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"I want to challenge that naked woman!"

As soon as he finished.

martial-arts arena was in an uproar.

"No clothes?"

"Where, where, why didn't I see it?"


The word "naked" was too alluring.


In reality, the leopard girl's chest and waist were covered by someone, so if you looked at her from the stage, you wouldn't see even a little bit of her clothes.

Arhat was stunned and turned to look at the leopard girl.

And then …

Arhat shouted, "Challenge women? You still have the nerve to do so? "

Liu Li sneered, "What? Are you scared? If you are afraid, then don't bring a woman. If you are afraid, then scram to the sect. "

"You!" Arhat's gaze tensed up.

The leopard girl giggled and said: "Arhat gege, it's fine."

"If you want to challenge me, challenge me."

When the leopard girl walked out, the surrounding men's eyes almost popped out. They stared at the hot body of the leopard girl and continuously swallowed their saliva.

"This woman is too charming."

"Whose woman is this?"

"Look at the other two, they are both supreme beauties."

… ….

The leopard girl walked up to the arena and said with a faint smile, "Let's begin."

Liu Li was secretly delighted. "I can't beat that big guy, but can't I beat you?" "A mere girl, and you're still wearing so little, watch me strip you naked, hahaha …"


Liu Li's Adam's apple rolled as he smiled obscenely and said, "Take this."

At this moment.

A lance with runes on it shot out from thin air.

Split into two!

Liu Li's left and right eyes were pierced straight through. The force of the javelin sent him flying and he was nailed to a tree tens of meters away.

His eyes had ruptured, and his head was almost bursting from the force.

His four limbs drooped down powerlessly. He was dead!


Many people swallowed their saliva. Their expressions became cold as their bodies abruptly shrunk. They no longer dared to look at the leopard girl.

No one had noticed the two marks just now.

Even the four great King Kong were stunned. They did not know how the leopard girl made the bid. Wasn't this too weird?

The leopard girl still had a smile on her face as she said, "Who still wants to challenge me?"

The leopard girl now was not the same leopard girl from three years ago.

Previously, she could only grab the javelin from the void. But now … Her javelins were able to be picked up without being seen.

From the moment she came out, two javelins appeared in the air to the left and right of her body. From that moment on, the javelins shot out.

Twenty or so meters.

If one had the least strength, he would ask whether he was afraid or not!

In these two consecutive battles, Lin Ming had easily killed his opponent, not by defeating him, but by killing him.

The expressions of the Qing-Yun disciples changed slightly.

The leopard girl giggled and playfully jumped off the stage. The leopard print barrier looked like it was about to fall off, however … No one was looking at her anymore.

This woman was too fierce.

At this moment.

Everyone was thinking, could it be that these twenty people in Long Family are all demons?

Was this big guy's violence and the leopard tattooed girl's ferocity really the strength of a defeated family?

Long Sanfeng laughed.

Hong Wantu's expression also darkened, becoming even more unsightly, "I won't believe a mere Long Family like you!"

As soon as he finished.

Hong Wantu stared at the Sect Leader of the Liu Ye Sect.

Liu Yi immediately stood up and said, "Liu Ye Sect, Liu Yi!"


One step landed on the stage, his gaze darkened, staring straight at the Long Family, he said: "Long Sanfeng, come up and die!"

Li Yuanba was furious.

Jojo was also enraged as he took a step forward.

At this moment.

Long Sanfeng stopped the two of them, and said slightly: "I'm just a bad old man, isn't it better to bully an old man like me like this?"

Liu Yi laughed coldly, "Long Sanfeng, are you afraid?"

"Get out of here if you're scared."

Long Sanfeng laughed, then walked to the martial ground and said: I am afraid, I am not afraid, but I am afraid of people saying that I am bullying the weak, and that is not good.


Liu Yidao coldly snorted and said, "Long Sanfeng, your words are extremely useless, hurry up …"



Long Sanfeng's figure disappeared from the martial-arts arena.

The Dwarf's face sank.


A person suddenly said, "The sky …"

"There's a dragon in the sky!"


A violent dragon fell down from the sky. Before Liu Yiyi could react, he was stomped into a puddle of meat paste!

Instant kill!

Long Sanfeng transformed into a dragon.

Roaring, he said solemnly: "You want to challenge my Long Family?"


"Are you mocking my Long Family for being a trash?"

"Say more trash!"

Long Sanfeng's voice carried the might of a dragon as he stood on the stage with a dragon that could crush the entire arena.

Dragon Transformation!

For hundreds of years, no one in the Long Family had been able to enter the Dragon Transformation Realm, but now, there was actually a powerhouse in the Dragon Transformation Realm.

"Come on!"

Long Sanfeng's voice sounded once again.

This time, it was a complete crushing.

The dragon's roar resounded in all four directions, leaving the plaza completely silent.

Hong Wantu's eyes turned sinister as he laughed coldly, "What a beast. I never thought that people from the Long Family could become beasts."

Long Sanfeng's gaze darkened, and he stared at Hong Wantu: "Hong Wantu, are you unhappy?"

"If you're not satisfied, come down and kill me!"

"So what if you're from the Heaven Sect?"

"So what if you're a god emperor academy?"

"What can the realm of war king do?"

"Bullying my grandson, and humiliating my Long Family? I don't care who you are, I'll still screw you over! "

His voice carried the power of a dragon's roar as it crazily shot out.

Many sect masters on the plaza paled, being crushed by Long Sanfeng's dragon aura made them feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Hong Wantu sneered: "Long Sanfeng, you're here to cause trouble?"

Long Sanfeng said arrogantly, and said: "This old man is here to cause trouble. Hong Wantu, hand over my grandson's wife, and this matter will be passed over."

"Heh heh …"

"I've always heard that the people of Long Family are arrogant."

"Today, this room is really like this."


Hong Wantu frowned, his voice suddenly changed, and he shouted: "Old fellow, you have come to the wrong place, this is the Heaven Sect, it is not a place for you beasts to behave so atrociously."

"Hualong is very arrogant, isn't he?"

"I'll let you experience the strength of a sect."

As soon as he finished.

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An old man rushed out, floating above Long Sanfeng's head like a ghost.

It was also at this moment.

Both of his fists moved, punching out explosively!

"Boom, boom!"

He threw two punches at the Tyrant Dragon's head.


The entire stage exploded, and Long Sanfeng's body immediately changed into his human form.

The entire audience was in an uproar.

"Power of the War God!"

"An expert of the wargod realm!"

"I never thought that other than the genius Hong Tianjun and Sect Master Hong Wantu, there are also experts from the wargod realm …"

"Now, those people from the Long Family are going to become dead dogs, hahaha … Let's see how they can still act so arrogantly! "

… …. [^ [half (. )/[Float * (Life)]. Previous Chapter

The old man's face was filled with contempt as he sneered, "Someone from the Long Family? a piece of trash who couldn't even withstand a single blow! "

Jojo shouted loudly, "Grandfather!"

With a flick of his head, he said, "I'll do it!"

Without waiting for him to rush out, Lin Yousheng said: "Where a child like you should come from, I'll go first!"

Chapter IV

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