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"Thank you, Ms. Zhang." It is the first time that Li Yong has earned others' trust, so he is really grateful. 300,000 is not much, but he knows that's all Zhang Yurong has. Compared with the 2 million of Han Lu, Zhang Yurong is willing to offer him all while Han Lu is definitely no match for her.

"No need to thank me."

"I will give you the interest." Li Yong says sincerely.

"Interest is not necessary. We are at the same side. I am not an outsider to you. I don't want to ask interest from you. What's your card number? Let me transfer the money to you now."

In that case, Li Yong has all the money he needs for the building. After lunch, Sun Qiang brings Li Yong to Wang Hui's home and handles the building purchase transaction.

From now on, Li Yong has a four-floor building in Zhonghai City, which is across the street with convenient transportation conditions. The place has huge space of appreciation and a promising development prospect.

All the procedures are done by the next afternoon. When Li Yong sees his name on the property ownership certificate, he is in a great delight.

In such a strange and yet familiar city, Li Yong, an orphan left behind by his family, finally has a place of his own. At the same time, he has his own career and life goal.

A bright future awaits him.

"Ms. Zhang, let's do some celebration today." After putting away his property ownership certificate, Li Yong says happily to Zhang Yurong who has been there for him over the past two days.

"What do you suggest for celebration?" Zhang Yurong asks softly.

It can never occur to anyone that a loser who could not afford his rent of 800 yuan now owns a building worth more than 5 million. Zhang Yurong is a bit jealous, but she is really happy for him.

"Let's go to Royal Garden Hotel and get hammered." Li Yong waves his arm and says.

"Only two of us?" Zhang Yurong asks him out of excitement.

"What do you think?" Li Yong smirks mysteriously and starts to look over Zhang Yurong in a dirty way.

Today, Zhang Yurong is wearing a sky-blue lace tunic dress, showing her graceful body curve in a perfect way. She looks sexy and attractive.

Li Yong takes a close look at her and his eyes are fixed at her cheeks. Zhang's eyes appear twinkling, with her eyebrows looking like a crescent moon, her eyelashes slighting shaking, her fair skin reflecting a color of pink and her lips as tender and red as a rose.

Every inch of her skin brings Li Yong infinite fantasy.

Embarrassed by Li Yong's looks, Zhang Yurong smiles with her sexy lips pursed, "If only two of us will go there, how about we going back home and I cooking dinner for you? You know, even the plainest room of Royal Garden Hotel costs several thousand for one night. It is a waste of money."

She does know how to live a life!

Back in the old times, Li Yong could never afford a meal in Royal Garden Hotel even if he had himself sold. Yet, now he doesn't care about the money. He drags Zhang Yurong's hand and grins, "Let's go!"

Zhang Yurong is surprised and delighted, dragged away by Li Yong happily.

In an hour, Li Yong and Zhang Yurong sit in the room of Royal Garden Hotel with the table full of cuisine. Li Yong puts down the phone and says, "Ms. Zhang, let's get eating."

"What's wrong? Aren't they all not going?" Zhang Yurong asks frowning.

Li Yong made a few calls within a while. He called Han Fei first. After all, they are partners now and they ought to hang out more for a better relationship. Then he called Han Lu. From where he stands, manipulative as Han Lu is, she helped him once anyway. However, Han Fei has been busy handling the work stuff and has no time to come while Han Lu rejected his invitation directly.

Afterwards, Li Yong called Sun Qiang, the idiot rich second generation. He has been kind of helping Li Yong after all. Li Yong doesn't have many friends here, so he thought of Sun Qiang. It turns out that his grandpa is sick and he cannot come either.

In the end, Li Yong made a call to the classmate who did the intern job with him in the hospital. He didn't believe Li Yong would treat him dinner at Royal Garden Hotel. "Is today April Fool's Day? Is it fun to make jokes? You don't even have the money to give presents to the teacher and now you have money to buy me dinner? You know what, since you have been off work for ten days, the hospital has fired you already. Don't come to me if anything comes up and don't do that even if nothing comes up. Just behave yourself."

They used to get along well but unexpectedly, they just drift apart after they haven't met each other for only a few days.

Li Yong signs to himself and feels that the world is apt to change.

Zhang Yurong and Li Yong have a chat over the dinner. After they leave behind all the bothering things, they have a good time together.

The dinner lasts for more than one hour. During the dinner, Li Yong and Zhang Yurong renamed Wang Hui's Clinic as Yong Kang Clinic, which means being healthy forever.

Li Yong also plans to hire some doctors and nurses. He cannot take care of such a clinic on his own.

Besides, he is not going to manage the new clinic and he wants to keep running the Happy Clinic. He decides that the Yong Kang Clinic will take an ordinary route while the Happy Clinic will develop in a high-end direction.

