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The methods of the Heavenly hall of immortals s made Long Fei very unhappy.

Since he was unhappy.

Then he had to do it!

Long Fei roared in the courtyard, his fury raging to the heavens.

At this moment.

It woke up a large group of people.

chief bodyguard rushed into the courtyard without even putting on his outer robes, and asked: "Brother Long, what happened?"

Long Fei's aura retracted, and he said with firm eyes: "Big brother captain, can you bring me to god's soul mountain?"

Long Fei did not want to waste anymore time.

He wanted to quickly find the god's soul herb and then go to god emperor academy.

Yi Yi Yi tried his best to protect, not allowing him to kill Lin Long, and not allowing him to appear in the courtyard.

Long Fei didn't feel anything towards the god emperor academy.

In any case, it was just an academy. To him, whether it was an academy or a sect, he didn't care because he didn't need anyone to guide his cultivation.

What he needed to gain from training was experience.

However... The immortal domain was slightly different. He still needed an Immortal Foundation to break through.

However …

From the moment Yi Yi was punched first, Long Fei had already made up his mind to enter the god emperor academy!

He had to!

Before that, he needed god's soul herb to save the Yan Huang ancestor.

"god's soul mountain?"

"Where are you going?"

This town was famous because of the god's soul mountain. There were many immortals and experts that came here to search for treasures, but it was just that … No one had succeeded.

As for what kind of treasure did the god's soul mountain have?

Even the people in this town didn't know. There were legends about them, that there were immortals on top of god's soul mountain, true immortals.

Whoever could find immortals could cultivate immortal spells.

However …

In the tens of thousands of years that had passed, not a single person had succeeded.

There were even many people who were unable to climb onto the god's soul mountain, and had retreated halfway. Because the god's soul mountain was simply too steep, even a Golden Immortal Rank Ranker would find it difficult to climb over it, much less fly over it.

Long Fei didn't say, he only said: "You just need to bring me there."

The chief bodyguard did not ask any further and replied, "Alright, wait a moment. I will go and prepare."

"Thank you!"

Long Fei exhaled, looked at the night sky, and muttered: "Senior, wait for me."

… ….

Half an hour later.

Long Fei waited for chief bodyguard at the entrance of the town.

Long Fei was startled, he asked: "Leader, why are you carrying so much?"

chief bodyguard laughed: "These are all prepared for you. I just asked the oldest man in the village, he said that if you want to climb Tian Hu Mountain, you must bring a sacrifice."


Long Fei muttered, "Sacrifice?"

chief bodyguard laughed: "Sacrifice for the heavens, I am not sure. In any case, if you can reach the peak of your power, take out your offering."

"Hehe …"

Long Fei smiled, "Thank you for your good intentions!"

He didn't think much of it. He didn't believe in the heavens, he didn't believe in fate. He only believed in himself.

Because …

The Long family had never accepted their fate!

Trust in a man to triumph over the heavens!

The two of them hurried on their way.

Because the demon beasts that had just been miserably dealt with by Long Fei had all been killed, so all of the demon beasts in god's soul mountain hid themselves and didn't dare to come out again.

Early morning.

The chief bodyguard pointed to a mountain in the sky that could not be seen from the summit, and said: "That is the god's soul mountain, it might be the tallest mountain in the immortal domain."

"Some people say that it can link to the soul of the heavens."

Long Fei dismounted from his horse, and said: "Many thanks Big Brother Captain, I will be going now."

At this moment.

chief bodyguard also quickly dismounted and said: "Brother Long, bring these things with you. Whether it's useful or not, what if it's useful?"

What Long Fei wanted to refuse was, looking at the firm expression in his eyes, he said: "Alright."

He picked up a big package and took it out.

Climb the mountain!

In his previous life, Long Fei hated climbing the mountain the most. He liked to play with water because …. The girls in the water were wearing very little clothes!


Long Fei wasn't called climbing the mountain, he was called running up the mountain. He was very fast as he ran all the way up.

An hour passed.

Long Fei slowed down.

Two hours passed.

Long Fei could no longer run.

After three hours, Long Fei was slowly walking.

… ….

Seven hours passed.

Long Fei became a mountain climber. The mountain became steeper and steeper, like a rock climbing, and one could not see the top of the mountain.


Long Fei clenched his teeth. He had to choose the path himself, no matter how bitter it was, and he would continue walking on it. If it wasn't for him, Yi Yi would definitely have returned to Heavenly hall of immortals before Gu Wuji had done so, and wouldn't have been hunted down by star spirit messenger.

Senior Yi Yi Yi had done too much for him, if he couldn't get the god's soul herb, then he would really let him down.

A full day passed.

Long Fei was still crawling, gasping for breath, perspiring profusely, but he did not stop for even half a second.

Raising his head to look at the mountain peak above him, he muttered to himself, "How high is it?"


It was very high, very steep. If one was not careful, they would fall down. If one fell down from this height, they would definitely become a pile of meat.

Long Fei did not give up in his heart.

With every step forward, you will move further away from success. If you stop, you will never reach the peak.

Just like training.

The next day passed.

The third day passed.

Long Fei kept climbing …

A full ten days!

A mountain climbed for ten days.

Long Fei finally saw the mountain peak. At the same time, he was also observing his surroundings to see if there were any god's soul herb s. The god's soul herb s grew on the Heavenly Soul Cliff and he said excitedly: "Ancestor, we will be able to find the god's soul herb soon, and we will be able to save you soon."

"Huff, huff …"

Long Fei gasped for breath heavily, and rushed forward in a single breath.


The moment he stepped onto the peak of the mountain, he was dumbfounded.

The entire mountain peak was only the size of a millstone. It was completely bare and calm, not to mention god's soul herb, there wasn't even a single blade of grass.

How could grass grow in such a place?

"Holy sh * t!"

Long Fei cursed as his body fell and laid on the ground like a big pool of water, gasping for air, "Your sister."

He had not slept for ten days and ten nights, but what he received in return was nothing.

This was too much of a blow.

Don't say that the result isn't important, the process is. Climbing this high up is enough to repay the scenery.

If anyone dared to say something like that, Long Fei would definitely kick him down the Sky Soul Cliff.

What he wanted was the result.

As for the scenery … What kind of scenery was this?

Long Fei was too tired, too tired and too hungry.

And then …

Long Fei muttered: "And you also bring an offering, I will sacrifice your sister, I will first sacrifice my five viscera temple."

Thinking about the offerings in the luggage, he mumbled to himself, "Ten days have passed and I don't know if it has broken or not."

"I can't control it, I'm starving to death."

After Long Fei opened his luggage, he was even more dumbfounded!

"I …"

Besides the two candles, the so-called offering was … It was carved out of wood, painted and polished. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

Long Fei knew it was fake when he held it in his hand, "Then I'll be fucked."

Life is going to be desperate.


When he took out the offerings, the aura around him began to change!

Chapter I

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