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After Chen Xiang found out about these things, he also found a way to defend himself. Right now, only the Undead Divine Race was here, and the Evil Spirit Race was still above the Natural Law Divine Realm, dealing with human beings!

"Looks like the Natural Law Divine Realm is the birthplace of all the living creatures. There are all sorts of races and their strengths are all extremely powerful. That young master, who is only the son of the leader of a small tribe in the Undead Divine Race, is already so powerful!"

What Chen Xiang was curious about was why did the other races suddenly disappear? Undead Divine Race also did not know about this, and Evil Spirit Race did not seem to be aware of it either.

But the humans protected by the Heavenly Dao Holy Land were still here. There had to be a reason!

"Only three batches came to the Undead Divine Race, one of them occupied a Heavenly Star, the other one was killed by me while the rest were preparing to kill a Heavenly Star, but they should all know by now that the batch that came to this place was destroyed, and they will be here very soon."

Chen Xiang was not too worried, if Xu Youqing came, with Xu Youqing's help, he would be able to relax, if only the Dragon kylin could come!

Right now, the Everlasting Mountain's seal was very weak, it could easily be broken if damaged, so Chen Xiang had to stay here, even if he could not reinforce the seal, he could not let the seal be destroyed so quickly, he had to delay it for a while, so that they could refine Spirit Pill which could quickly increase their strength!

As long as they had more Heavenly Dao Realm experts, they would not have to worry about strong enemies from the Natural Law Divine Realm!

and Dai Donggong were both injured. It could be seen how strong the people from the Natural Law Divine Realm were, that they were the top rankers in the Star Law Divine Realm.

Xu Youqing and Wu Zhi came from the Great Heavenly Star, so Chen Xiang was a little disappointed that he did not see the Dragon kylin.

"Are the enemies very strong?" Xu Youqing also knew a lot of things, so when she saw Chen Xiang, she asked him directly.

"Hmm, but you and I can deal with them now, so it might be a little difficult!" "You Qing, thank you for your hard work!" Chen Xiang smiled at her and stroked her hair.

"It's fine. I've also improved a lot. It's just right for me to give it a try!" Xu Youqing smiled at Chen Xiang. She had been in the Hundreds of Flowers Village for a few days already, so she knew quite a bit about Chen Xiang from him and understood him better.

After that, Chen Xiang told Wu Zhi and Xu Youqing everything he knew about the Natural Law Divine Realm. He had already told Dai Donggong and the others about it before.

Xu Youqing was using the power of a curse, so her actions were also soundless. Once someone was hit by her curse, the consequences would be severe, and with the Hundred gods level, she would be able to fully cultivate it soon, making her considered strong in the Star Law Divine Realm.

Of course, it was only because Xu Youqing had cultivated to the Second Divine Sense Sea that she had such strength.

Wu Zhi had secretly guessed at Xu Youqing's strength. He did not expect that the woman by Chen Xiang's side would be so strong, even more terrifying than these elders, he could not see through it.

Xu Youqing had only been there for half a day, but a group of people suddenly appeared at the top of Everlasting Mountain. If not for the protection of the great formation, they would have already rushed down!

"Yuqing, you'd better prepare yourself. Listen to my orders and help me later." Chen Xiang said to Xu Youqing before he instantly teleported into the air, appearing in front of that group of people.

"Who are you!" Chen Xiang already knew the background of the other party, but he still had to pretend to ask. He wanted to see if the other party knew that he was the one who killed the young master.

"And who are you? Quickly remove the formation, or else we will destroy it, and this mountain will be ours! " There were several dozen people on the opposing side, led by a middle-aged man. Behind the middle-aged man was an old man who caused everyone to tremble with fear. One look was all it took to tell that he was very powerful.

"I am a Leader of the Everlasting Mountain! What right do you have to say that this mountain is yours? " Chen Xiang asked indifferently.

"You talk too much!" I don't care if you are the Leader here, I only know that I have set my eyes on this mountain and it is mine. I will ask you again, are you going to remove the array? " The middle-aged man's voice became very cold and full of threat.

"No retreat!" Chen Xiang replied.

The sword suddenly stabbed over, without any warning, it had stabbed into Chen Xiang's throat in the blink of an eye!

Chen Xiang had already prepared himself. The moment the other party attacked, he used the Cloud Sky Constellation and turned his throat into a fog. Although the sword pierced through, it was unable to harm him!

The other party thought that he had pierced Chen Xiang's throat, but felt that something was amiss. By the time he discovered it, Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword had already appeared!

Chen Xiang's sword was extremely fast, aimed for his opponent's wrist!

The middle-aged man did not expect his sword to pierce through the enemy's throat, but it did not cause any damage to the enemy. While he was still in shock, the enemy had already returned the attack!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The middle aged man suddenly shouted, his wrist had been struck by Chen Xiang, when his divine sword and palm fell, Chen Xiang used teleportation techniques and teleported him to the Chuangshi god furnace.

The man behind the middle-aged man was also surprised. Their leader's hand had been cut off!

"Die!" The middle-aged man roared as he struck out with his other hand. With a blue qi aura, the whole earth suddenly started to shake violently.

When the aura attacked, it created a violent wind. The ground was instantly covered with a thick layer of it. Mud and trees flew everywhere, blowing in all directions.

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, even after a palm was cut off, the middle-aged man still remained indifferent as he made his move, releasing that blue divine force. He did not know what law power it was, but the power it contained caused Chen Xiang to be shocked!

Although it looked like a violent force of astral wind, it was actually a sharp thorn condensed from divine power. It was extremely terrifying!

After Chen Xiang teleported away, he felt a lingering fear in his heart. He felt that if he was pierced, he would definitely be severely injured, it was a sharp thorn condensed with a very powerful god's power. However, the speed of the thrust was still a bit slow, the other party did not know that he had grasped such a powerful spatial force!

If it was the past, Chen Xiang would definitely not have used Teleportation, but it was different now. After he absorbed the Black Costume Evil Spirits's spatial energy, even in the face of this extremely unstable space, he was still able to teleport smoothly!

"You Qing, deal with that old man!" Chen Xiang suddenly said to Xu Youqing. He could already feel that the old man behind the middle-aged man was condensing a very terrifying power.

Xu Youqing was already prepared, upon hearing Chen Xiang's sound transmission, she immediately used her curse power!

Chen Xiang once again teleported to the side of the middle aged man. A lightning strike struck, and the middle aged man's arm flashed with a blue light.

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