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Zero removes the harness on his back, which is shaped like a small safe. It is the standard equipment for Doomhammer. Accompanying the instrument are sonar mines, time-delay bombs, and a number of shrapnel grenades. The other spaces could be matched by the user according to his or her own needs. Zero's walker carried five base units of Balabeam's special ammunition, as well as a hundred rounds of Colt's standard bullets and armor-piercing bullets. There were also other simple field medical accessories that were needed in case of need.

He took two magazines filled with Balabeam's special cartridges from his walker and replaced them with a pair of empty Browning pistols. After that, he carried the equipment on his back and readied himself for battle. Taking advantage of the appearance of new enemies, Zero pressed the communication button on the left side of his Night God tactical suit. However, the pocket communicator on the left side of his armor transmitted a blind sound, indicating that the communication could not be connected.

Zero frowned. He was in the mine right now, plus the radiation dust on the surface, it was reasonable that he couldn't get through. After all, this set of field communicator was only limited to a limited range of 3 kilometers. However, according to Zero's estimation, no matter how much reinforcements arrived at the mine, he didn't hear a sound.

In the plan he had previously set up, Zero would be in charge of moving deeper into the enemy camp, which was the most dangerous part. According to the plan, ten minutes after the zero activation of the tracking signal, the support unit would secretly follow in order to launch a firepower attack after identifying the bandit base.

But now, the mine outside was too quiet, and the reinforcements had not arrived yet. This was a huge discrepancy from the time he had expected. You know that in every military operation, the timing is precise to the point of seconds, something that has already dragged on for a few minutes or even longer, making Zero feel that something isn't quite right.

Zero could not help but think of Rankin's defiant face, as well as Anthony's disapproval, when Callio had appointed him to be the principal man in charge of the operation. Zero seemed to have guessed something, but at this moment, footsteps could be heard coming from the direction of the mine. Judging by the voices, Zero could imagine that at least twenty or thirty people were heading in his direction.

Silently, he took out his pistol and dived deeper into the mine.

An army boot was on the ties of a mining track as a grim-faced man smashed open Sander's mangled corpse with a sledgehammer. At the scene of the explosion, Bian Tou found the remnants of a time-lapse bomb. Judging from the traces of the explosion, Sander and the others had charged into a trap that had been meticulously set up by the enemies. The high temperature from the explosion had covered the entire area, and Sander and the others had been roasted into pig meat.

Less than fifty meters away from the explosion, a few more corpses could be seen. They were also members of the Wolf family. These veterans on the battlefield had now become corpses that couldn't be moved. On the foreheads of each corpse, a bullet hole had been found.

The war hammer smashed into the wall, and under the terrified eyes of the Ghost Fox, a hair-raising crack appeared on the wall of the mine. Following that, the man's voice rang out, "Zero, I know it's you! I don't know who you're here for, but I'm going to tell you. You're dead for sure, I won't let you go! "

The Japanese player opened his mouth and roared, his saliva flying everywhere and his eyes bulging. He was obviously very angry. However, he couldn't be blamed for this. It wasn't easy for him to create this kind of team, and he planned to use this as a prototype to create a brand-new team of wolf thieves. However, he didn't expect that once Lingcun arrived, he would immediately split the team into five groups and kill them all. He felt as if all his efforts had been wasted, and couldn't help but feel extremely angry.

He picked up the Ghost Fox and furiously bellowed, "Call your men to chase him. Even if I have to waste time, I will exhaust him to death."

Indeed, there was only one person at zero. Although he had quite a number of ammunition with him, he couldn't afford to waste them for a long period of time. The plan of crossing over was very simple. It was to use the wolf thief as bait to consume zero ammunition. In his fury, this person was unwilling to risk his life. One could see the depth of his shrewdness, as well as his treacherous personality.

The Spirit Fox listened to the meaning behind the new leader's words and felt that it wanted to use itself and its old subordinates as cannon fodder. He was naturally unwilling, but the Ghost Fox knew that if he had any plans to escape. Without the enemy firing, he would be killed as soon as he made it. Therefore, the fox could only shout out to the bandits behind them, "Go, all of you …"

Before he could finish his words, a flame suddenly lit up in the darkness on the other side of the mine. Following that, the Spirit Fox's entire body shook violently, and a bullet hole clearly appeared on its forehead.

The sound of gunfire rang out.

The back of the Ghost Fox's head was like a watermelon that had been smashed by a stick. Its skull and brain matter spewed out and splattered all over Bian Tou's face. However, he silently estimated the distance between him and the flame, and after a while, estimated that it was at least a kilometer away. In other words, the target was using sniping equipment, but he could still accurately hit a target thousands of meters away in the pitch-black tunnel.

At the same time, this shot of zero had dispelled all of his anger. He knew that if he could not deal with this foe, Zero, who was harder to deal with than wolves, he would lose not only a small elite squad, but also his own life.

The corpse of the Spirit Fox fell onto the ground with a thump.

Seeing that the back of his head was almost completely ripped off by the bullets, a bandit let out a strange cry, turned around and ran away.

Before the rest of them could react, there was a loud "huff" sound as one of the war hammers flew out and hit the back of the bandit. The wolf thief let out a miserable cry, and its entire body was smashed into pieces. When it fell on the ground, it had already died.

"Whoever dares to run away, he will end up here!" "All of you, if you want to live, kill that rat for me. Otherwise, all of you will die. "

As a result, under the threat of the Japanese, even though the bandits were unwilling, they had no choice but to bite the bullet and charge towards where Zero was.

The sound of gunfire constantly rang out in the tunnel. The flames spewed out from the muzzle of the gun would occasionally light up the tunnels that had been abandoned for an unknown period of time.

With a flick of his wrist, the muzzle of the Browning flashed. Fifty meters away, a wolf thief fell to the ground. But at the same time, Zero leaped up and flipped into a minivan parked beside the tracks. Following that, a large amount of firelight fell on the outer shell of the mineshaft where Zero was hiding. With a push, Zero pushed the mineshaft to the ground. With another kick, the power of the rank 2 enhancement exploded, causing the minivan that weighed around 200 kg to graze across the ground and crash into the direction of the thief.

The wolf bandits didn't care about shooting anymore and jumped off in two different directions. However, one of the unlucky fellows who couldn't avoid in time was hit by the miner's car. The weight of the thief was directly sent flying by the force of the impact. When he fell to the ground, his chest had already collapsed and he had died from spitting out blood.

However, the rest of the bandits didn't stop there. They fired their cannons while pressing towards the zero pressure, as if they were crazy.

Behind the wolf bandits, there was a man dragging a warhammer. The metal hammer created sparks as it struck the ground. Then, the Japanese players leisurely followed the path that the wolf thief had created with their life on the line, heading towards the direction of zero.

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