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"blood dragon ancestor!"

The Azure Dragon was stunned.

When the Seal appeared in Frozen End City, he had felt that this Seal was very familiar.

When he saw the Seal Eye, he felt a familiar feeling.

Now he knew why.

It was precisely because of the Seal in front of him!

"Yuan Long have been here before!"

"Boss must have been here before." The Azure Dragon Ancestor said with incomparable certainty. Looking at the aura within the Seal, he could sense that this aura was extremely familiar. It was the aura of his brother, the Blood Dragon.

He is also one of the fighting generals of the Yuan Long!

Naturally, Long Fei could not hear what he said, and Yan Huang ancestor was the same.

The Azure Dragon had said that.

Long Fei had to walk his own path, his own strength needed to be awakened by himself. Step by step, bit by bit, there was no other way.

Nor could he provide a shortcut.

Because …

There were no shortcuts in this world. There was only constant hard work!

Long Fei looked at the gigantic Seal and muttered: "It's another Seal, how do I break this Seal?"

"This Seal is several times higher than the one with the frozen Seal. If you want to break this Seal …"

"I was wondering why there are so many strange Seal s in the Tianwu Continent despite the fact that the Tianwu Continent's plane being not high." Yan Huang ancestor shouted in anger.

In the Sky Martial Continent, compared to the Chaos Realm, its plane of existence was very low.

Take the Seal in front of his eyes for example, he had never seen such a complicated Seal before.

He had no idea!

Long Fei said: "Ancestor, how is the power of the Seal broken through, theoretically speaking, how is it broken through?"

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Last time when we fought Lei Mo, he said one sentence. Any formation in the world, as long as you have enough strength, you can shatter it."

"This is the case for formations and also for Seal. As long as you have absolute strength, you can crush Seal."

Long Fei said: "Do you think I have that much power?"

Yan Huang ancestor:...


"I can just find the Seal's Eye and shatter it." The Yan Huang ancestor said, "I will first go and sense where the Seal Formation Aperture is located."

The idea moved and rushed in.


Just as the idea entered the Ancient Seal, his sea of consciousness suddenly exploded and he cried out in pain, "It's too strong!"

"The power in this Seal is too strong."

The moment his idea entered, it was strangled, and this force even followed along his idea's crazy counterattack. If not for the fact that he retreated quickly, the Yan Huang ancestor would have definitely suffered heavy injuries.


"Kid, this Seal's level is too high, it's not something you can break through with your current ability." Yan Huang ancestor heaved a sigh of relief.

Long Fei said: "Then what do we do? If I can't break this Seal, I can't get out. "

"No way!"

Long Fei's eyes became firm, and he said: "No matter what, I have to break out of this Seal."

"He's going to suppress us with his overwhelming strength, isn't he?"


Long Fei's heart sank, "Unparalleled at level 5!"

"Open for me!"


A huge boom resounded within his body. Wushuang had leveled up to level five, which meant that she had thirty-two times the attribute power.

His body was filled with power.

"Power of the Metal Dragon, open!" Long Fei shouted.

The eight dragons were enraged. The defensive power of the golden dragon was completely transformed into offensive power.

At this moment.

Long Fei held onto the dragon salyer tightly, stared at the gigantic Seal array and said softly: "I still won't believe that I can't break your Seal!"


He jumped on the spot!

He leapt into the air, both hands holding onto his saber. He chopped down with his axe, "Dragon Slash!"


The sky split open and an incomparably thick energy slashed down, slashing onto the Seal's array formation.

"Weng …"

A white light flashed within the Seal Formation, forming a strong halo of light, the powerful energy within the halo of light was immediately repelled back, Long Fei's power had just landed and was sent flying a few hundred meters away.

"Bang, bang, bang."

His mind and consciousness seemed to be rolling on the ground.

It was extremely hard to bear.

"F * ck!" Long Fei scolded angrily, "I don't believe it."

He moved his feet and quickly rushed out, chopping down from another corner. Just like before, he was once again sent flying.




"Your father has gone crazy. I'm afraid of myself, but I don't believe that I can't break your Seal Formation." Long Fei became berserk like a demon that was sealed, and every time he was sent flying, he crazily charged forward.

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Brat, you can't do this."

Long Fei acted as if he did not hear it.

He kept charging forward.

In a short ten minutes, he had charged a hundred times.

At this moment.

He couldn't even stand properly, and his face was a bit pale. His entire body was covered in blood, and he fell down heavily again and again. It was very uncomfortable.


Long Fei took another step forward, landing in the air above the array, panting heavily as he said: "You still haven't broken through, right?"

"If you don't break it, then continue to slash!"

As he spoke, a drop of blood dripped from his body.


A clear and crisp sound came out, as the blood droplet fell into the Seal Array, causing it to be absorbed. Long Fei did not notice all of this, and fiercely slashed down.

This time …

He was not sent flying.

The dragon salyer in his hand heavily slashed at the formation, and at this moment, the formation crumbled as fresh blood gushed out of the cracks like a fountain.

Long Fei's eyes turned cold, "What is this?"

Yan Huang ancestor said, "In an instant, all the power of the Seal disappeared."

Long Fei quickly flicked his finger and landed outside of the array. He looked at the blood that was continuously gushing out of the array as it increased in number. Within a few seconds, the array was filled with blood and it was rolling continuously.

The Azure Dragon became excited, "It really is the Blood Dragon!"

"Hahaha... It really is him! "

"Then boss must have been here before. I wonder who's feeling that familiar feeling in the array. Is it sister-in-law?" The Azure Dragon Ancestor muttered to himself.

And then …

He did not think too much, because Long Fei would definitely meet him in the future. Right now, what he needed to do was to find the secrets of the Dragon Domain, the Open Dragon Domain, and obtain the strongest power in the Dragon Realm.

Then everything would be clear!

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A loud sound rang out from within the Seal's array as a colossal monster moved beneath the tumbling blood.

Long Fei muttered: "Could it be that another boss is hidden below?"

The dragon salyer in his hands tightened its grip even more. A Spirit Burst Pill entered his body and quickly recovered its power of celestial value.


"Hualala …"

Blood gushed into the sky as a huge, blood-red creature suddenly charged out. At this moment, all the auras in the surroundings were firmly suppressed by the giant creature.

Dragon! Sister-in-law {1} -/- + Health - Strongest Upgrade System

Blood Dragon!

Long Fei's eyes became dazed, and he muttered in his heart, "Fuck!"

It was also at this time.

The blood dragon suddenly said, "Boss!"


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