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Chapter 807 - Waa, BOSS!

As soon as he finished.

The doors to the ancestral hall were pushed open.

And then …

Long Fei dragged the carriage into the ancestral hall.

At the entrance of the ancestral hall, the two guards had knocked out the disciple who had been guarding the entrance the night before.

The moment he entered the ancestral hall.

Long Fei's eyes released a gold light, and he became excited: "Wow, Boss!"

Zhang Qitian's body started to exude a golden light.

A dazzling golden light.

At this moment, the entire ancestral hall was in an uproar. Everyone was stunned by the huge stone coffin on the carriage.

The visual impact was too great.

Zhang Qitian's face darkened, his fists clenched tightly as he stared at Zhang Dadi, and shouted angrily: "Didn't you say that Zhang Xinyue was unable to find the ancient gold corpse?"

Zhang Dadi was also at a loss, and said: "She really didn't get it."

Zhang Qitian shouted, "Then what is this? Is it a leg? "

Zhang Dadi lowered his head and did not say a word.

Zhang Qitian's anger churned, the sudden appearance of Long Fei and his ancient gold corpse was a huge blow to him, disrupting all of his plans.

However …

Zhang Qitian's gaze tensed up, killing intent filled his eyes as he muttered to himself: "Zhang Xinyue, you brought about all of this on your own. Originally, I wanted to save your life on account of your father's account, but you didn't value it, and yet you came to throw your life away!"

A sinister killing intent rose from his heart.

Long Fei could instantly sense it.

At this time.

Zhang Xinyue looked at the Great Pavilion Master and said, "Great Pavilion Master, this is the Golden Corpse."

Zhang Chengtian's face was full of excitement as he said, "Good, good, good!"


He immediately said, "Open it."

There was almost no time to think. He was desperate for new powers. He could no longer break through his shackles. He needed new powers in order to break through.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have lived past two years.

He did not want to die!

He couldn't wait.

Every disciple in the ancestral hall was incomparably excited.

When the ancient gold corpse was brought back to the Desolate Spirit Palace, they could all get a piece of the cake and absorb the energy from the ancient gold corpse.

To the disciples of the Wild's Family, there was no time to be more excited than this.

They were the tomb robbing families, specialized in stealing the tombs of the strong, and absorbing the strong's energy from their bodies. This was a shortcut for their cultivation.


Zhang Xinyue suddenly said: "I object!"

The entire ancestral hall instantly quieted down.

Zhang Tiancheng's expression changed as he stared at Zhang Xinyue and asked: "Xin Yue, what nonsense are you spouting? Our Wild's Family exhausted three generations of our energy to steal the ancient gold corpse out in order to absorb the power of the Golden Corpse, what are you against? "

Zhang Xinyue said: "Pavilion Master, all these years have passed without us relying on the power of the strong corpse to cultivate well. There are no shortcuts in the path of cultivation, we should give up on these and continue to train wholeheartedly, rather than absorbing the strength of the strong body …"

"Don't say anymore."

Zhang Chengtian instantly interrupted: "The reason why the Wild's Family is a Wild's Family is because we possess a unique ability.

"Xin Yue."

"I admit that I started to have some prejudice against you, but today, you should bring the ancient gold corpse back to the Desolate Spirit Palace. You have already passed the elder's pavilion test, and you will continue to be the patriarch of the Desolate Spirit Palace."

"Now, activate the first Boundary."

Zhang Tiancheng could not wait any longer.


Zhang Xinyue did not take out the key, but instead said: "Pavilion Master, the greed of humans is limitless. Today, after absorbing the power of the ancient gold corpse, tomorrow, we will be thinking of opening the dragon's body tomb.

"The warning the Long Family gave us gave us gave us a chance to start anew. We can't go any further wrong."

Long Fei was a little shocked as he looked at Zhang Xinyue.

Who in this world didn't yearn for great power?

What was in the coffin?

The physical body of an ancient expert?

Endless Secret Treasures?

Who doesn't want it?

Let alone the disciples of the Wild's Family, even Long Fei himself was the same.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Xinyue's heart was not moved at all, he had to admit that Long Fei admired her.

However, Zhang Qitian let out a cold laugh, grabbed onto the hearts of everyone, and said coldly: "Zhang Xinyue, you can't be wanting to keep it for yourself, right?"

"Then aren't you being too ruthless?"

Zhang Chengtian said angrily, "Zhang Xinyue, this is the contribution of three generations of the Desolate Spirit Family, and not just you. I am ordering you to open the first Boundary in my capacity as the pavilion master right now."

Zhang Xinyue said: "There are no shortcuts in cultivation. Pavilion Master, you cannot place your hopes on the ancient gold corpse, you should cultivate diligently and fight with the heavens for your life … …"

"How dare you!"

Zhang Chengtian became furious and shouted, "I don't need a little brat like you to teach me."

"Even if you don't open it today, you still have to."

For the sake of great power, people could ignore everything else.

In this world of martial artists, this was even more so.

Everyone wanted to become strong, so the ancient gold corpse in front of them was the chance for them to become strong. No one wanted to miss this chance.

Every disciple in the Ancestral Hall looked at Zhang Xinyue as if they were looking at their enemy.

Zhang Xinyue's heart ached, he was afraid that the millions of years of inheritance had collapsed.

Once Wild's Family resumes his path of robbing tombs, it would be a path of destruction. The strong warriors of the Long Family had predicted that they must not open the dragon body tombs again, otherwise, there would no longer be a Huang Spirit race in this world.

Zhang Xinyue said heavily, "I will definitely not hand over the key."

Zhang Chengtian shouted: "Zhang Qitian!"

Zhang Qitian immediately said: "Disciple is here."

Zhang Chengtian said angrily: "Take her down, she has to hand over the key today."

Zhang Qitian excitedly laughed and said: "Understood!"


Zhang Qitian shouted, "Zhang Xinyue, hand over the key today and we can get along. If you don't hand it over, then don't blame me, your uncle, for not being polite."

Not waiting for him to finish.

Zhang Chengtian could no longer wait and said, "Hurry and do it!"

It was at this moment.

Long Fei took a step forward, and said: "So many people bullying a woman, do you guys have the nerve to do so?"

Zhang Xinyue immediately said: "You guys go, this is none of your business."

Zhang Qitian's eyes turned sinister, he stared at Long Fei and asked: "And what kind of dog are you?"

Long Fei smiled faintly and said: "My surname is Long and I'm flying with one word. I'm from the Long Family of the Southern Domain and Long Wushen is my ancestor. Do you know who I am now?"

As soon as he finished.

The entire ancestral hall shook.

Especially Zhang Xinyue, she was incomparably shocked in her heart.

Looking at Long Fei, he muttered: "Could it be that Long Wushen's prediction is about to come true?"

"Is he the man in the prophecy?"

Zhang Qitian's brows tightened, and started laughing coldly, "I said you're a retard."

"Since you admit that you are a member of the Long Family."

"Then let's settle all the new debts together. I want to see if the current darn Long Family still has the ability to fight against my Wild's Family."

"Men, kill them!"

Long Fei's fists shook, he stared at Zhang Qitian and laughed: "My Long Family can suppress you once, and can suppress you twice."

"Boss, come at me!"

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