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"Who else?"

In front of Arena Number One, a thin old man who was acting as the referee suddenly shouted loudly, his eyes quickly sweeping across the spectating crowd.

At this point, the first round of Martial Competition was already coming to an end.

Out of the thirty-two martial arenas outside the valley, twenty-six were completely empty. There were also five that were engaged in intense combat.

The dojo that he was in charge of had already entered two Martial Warriors s, and it was still missing one person.

This was probably the last match.

"Do you have any friends who registered but have never participated in any martial arts competitions?"

The old man's eyes were like lightning as he shouted again, "If there is no third person, then the outcome of this competition will be decided by them."

Hearing the old man's words, a middle-aged man and a young man both revealed smiles on their faces.

The battle between the two of them was much easier than a free-for-all between the three of them!

After waiting for a while, there was still no sign of anyone entering the arena.

The old man exchanged a glance with the other referee beside him and immediately shouted, "Since there is no third person, then this martial arts competition is now …"

"Wait, there's more!"

Just as the word "start" was about to burst out, a clear shout suddenly reverberated through the air.

The thin old man frowned and looked towards the source of the sound. He saw a black shadow rushing over from dozens of meters away at lightning speed. In a short while, it had entered the # 1 Battlefield.

It was a sixteen to seventeen year old black-clothed youth. His body was tall and straight, his face delicate and pretty, and a Fire Red Long Spear hung on his shoulder. On the spear's body, a red and green luster was slowly flowing out.

Seeing this person, many of the spectating Martial Warriors were somewhat surprised.

The people who had registered to participate had all gathered outside of Phoenix Spirit Valley. However, this fellow had only ran over at the last moment.

"Tang Huan?"

Tens of metres away, Gu Fei found it hard to believe his eyes, Tang Huan was actually participating in the martial competition? He was still a Martial Disciple several days ago, how could he be a match for him now?

Gu Fei was panicking in his heart. With a move of his feet, he ran over.

In the resting area on the right side of the arena, Gu Ying, who had just finished battling with ease, was also stunned for a moment before regaining his senses. "Ye Ze also signed up to participate in the competition? At most, he will only be a Stage Four Martial Master, right? "

There were around 2700 people participating in the Martial Competition.

There might be a few Stage Four Martial Master among them, but in this kind of chaotic battle, there might not even be a single person who managed to pass through the first round. If Stage Four Martial Master was powerful, he might be able to defeat one Stage Five Martial Master. However, to defeat the combined forces of two Stage Five Martial Master, the chances weren't high.

"What happened to Stage Four Martial Master? "This kid has balls, I like it!"

Beside Gu Ying, Tang Si was grinning as he clapped his hands. His eyes, however, intentionally or unintentionally, looked at the white-clothed man who was holding a blue long rod.

It was Tang Long.

At this time, even though Tang Long's face was calm, and there was a smile on his lips, his eyes flashed with a dark look, and the right hand holding the long rod seemed to have slightly increased in strength.

"This fellow..."

Beneath the wooden shed, Du Xi's eyes revealed unconcealable doubt after his initial astonishment.

The black clothed youth who had just ran into Arena number one held the exact same weapon as Ye Ze. His figure was also extremely similar, but his appearance … Du Xi looked carefully a few times, but he could only find a hint of a similar face.

The purple clothed lady seemed to have noticed the change in Du Xi's expression, "He is Ye Ze?"

"I don't dare to be sure either. Perhaps it's Ye Ze's … "Brother?"

Du Xi could not help but laugh bitterly. In just a short span of twenty days, how could a person's appearance undergo such a huge change?

If the person who came was not the Ye Ze brothers, then there could only be one explanation. Back then, what Ye Ze had revealed in the Crescent City was not his true appearance, and of course, there was also the possibility that the one Ye Ze had revealed now was his fake appearance … In these two cases, the former was more likely.

Back then when he wore the mask, it was probably because he was worried that his appearance would reveal some flaws.

Compared to Du Xi's hesitation, Lei Ming, who had never seen the true "Ye Ze" before, secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

The black-clothed youth who rushed into the first round at the last moment was naturally Tang Huan.

"Seniors, I am Ye Ze, I was delayed because of some matters, and have come late, please forgive me, this is my number card, please have a look." Tang Huan cupped his hands at the two referees apologetically, and took out his number plate, which was engraved with the words "369".

When Tang Huan had left the Phoenix City, Du Xi had already given him this number plate along with the map of the Phoenix Spirit Valley, so that he wouldn't have to queue up to register again.

"No worries!"

The old man looked at the number plate and waved his hand.: "You three get ready."

Tang Huan took a light breath and shoved the number plate into his chest, only then did he begin to size up his two opponents. The middle-aged man was about 45 or 46 years old, his build was thin, he wore a green robe and held two hooks in his hands. The young man seemed to be 27 or 28 years old, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, leaning on a black spear.

Regardless of whether it was the middle-aged man or the young man, at this time, all of their expressions were rather ugly, and the eyes they looked at Tang Huan with were very unfriendly.

Tang Huan was naturally clear why they had such expressions.

If he did not come, only the two of them would participate in the competition. With his appearance, the competition had turned into an even more troublesome three-man free-for-all.

"Begin!" The old man's eyes swept over the three of them and suddenly shouted out.

"Ye Ze!"

Almost at the same time, a clear and melodious voice sounded from the edge of Arena Number One.

Tang Huan subconsciously turned her head back, seeing Gu Fei's delicate figure she couldn't help but wink at her with a smile.

"Be careful!"

Just at this time, Gu Fei let out a scream, scaring her to the point that her face turned pale.

She never expected that the moment the referee called out Tang Huan's alias, the referee would announce the start of the martial competition, and the instant she saw Tang Huan turn around, her heart would sink into her throat.

As expected, the worst situation had occurred.

How could the middle-aged man and young man miss such a good opportunity? Almost at the same time that Tang Huan turned his head around, the two of them attacked Tang Huan simultaneously, and the middle aged man laughed sinisterly as he stepped forward, the sharp double hooks in his hands transforming into two streaks of cyan light as he clawed at Tang Huan's neck and left waist respectively.


The young man sneered, his movements not slow either. The spear in his hand shot out like a streak of black light, piercing through the air like lightning, heading straight for Tang Huan's abdomen at a speed that the naked eye could not match.

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