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The Special Fruits Tree

Ye Mohan, being the most trustworthy aide of the Emperor, held a massive military force, power over the court, and naturally had a lot of political matters he needed to attend to.

Therefore, every day, there was not a lot of time in which Su Jiujiu had seen Ye Mohan.

She had arrived within the fourth WangFu for ten days already. Besides every night when Ye Mohan would return back and eat a meal with her, shower, and sleep, Su Jiujiu basically rarely saw Ye Mohan during the day.

Because every day, if Ye Mohan wasn’t in the court then he is in the royal palace. Even when he returned back to the manor, there were quite a few officials that come in and out of the manor.

Every day, when Ye Mohan is in the study room, he would be discussing matters of the country with officials in the court.

In the start, Su Jiujiu would stay in the study room for a while and stay with Ye Mohan.

However, gradually, Su Jiujiu didn’t like it anymore.

After all, she wasn’t an official. Towards the matters of the court, she thought it was quite boring.

Therefore, whenever Ye Mohan is in the study room discussing matters of the country with other officials, Su Jiujiu would automatically go out and find something to play with.

Although in this time period, there weren’t the technologies of modern times, no computers of TVs that would be entertaining, there was one thing that the highly advanced modern times didn’t have.

That is the untainted scenery which was poetic and picturesque!

The air here was that refreshing mixed with the fragrance of flowers, penetrating deeply in the heart.

The sky here was blue to the point it didn’t feel like the actual sky. This led people to feel spiritually pleased.

Within the WangFu, the buildings were richly ornamented and the corridors were zigzagging.  The white precious stones bridge and there was a pavilion. Each one of the places, there was a scene.

It was the summer right now and the lotus flowers were now blooming within the thousand carps pond.

Every afternoon, after Su Jiujiu finished her lunch, the place she enjoyed going to the most was the thousand carps pond.

Over there, looking out in the distance, there was endless dark green lotus leaves and that slender and elegant lotus flowers.

The cool breeze blew gently, shaking the lotus leaves and that tender lotus flowers. It adorned the entire thousand carps pond, making it seem even more beautiful and lively.

And that clear water of the thousand carps pond. From time to time, she was able to see the fishes swimming by in groups.

Su Jiujiu’s ability in water was extremely great! Therefore after every lunch, Su Jiujiu will always come here then dive into the thousand carps pond like right now.

She sensed as the body of cool water surrounded herself which repelled the scorching heat.

Then looking at the fishes which scattered away in the bottom of the pond, Su Jiujiu felt joyful.

From time to time, she moved her limbs around. Then she chased the koi within the pond, enjoying herself.

When she was tired of playing, Su Jiujiu would climb back on shore and shake off the body of water droplets. Then she would lay on the huge lotus leaf, taking a nap relaxedly.

However, every day at this time, it wouldn’t be just herself here.

Ever since Ye Mohan was afraid that she might get into accidents, he ordered for Rock to stay with her no matter what.

Rock was a very honest and quiet person.

Whenever she is sleeping within the thousand carps pond, he would be standing to the side quietly watching her.

Towards Rock’s quietness, Su Jiujiu was quite satisfied.

Because like this, she was able to enjoy the afternoon sunlight fully.

Just like this.

Thinking back, she hadn’t enjoyed this type of peaceful days for a long time.

She wondered if the days in the future would be this quiet and peaceful. With a man who is that gentle to their self and they didn’t have to worry about food or clothes, every woman must wish to have these type of days right?

Although she isn’t a woman right now.

But towards the days like now, Su Jiujiu expressed a feeling of satisfaction.

Laying on the huge lotus leaf with the cool breezes blowing which made the lotus leaf shake back and forth, that feeling seemed to be as though a small baby who was placed in a comfortable rocking crib. That feeling was quite amazing and couldn’t be placed in words!

Su Jiujiu sighed in her heart and didn’t know how long she had slept that her stomach was a little hungry.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the light.

Now, it is probably three or four in the afternoon. It was the right time to have some afternoon snacks.

Thinking to here, Su Jiujiu tapped the heel of her foot and the whole body was like an agile small frog who constantly shuffled between lotus leaves.

When Su Jiujiu jumped on the dark green grass ground, the eyes looked around.

Right now Rock was sitting there, napping!

Seeing Rock’s head which was slowly moving down then trying to keep his head up, Su Jiujiu couldn’t help to laugh out loud.

However, Su Jiujiu didn’t blame Rock.

After all, in the scorching hot afternoon, under the cool tree’s shadow where the chilly breezes blew, it was the best time to take a nap.

Originally, Su Jiujiu wanted to wake Rock up then go to the kitchen to find something to eat.

However, right now, she watched as Rock had slept deeply that she felt bad to wake him up.

Just let Rock have a good nap!

After all, in the entire fourth WangFu, she was quite familiar with it. She knew where the kitchen was.

Thinking to here, Su Jiujiu started taking strides and headed in the direction of the kitchen.

The direction of the kitchen was to the WangFu’s south side.

On the way to the kitchen, she will definitely pass by the garden.

The WangFu’s garden was obviously taken care of by specialized people.

It’s just that looking out in the distance, hundreds of flowers were blooming within the garden.

There was Mudan, Camilla, Chinese peony, Japanese rose, roses…

Some of them were still buds, some were blossoming enchantingly as though each one of them was like a woman with their own merits. The beautiful flowers fighting for the crown!

In addition, the colors of the flowers were gorgeous!

The red was like fire, the white was like snow, the pink was tender and lovely, the purple was royal…

This led people’s eyes to be dizzy and the fragrance of the flowers assailed the nostrils.

Every time Su Jiujiu passed by the garden, she felt as though this was a type of pleasure.

After all, which woman doesn’t love flowers?!

Especially when she walked through the garden, she felt like she was surrounded by the sea of flowers. That feeling was incredible!

She walked through the sea of flowers in a delightful mood. The corner of Su Jiujiu’s lips curled up and she enjoyed this.

However, when Su Jiujiu was about to admire the different flowers, her gaze swept over unintentionally and her attention was caught by the special fruits tree.

This fruits tree was definitely just placed here. Su Jiujiu knew for certain.

Because when she passed by here in the morning, she didn’t see this fruits tree yet!

Within this garden of the blooming of flowers, it was already special enough to place a fruits tree. What made Su Jiujiu surprised the most was that she had lived for eighteen years but had never seen this before!

Only to see that this fruits tree, the leaves were the shape of the hearts and the leaves were dark green as though jadeite. It was beautiful!

The fruits on the tree weren’t strange. What was strange is the colors of the seven fruits were all different!

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