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The Glasses-guy created a Wechat group for the four of them so as to advise the three underclass men from an upperclassman’s view.

“Remember to bring the required material and put them in a safe place. Every year, there are cases where freshmen’s admission letters along with their bags got stolen. It will be troublesome then.”

Straight Guy, “So terrible!”

The Glasses-guy, “Don’t worry, just take care of valuable items.”

Domineering Guy, “Wow, I’ll watch Chen closely.”

Coquettish Guy, “Oh.”

The Glasses-guy, “Zhou Ming, you’re more and more thick-skinned. There are other people in the group.” Approved Only.

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The Domineering's father disagreed about the dormitory allocation. In order not to provoke his father, Domineering Guy expressed his ecstasy in disguise, or self-righteous disguise.

At dinner, when thinking he would be cohabiting as adults with wify, Domineering Guy couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

The Domineering's father was angry on the spot, “Are you happy? Share it with your mom and me.”

Domineering Guy used quick wits to reply his father, “My mom cooked such delicious dishes. I’m thinking how many good deeds you have done in your last life so that you are so lucky in this life to marry such a good wife. Dad, does it deserve my happy laughter?”

The Domineering's father, “….”


The Domineering's father did not want his son to live with the son of Family Ji and he was torn. Finally, he made a decision, he took the mobile phone out and prepared to call….

Just then, Domineering Guy knocked the door and came in the room with a serious face, “Dad, stop. I know what you want.”

The Domineering's father went furious, “I’m your father. I say I want to do it. Don’t you even try to persuade me.”

Domineering Guy said with emotion, “I’m not thinking about myself. I’m worried about you, dad. You can allocate us in different dorms. We also can alter to living outside the campus. But if you make this phone call, it marks the beginning of your corruption. You said that you would never use your power to befit yourself. Dad, have you forgotten about it? Do you still remember the citizen’s trust?”

A headache seized The Domineering's father, and he putdown the phone, “…Get out.”

Domineering Guy bowed to his father, “Ok, dad. Thank you.”


The Straight's mother doted her son so much that when she helped him packing, she itched to pack the whole house for him. On the contrary, his father was a believer of tough love and he felt his son could go to university by himself. Then, dragging a pile of luggage by himself, Straight Guy sensed the cruelty and viciousness of adult world.    

He sent a message in the Wechat group, “Boss, Chen, Are you at school yet? I have a pile of luggage. Please help me.”

However, to his surprise, the first one replied him was The Glasses-guy, “Where are you?”

“What?” Straight Guy never thought the upperclassman would reply him. Although he felt sorry about bothering The Glasses-guy, truth was he could not handle all the luggage. And then he replied, “The gate of the university. I came by taxi. But only faculties’ cars are allowed to enter.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll be right over.”

Three minutes later, The Glasses-guy saw Straight Guy sitting in the middle of a pile of suitcases and parcels. Even as experienced as he was, he couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth, “How could all this luggage fit in a taxi.”

Straight Guy felt embarrassed and said, “I called a commercial vehicle.” 

When they were talking, a freshman walked up to them, putting his luggage next to this pile of luggage and promptly thrusting Straight Guy some money, “Schoolfellow, you are taking care of luggage, yeah? I’ll collect them in twenty minutes. Don’t lose them. Or you’ll pay me money.”

Straight Guy, “Upperclassmen, am I an embarrassment?”


The Glasses-guy was once a freshman, so he understood Straight Guy’s uneasiness in a new environment. The Glasses-guy thrust the money back to the freshman, “It’s ok that if you don’t know the situation as a freshman. But a normal person will ask before do it.”

In the freshman’s surprised look, The Glasses-guy held Straight Guy’s hand, “Let’s go. Let’s put the luggage in your dorm.”

“Ok.” Straight Guy stood up compliantly and was about to carry the bulgy giant backpack back

Seeing that, The Glasses-guy frowned and grabbed it from Straight Guy, “You take care of the suitcase. I’ll get this.”

No sooner had The Glasses-guy got the backpack than felt regret. The Glasses-guy almost swore in public and spoiled his image, “What did you put in the backpack? Why is it so heavy?”

Straight Guy was about to answer him, “Bang!” A pot fell out from the backpack and accurately hit the instep of The Glasses-guy.

Straight Guy was about to cry.


That day, The Glasses-guy was dolled up. However, only Straight Guy saw it. Soon after, The Glasses-guy was sweaty and messy due to this pile of luggage.

Straight Guy felt sorry about that and felt that the upperclassman couldn’t leave like this, what a stain to his image of excellent upperclassman. So he sincerely invited the upperclassman to take a shower in their dorm, “Upperclassman, please take a shower and have some rest. When Boss and Chen come, let’s have dinner together, my treat. Today, I’ve troubled you so much.” 

