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Liu Wen came out with tears and runny nose. He cried and said, “I know, I know, I dare not lie any more.”

“Keep talking.”

Liu Wen said, “At that time, I was still working as a small leader in Lungsheng. We helped the master tell us that several big men were coming to kill a hidden high-ranking couple in our county. We saw that when the couple came to the county town, the high-ranking people were ready to help the master with their elite helpers, and I was assigned a free-spirited job. Later, I heard a burst inside. After the noise, they went in to check…. All dead, everyone, all dead! I was thinking of helping the owner to say that the origins of these people were amazing, and then I couldn’t help being greedy. I turned them over for half a day in the heap of dead people. Unfortunately, the money didn’t turn much, but turned to a book. At that time, soon after the police arrived, I picked up the book and left there. Later, I realized that the people we helped were almost dead. Then I took the book and went to Jianghai City to join him.

After saying it in one breath, Liu Wen looked at Fang Shen with eager eyes, fearing that the murderer would not agree with each other and would step on his only leg.

But to his relief, Fang Shen lifted his feet and sat back in his seat, holding his chin in his hands, thinking there.

After a while, Fang Shen said, “Well, that’s it. You can go to the hospital.”

Liu Wen’s hands were trampled on and one leg was gone. Now the murderer allowed him to go to the hospital, but he also had to thank him: “Thank you, Mr. Fang.”

Wan Shiping hurried to let Liu Wen go out, but Fang Shen suddenly said, “Slow down!”

Liu Wen was frightened all over of course, he can not say all over, after all, his whole body is less than half, he cried and looked back to Fang Shen.

Fang Shen asked, “Does that familiar woman have anything to do with what you just said?”

Liu Wen nodded and said, “I didn’t know before, but last night I learned that he was the sister of the furniture store owner.

“Furniture shop?” Fang Shen was stunned for a while, but soon remembered that his parents went to the city to buy seats for the elementary school in Jianghai Village, that is, they were ambushed by the Longsheng Gang and the five big families in the furniture store, so the sister of the furniture store owner was absolutely a key figure.

Liu Wen added: “When I took the book and was ready to run, I found that the owner of the furniture store was staring at me not far away. He did not die. Although the senior man in our county killed dozens of people, he did not attack him.”

Fang Shen nodded his head. What a just man his father was. He could not kill innocent people. Moreover, his mother was attacked and vomited blood. So his father would be angry. He would kill dozens of people who were besieging him. He killed them all by himself.

Liu Wen said, “At that time, I ran out and did not care about the boss. Later, when I went to Jianghai City, I mixed up with Master Ping and came out. Later, I always thought that the man knew I had a book and felt unstable. So I set up a bureau to kill the man. The familiar woman was his sister. When she learned that her brother had been killed by me, she came to me. Said to go to me, yesterday I just know that the familiar woman is to avenge her brother, ha ha ha, thanks to that I love her so much! “

However, Fang Shen didn’t have the heart to listen to Liu Wen’s sad love story, but ran directly to the backyard.

Fang Shen recalled that the cooked woman was still in the backyard and would have been stained by Liu Wen, if he hadn't cut in.

Fang Shen was just thinking, what if that familiar woman saw her father being besieged?

If you can pull something out of her mouth, even if there is only a little delicate news, Fang Shen is also a little hope to find parents.

Leaving a room full of people who were at a loss, Fang Shen ran directly to the backyard.

By this time, all the people on the backyard had left, although ten minutes ago, there were still people lying there.

But Fang Shen didn’t kill them. At most, he just let them lie in bed for a few months.

At this time, the backyard was empty.

Fang Shen kicked directly into the room, which was rather dark because the windows were sealed up.

In the light of the entrance, Fang Shen saw the mature woman tied to the pillar.

When Fang Shen walked in, he shook his head helplessly. This Liu Wen was really crazy and had no human nature.

Judging from his performance, Fang Shen estimates that she still loves this woman in her heart.

But this long-term love, driven by the animal nature in his heart, becomes extremely abnormal.

The cooked woman was in a terrific costume, with her hair tied in a ponytail, a collar around her neck, a mouth ball, and a tightly-fitting dress, wrapping up her fat but not rotten flesh.

When Fang Shen came in, the woman looked up at Fang Shen, but apparently she took Fang Shen as Liu Wen’s staff, and soon lowered her head again, her eyes grey.

Fang Shen came up to her, and could not help saying that she directly pinched the chain on her hands and feet.

Although the chain is made of steel, it can be easily torn apart by his present force.

Looking at her untidy clothes, Fang Shen did not want to do such a shameful and dangerous thing. He took off her shirt and wrapped it around her. Then he helped the woman out of the dark room and came to the tree in the backyard.

Until the brilliant sunshine hit her face, the woman looked at her clothes and cautiously at Fang Fang. Her dry lips, which were caused by lack of water, opened and asked, “Why did you save me?” What about Liu Wen?

“I have several things to ask you, as long as you tell me the original story, I can let you kill Liu Wen by yourself.” Fang Shen affirmed.

As for Liu Wen’s life and death, Fang Shen was treated as a chip exchange, and Fang Shen did not feel to guilty at all.

Liu Wen has said everything he knows. He was no longer of any use to Fang Shen.

Not to mention that when Liu Wen was running a casino, through all kinds of dirty activities, he set up a bureau to destroy many families, which were originally harmonious and happy, and his wife was separated. Fang Shen killed him, totally for the people.

Liu Wen was also a member of the Longsheng Gang. He also participated in the actions of the Longsheng Gang and the five major parties. Although Liu Wen was only a free hand then, now the theft gang is not sentenced to let go.

That’s why it’s a crime to let the wind go!

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