four countries stuck in their foot and directly broke their lines of defense in each of the cities, which resulted in a great number of sacrifices for The Rising Sun City.


"How is the situation of Ah-Yu?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Qi Xia. After Yan Yu’s illness acted up on that day, he was taken back to The Rising Sun City by Yang Xi. However, because the onset of the illness was too sudden and his treatment was delayed for too long, plus the two battles had brought Yan Yu’s strength to collapse, the physical condition of Yan Yu at present was very unstable.


"Uncle Jiu and Master Ye Qing have already checked on him. Ah Yu's illness this time brought heavy damage to his body, and the White Tiger Clan’s medicine pill is no longer able to suppress Ah Yu's illness. We can only find other methods." Qi Xia let out a sigh. After the war, Shen Yanxiao and Yan Yu's unconscious state made the hearts of the other four people of Phantom break into pieces.


Although Shen Yanxiao had now recovered, Yan Yu’ situation was not very optimistic.


"Qi Xia, arrange a ship that will travel to the Moon God Continent as soon as possible. The fruit of the Tree of Life may be useful for Ah-Yu's condition. The Elf King owes me a favor. If I ask him for a fruit of the Tree of Life, there should not be a problem." The fruit of the Tree of Life could treat the serious injuries of Taotie and Vermillion Bird, so it might also help in curing the condition of Yan Yu.


"Okay. I will arrange it at once." Qi Xia nodded his head and replied.


"The thing you said just now, that some people might have deliberately arranged for the four-nation alliance and the beast tide to attack us successively, I also felt this. But in the end, who is it that insists on wanting us dead?" Shen Yanxiao knitted her brows. She had many enemies, but those who could set Satan and the Broken Star Palace in movement were not many.


Jiang Wan and the others had left The Rising Sun City with their soldiers yesterday, returning to their respective countries. Because of Shen Yanxiao’s generous practice, Jiang Wan and Shi Heng both hinted Shen Yanxiao that the four-nation alliance’s offense against The Rising Sun City this time was related to the Broken Star Palace.


The fact that Shen Yanxiao and the Broken Star Palace had enmity between them was quite clear. However, she didn’t think that the Broken Star Palace could move Satan.


The Broken Star Palace, no matter how much they were devoid of integrity nowadays, was truly created to fight against the Devil Race in those days. Human beings had strong resistance toward the Devil Race, and it was absolutely impossible for them to collude with devils.


Otherwise, never mind how much credit and prestige the Broken Star Palace had. As long as this matter was thrown out in public, they would definitely become sinners of the Radiance Continent immediately.




With Satan's contempt for humanity, Shen Yanxiao felt that even if the Broken Star Palace were really so shameless as to invite Satan to join them, Satan would probably just dump them.


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