With the pain in his foot, The Glasses-guy calmly nodded his head and walked into the bathroom. The second he closed the door, he uttered “Ouch” out of pain.


Domineering Guy and his wify came late. They only saw Straight Guy’s message after they got off the car and they replied immediately, “Are you in the dorm yet? Did you get in? Chen and I will be there later. Wait for us.”

Straight Guy, “The upperclassmen already helped me. Do you need help?”

Coquettish Guy, “That’s ok. Zhou, you take some rest. We are good.”

Straight Guy handled the luggage situation and he excitedly shared the dorm situation with his two roommates. Straight Guy became happier and happier over texting. After all, they entered the first-rate university and were about to begin a new life. For a student who just finished the hell-like senior year of high school, he couldn’t ask for more.”

When The Glasses-guy opened the bathroom door, Straight Guy was laughing with mobile phone in hands. He walked up to Straight Guy with curiosity, “What are you seeing?” Hearing that, Straight Guy was so nervous that he stood up immediately, intending to greet the upperclassman, but he strode such a big step, only to find himself precisely stepped on The Glasses-guy’s injured right foot.

“Ouch….” The Glasses-guy finally lost his balance and fell on the ground with Straight Guy, who fell on him instead of the ground.

Feeling the upperclassman’s breath was so close Straight Guy felt awkward. He blinked his eyes and subconsciously pressed against the upperclassman’s chest to stand up.

“Zhou, we’re coming….”

The door was somehow opened. Standing at the door side by side, Domineering Guy and Coquettish Guy petrified themselves to a pair of matching sculpture.


Straight Guy was a man of his word and invited them for dinner. The atmosphere was weird. Coquettish Guy thoughtfully looked at Straight Guy and then The Glasses-guy. In order to cover up the explosive amount of information in his mind, Coquettish Guy quietly picked up the cup for a sip. Domineering Guy promptly stopped him, “Honey, this is vinegar.’

Coquettish Guy, “….”

After this episode, the atmosphere became more wired. Domineering Guy felt the situation must be changed and then he broke the ice, “So, let’s order. Upperclassman, you know this restaurant very well, what’s the specialty?”   

The Glasses-guy, “I forgot.”

Straight Guy who had been in a daze was awakened suddenly, “Faggot? No, I’m not.”

Coquettish Guy looked at Straight Guy with an inexplicit look mixed with sympathy and pity….


Domineering Guy was quiet the whole dinner, he knew how hard it was to be gay. Seeing his roommate turned gay suddenly, he felt complicated.

Coquettish Guy pretended that nothing had happened and helped Domineering Guy with a piece of food out of comfort.

He didn’t realize the piece given by wify was a well-disguised ginger until he ate it.

And then, Domineering Guy almost burst out into tears.

He knew The Glasses-guy and Straight Guy also felt a bit complicated. As their good friend, he sensed he should avoid making them feeling uncomfortable. And then, he broke the ice, “That’s ok. Chen and I have experienced it before. You never know when coincidence happens. Me and Chen once

even fell on the bed coincidently.

Straight Guy’s expression became more complicated.

Coquettish Guy helped Domineering Guy with inedible chicken bottom in his bowl, “Just eat. Stop talking.”


Coquettish Guy analyzed that Straight Guy’s mood swing was from what happened on the registration day, it was too much to handle immediately.

Moreover, he was caught cuddling with a man, that was a blow for him, especially considering that he lived with two gays throughout his high school life.

When Straight guy went to the bathroom, Coquettish Guy whispered to Domineering Guy, “Although Zhou accepts us being together, it doesn’t mean he supports gay wholeheartedly. Today, we’re overreacted. Zhou was also nervous. We can’t be so sensitive in the future.

Coquettish Guy, “Wife, you’re right.”

When Straight guy came out from shower, Coquettish Guy switched on his considerate roommate mode, “Zhou, I’m thinking, have you misunderstood something because of the relationship between Zhou Ming and me. Boys tend to be close with each other once they get familiar, that doesn’t mean they are gay. You know what I mean.”

Domineering Guy followed up immediately, “Right. Don’t be nervous and overthink. You know, tens of thousands of boy probably have Chen and me. You are straight, officially certified. Don't overthink. Are you feeling better now?”


Freshmen must choose a PE course. Recently, Straight guy was so nervous that felt all popular PE courses were so gay.

“Basketball… No. Too much physical contact. Cross that off.”

“Fencing…No. Getting changed in front of each other. How misleading is that.”

Straight guy pondered about it, he chose gymnastics which was rarely picked. Seeing the notification on the screen for successful course selection, Straight guy sighed in relief. He thought, “Gymnastics is good, no physical contact with others, and everyone keeps one arm distance from each other. I’m relieved.”

Domineering Guy glanced at Straight guy’s screen and changed face. He immediately lowered his head to text his wify, “Honey, things may have really changed.”

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