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Chapter 943: Congratulations, You've Obtained Bug Tribe Queen Mother Card Pieces x2

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Grimace headed all the way, following the route Bloody had given him while Lin Huang followed a few meters behind him.

One must say that Grimace's illusory forcefield was useful. Lin Huang was not attacked even once all the way to their destination.

Some bugs sensed the unusualness a couple of times, but they proceeded to sleep since they saw nothing after looking around.

Lin Huang had finally seen how the Queen Mother looked like from a distance when they arrived in the area of their destination. He revealed a shock expression.

The Queen Mother looked like a human child of five or six years old. She wore no clothes as her naked body curled up and hovered in the air. Her eyes were shut tightly and she seemed to be in a deep sleep.

The only difference from a human was her tailbone. There was a long, white tail that extended out with a white webbing that was connected to the end of her tail.

The webbing looked like it was made of countless gigantic spider webs. It was a solid structure made of various angles and it took up half of the cave.

There were white cocoons of all sizes around the web. Lin Huang glanced over to notice tens of thousands of them.

Just when he was observing the Queen Mother quietly, in her little girl-form, she opened her eyes out of the blue. Her black pupils rolled slightly until they landed two kilometers away from Lin Huang.

'Are we busted?!' Lin Huang was horrified.

At the moment, Grimace stopped walking. Seriously, he spoke to Lin Huang and Bloody through voice transmission, "That fella's something else! She could see through my illusion. Plus, there's a powerful spiritual energy that's meddling with my illusory forcefield. She must be the one behind it."

"The closer, the better. If the illusory forcefield is broken, Bloody will take care of the rest," Lin Huang ordered Grimace. Then, he spoke to Bloody through voice transmission, "Start casting the parasites."

Grimace nodded and brought Lin Huang forward.

Seeing that Lin Huang and Grimace were not retreating, black rays lit up in the Queen Mother's eyes all of a sudden.

Grimace scoffed and grabbed Lin Huang's arm to dash forward.

When they were almost 100 meters away from the Queen Mother, Grimace spat a mouthful of blood out suddenly and fell. "I can't go on with the illusory forcefield…"

Before he even had the time to check on Grimace, Lin Huang noticed the 12 bug guardians around the Queen Mother lift their heads out of nowhere and glare at his direction.

Lin Huang responded immediately without even thinking. He recalled Grimace while crushing seven Monster Cards that he had been hiding in his sleeve with the other hand. He also crushed a Lucky Card and a Double Reward Card.

Lancelot, Killer, the Evil Dominator, the two knights, and the two Dark Crescent Snakes appeared before Lin Huang out of thin air.

"Kill the 12 bug guardians and that Queen Mother. Let Bloody take care of the rest." The seven imperial monsters attacked without hesitation as soon as Lin Huang ordered them.

Lancelot summoned the 18 sword servants directly while he went after two bug guardians on his own. His servants formed a sword formation and went after another two bug guardians.

The Evil Dominator changed his appearance into Killer and went after two bug guardians with his sword.

The two knights merged with the Dark Crescent Snakes. Their combat strength skyrocketed to imperial-level white gold-rank right away as they went after three bug guardians.

Killer was left with the Queen Mother.

He sensed the Queen Mother's threat. Although she looked like a child and her combat strength was only on immortal-level rank-9, he dared not be careless at all.

He showed his trump card as he dashed, not holding back at all.

Seeing Killer coming at her, a layer of black fluid began spinning on the Queen Mother's body, forming a black armor. She held a black whip in her hand.

Surprisingly, the Queen Mother attacked before Killer even got to her. She swung the whip in her hand, and the lash created shadows in the air. Countless spiritual serpents came out from the end of the whip, blocking Killer's way completely.

Killer lifted his sword and swung it over and over again. It collided with the whip shadows in the air.

The result of the collision was out of Lin Huang's expectations. A tie?!

The two-level difference in combat strength did not give Killer any upper hand at all.

Clearly, although pseudo-mythical-level was only a step away from mythical-level, the difference in ability was huge.

After multiple collisions, Killer, who was on imperial-level crimson gold-rank, did not get anything out of the immortal-level rank-9 Queen Mother.

On the other side, Lancelot and the rest were close to the end of the battle.

Since Lancelot and the Evil Dominator were on pseudo-mythical-level, the two-level difference made it easy for them to kill the bug guardians.

Although the two knights were not on pseudo-mythical-level, their combat strength was on imperial-level white gold-rank after merging. Their ability was just as impressive as Lancelot and the Evil Dominator's.

Meanwhile, the sword formation of the 18 sword servants had an overall ability that was on par with Lancelot. Killing two bug guardians was a piece of cake for them.

The first to finish the battle with the bug guardians was Lancelot. He took less than a minute to kill both of them. He glanced through everyone on the battlefield and joined Killer in the mission to destroy the Queen Mother without any hesitation.

The Queen Mother's stress levels doubled when Lancelot joined the battle.

Initially, she was fighting Killer who had a similar overall ability with her and now another powerful opponent of the same level had advanced.

The Queen Mother looked around. Apart from her remaining six bug guardians that were still fighting, she was surprised to find that the other bug fighters were just watching aside and ignored the battle she was involved in completely!

Under Bloody's parasitization, apart from the Queen Mother and the 12 bug guardians, the other bugs were actually under Bloody's control.

The Queen Mother soon noticed the weird situation. She glanced at Lancelot and Killer that she was fighting with and eventually her eyes stopped on Lin Huang. After some observation, she ended up staring at Lin Huang's left hand.

Bloody, who was in a cloud form, attached itself on Lin Huang's left arm at the moment while controlling the battle.

Nobody knew how the Queen Mother figured out that it was Bloody who was the culprit. She flicked the whip hard to make Killer and Lancelot retreat. As she staggered hundreds of meters back, she lifted her head suddenly and released an ear-piercing chirp.

It sounded like a high-frequency buzz which was so high that it was almost beyond one's audible limit.

Bloody spat a mouthful of blood out all of a sudden as soon as the sound blared. The bugs that it was controlling with its Leech Pods began to go out of control.

"She took out all of my Leech Pods!" Bloody gasped to Lin Huang through voice transmission immediately.

Lin Huang frowned upon noticing that the bugs around were regaining their consciousness. He knew they would be drowned in the bug horde if he dragged it on further, so he then summoned the Ninetails Lynx instantly.

The white little cat sat on Lin Huang's shoulder, locking on its target as it glanced through the scene. It vanished in the next second.

"You've obtained Bug Tribe Queen Mother's Card Pieces (Mythical-level) x2!

"Congratulations, you've obtained a complete Bug Servant Card (Pseudo-Mythical-level) x14"

In the next second, Xiao Hei's notification rang in Lin Huang's ears.

When the Ninetails Lynx returned to Lin Huang's shoulder, the Queen Mother was not the only one that turned into card pieces but so did the few remaining bug guardians.

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