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Chapter 268 Deadqi

Unknowingly, another night had passed.

And just as Tang Huan had expected, after a month had passed, the pearl within the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" once again revealed the tyrannical power of the sucking. After devouring the power contained within the forty Profound Spirit Ghost Beads, the white bead once again went into hibernation.

This gave Tang Huan a headache. In another month, the scene from last night would reappear.

Currently, he only had two Saint Ranked "Demon Essence Stones" and more than twenty "Profound Yin Soul Demon Orbs". Even if they were added together, it would not be enough for the one time sucking of the white bead.

However, treasures like the saint rank "Demon Source Stones" and the "Black Yin Spirit Demon Bead" weren't something that could be casually found. Even if he was anxious, it wouldn't be of any use. Tang Huan decided not to think too much about it. Just as dawn arrived, he brought the offerings out of the house and headed towards the northwest region of Furious Waves City.

This time outside, not only was he carrying the little girl on his back, he was also carrying Xiao Budian on his back. The two little fellows had been in the smithy for ten days, and had long since been bored out of their minds. Tang Huan could only bring them all along.

Along with Tang Huan, Tang Xiong and a few hundred other people also set out.

There was a wide flat land ten li away from the city, surrounded by mountains on three sides. The hills of earth were protruding from the ground. They were densely packed, and the end of them could not be seen at a glance.

This was the biggest cemetery outside of Furious Waves City.

Some of the mounds were overgrown with weeds and overturned tombstones. It was clear that no one had come to worship in years, while others had been cleaned up.

Between the graves, the roads were crisscrossing.

Tang Huan followed his memories and went around left and right.

After about half a quarter of an hour, Tang Huan, who was walking in front of a grave could not help but be stunned.

Although there were no traces of a recent sacrificial offering, the surface of the mound only had some sparse and tender grass. It was as if the mound had been shoveled once before, but it seemed to be too clean.

"Could it be that the old fatty came over when I was leaving the Furious Waves City?" Tang Huan was a little surprised, but he did not think much about it. In a moment of thought, his gaze fell on the tombstone.

Therefore, the tomb of Ji family, the late parents!

Child, stand!

On the tombstone, there was no sign of Tang Huan's name after the word "child". This was because at that time, the young Tang Huan wanted his mother to once again return to the Tang Family, and then bury his mother in grave. After this was done, he would imprint his name onto the grave.

Furthermore, Tang Huan already knew that he was not related to Tang Tianren or the Tang Family in any way.

As for "Ji Ru Mang", it was Tang Huan's mother's name.

To Tang Huan on Earth, Ji Ruxi was just a young woman that they had never met before. However, after receiving the young man's memories, this woman's beautiful face and voice, was directly branded into the depths of Tang Huan's soul. Not only did she not fade with the passage of time, she had even become more distinct.

Before Tang Huan was reborn into this world, he was already thirty years old.

If not for that memory, it would have been impossible for Tang Huan to see Ji Ruyi as his own mother no matter what. But now, it was already a logical thing for him.

However, in his mind, he could see Ji Ruyi's frown and smile, and her every move. Even Tang Huan's parents from his previous life had uncontrollably flashed before his eyes.

Unknowingly, Tang Huan's eyes had already started to moisten.

After a long while, Tang Huan finally calmed himself down and stabbed the Dragon and Phoenix Lance into the ground. Then, he placed the little girl down, and placed the offerings in front of the tombstone one by one and lit up a stick of incense. However, just as Tang Huan was about to kneel down with a solemn expression, the little girl beside him suddenly giggled.

"What are you laughing at?" Tang Huan frowned, somewhat displeased.

"There's no one inside. Why are you worshipping a pile of soil?" The little girl curled her lips and said.

"No one? "What do you mean?" Tang Huan couldn't react for a moment.

"You don't even understand this, which means this is an empty tomb?" The little girl snorted with her nose wrinkled.

"Empty tomb, how is that possible?"

Tang Huan could not help but laugh, how could this be an empty tomb?

When his mother had died that year, it was clear that he had personally buried her with the help of the old man and the old fatty. Even this mound was slowly being built up by him.

The scene was still vivid in his mind even after more than ten years had passed.

How could such a tomb become an empty tomb?

"Little girl, stop talking nonsense. Don't think that I won't spank you once you recover a little bit!" Tang Huan snorted, and growled in a low voice. Tang Xiong and the others stopped several dozen meters away. They weren't worried about being overheard, but it wasn't wrong to be cautious.

"It's really difficult for a good person to do it!"

The little girl's face slightly blushed, and said angrily, "Tang Huan, I've already reminded you anyways, if you don't believe me, you can't blame me."

Hearing her tone and seeing her expression, it didn't seem like she was spouting nonsense. Could it be …

Tang Huan looked at the little girl suspiciously: "Why do you think this is an empty tomb?" In front of the little girl's chest, Xiao Budian quietly poked his head out from the cloth bag a little. His dark blue eyes looked around between Tang Huan and the little girl, seeming to be confused.

"Of course I do."

The little girl raised her head, seeing that Tang Huan's face had turned black, she explained in a childish voice, "After a person dies, they will all have an aura of death, and even if the bones have disappeared and turned into a pile of dirt, the aura of death will continue to exist for a period of time before dissipating. "The other tombs in the area reeked of death, but your mother's grave reeked of death."

Tang Huan frowned: "Death aura? Why can't I smell anything? "

"Do you think anyone can smell this death aura?" The little girl unhappily rolled her eyes at Tang Huan, "As one of the Eight Great Demon King s of the Demon Clan, I lived with her for a long time before I learned how to distinguish the aura of death from her."

"Xuan Ming Ghost King..."

"My mother's grave was dug out by someone, and it was dug out within half a year!"

In that moment, he finally understood why there was only a little bit of green grass in this mound, and why there were scour marks on the surface of the mound. All of this was due to the fact that the grave had been dug out recently.

After realising this point, Tang Huan's face instantly turned green. He suddenly took a large step forward, and his hands hooked up like a hook, quickly digging through the ground.

Dust flew, and the mound grew shorter and shorter.

"Brother Tang Huan, what are you doing?"

A surprised voice suddenly sounded, it was Tang Xiong who saw Tang Huan's movements from afar, he rushed over like a tornado, his rough face had an unconcealable look of astonishment and disbelief, the Tang Huan who came to pay his respects to his mother, actually dug out his mother's grave?

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