All the industries exist for the purpose of making profits. Li Yong opens the clinic for money too. He also makes up his mind that after he becomes well-known, he will raise the clinic threshold.

Otherwise, there are so many patients in the world and if even those with a cold come to him, he will be busy taking care of them to death.

It has been late after the dinner. They had a bottle of wine, 80% of which were drunken by Li Yong and the rest by Zhang Yurong. Li Yong is not drunk but Zhang Yurong flushes just like a red apple.

They go back home by taxi. Once they get into the taxi, Zhang Yurong leans her body against Li Yong and grabs his hand to place on her lower abdomen.

Smelling the unique flavor of the woman and staring at such a beautiful drunk lady in his arms, Li Yong gets a bit drunk even if he was sober before. It's not the wine that intoxicates but the beauty who gets him drunk. Watching the pretty face of Zhang Yurong, he is already taking off her dress and underwear in his mind.

While imagining that, he cannot help grabbing her harder and putting arms around her whole body. Zhang Yurong moves a bit and changes her position, continuing leaning against Li Yong.

Li Yong gets excited and all the blood inside his body is surging towards his head like tidewater.

If it were not for the driver watching them from the mirror, he would have made a pass at her and kissed her.

Within a short while, the taxi stops at the street corner and Li Yong carries Zhang Yurong off the car after paying the taxi bill.

"Ms. Zhang, you smell so good." Li Yong holds Zhang Yurong in his arms says while walking towards home.

"Do you like it?" Zhang Yurong says delightedly.

"Yes, I do." Li Yong looks dirty.

"I will smell even better after taking a shower. Do you want to have a try?" Zhang Yurong flirts with him.

Li Yong is tuned on again and his blood is steaming his skin like boiling water, making his body heated up. He feels as if he is taking a sauna.

He cannot help asking, "Ms. Zhang, how to try it then?"

"With your mouth! Suck all the smell of me away." Zhang Yurong's voice gets lower and lower. It can even be heard at last. Li Yong notices her cheeks become redder and prettier.

She does know how to turn a man on.

It renders Li Yong totally sober at present. With a few words, his face turn hot and he seems to get indulged in Zhang Yurong's flirting.

"Ms. Zhang, I'll do as told then." Li Yong swallows his saliva and grins.

"Oh, why is the light of my home turned on?" It is still a distance away and Zhang Yurong notices the light in her house is on.

They two walk faster and when they arrive home, in the living room is Zhang Yurong's ex-husband.

"Hello, Mr. Ex-husband." Li Yong senses the nerve of Zhang Yurong so he says hi nicely first.

"Shame on you! You should come back at such a late time. How shameless you are! Why don't you just stay outside and never come back?" When Huang Xin sees Zhang Yurong and Li Yong holding hands closely in front of him, he is sure that all he learnt from the neighbors are truth.

Zhang Yurong does cheat on him. He didn't expect she would be with someone else so soon. And the man is even a few years younger than she is. It is a pity that the man is only a lessee. Compared with him, Huang Xin is way better than him and cannot help looking down upon him and Zhang Yurong.

How bad taste she has! The worst taste ever!

Huang Xin is very angry.

"Why are you back here?" Zhang Yurong is astonished and flurried. Not only does she let go of Li Yong's hand but also she grabs it harder. The return of the man who abandoned her makes her frightened.

"This is my home. Why can't I come back?" Huang Xin jumps off the sofa and yells.

Huang Xin's yelling irritates Zhang Yurong too and she points at Huang Xin's face, saying furiously, "How dare you even claim this is your home? How dare you come back? Haven't you gone abroad with your mistress? Didn't you say you would not come back for the rest of your life? Look, isn't you who wrote the letter?"

Zhang Yurong takes out a letter from the drawer and throws it at Huang Xin's face.

Huang Xin catches the letter and reads it, trembling with rage. However, he chills down soon. Then he bursts into tears and all of a sudden, tears are all over his face. He kneels down before Zhang Yurong and says painfully, "Honey, I did wrong. Please forgive me. I am sorry."

"That woman is a fraud."

"She tricked me abroad and was planning to sell me to a gangster group. If it were for the police, I would never have come back. Honey, please forgive me. I cannot lose you. I just want to live with you for the rest of the life. I will be good to you in future and stay beside you until death do us apart."

"I am already with someone now." Zhang Yurong looks at Li Yong with soft eyes.

"I don't care. As long as you are back with me, I won't blame you for that." Huang Xin glances at Li Yong full of hatred. Anyone can tell that even if he sounds casual, he has a grudge against Li Yong.

Zhang Yurong snorts, "It does never gonna happen between us. Leave now."

"No, I am not leaving. This is my house. Why do I have to leave? If someone is leaving here, it is him. What's good of a countryman who lives in a rented apartment? If you are together with him, you will never live a good life. And I can easily find a job with monthly salary of more than 10000 yuan. I can assure you a carefree life."

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