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The undercurrents surged more and more violently.

The key point was …

Long Fei didn't know anything.

He never thought that the Black Shark Faction would appear at the auction site. He never thought that Murong Tian would actually bite onto him like a mad dog and kill him no matter what.

He had always been thinking about the Fengyuan Merchant Union.

He wanted to crush the other Nine Business Union.

As for everything else …

He didn't think too much about it.


Although Long Fei did not think about all these, he was not afraid of anything!

Just a few big guys from his Space Ring could withstand everything.

… ….

shi qian walked onto the stage and said: "The third round of the special spirit treasure auction is about to begin. There are no restrictions, regardless of the war device s, Immortal Roots, or war pet s, you can proceed with the auction."

"Let's begin!"

While they were talking …

A staff member walked up and said, "This is an unidentified magic equipment provided by the Thunderbolt Merchant Union. Its properties are unknown and the materials are unknown."


"It was found in the buried temple of King Buddha."

"The starting price is 100 fairy stones, and every bid cannot be lower than 10."

As soon as his voice faded …

There was no reaction from below the stage.

The Buddha, had appeared before.

But now, it had already disappeared, just like the Dragon Domain.

However …

Outside of the Sky Martial Continent, there were also buddha world existences.

Yan Huang ancestor said, "Buy it."

Long Fei walked on the windowsill and called out: "Eleven pills, no more."

He asked in his heart, "Ancestor, what is this called?"

Yan Huang ancestor said, "Heh heh … This was a Demonic Buddha war device, its power was mediocre, but … It has a special function. "

"What function?" Long Fei immediately asked.

Yan Huang ancestor asked: Do you know the function of the coffin nail?

Long Fei shook his head, he was a little puzzled, and said: "Just say it directly."

The Yan Huang ancestor said: "It can defend against the fusing of the Immortal Foundation of a martial artist, and will not let you use the power of the Immortal Foundation."

"In addition!"

"It has another alias, the Immortal Foundation Spear!"

Long Fei was stunned, "Damn, this is the best thing I have."

Seeing Long Fei's bid, Lei Zhong immediately stood up and said: "My brother wants to buy it, please give me face. If anyone doesn't give me face, I won't give him any face."

He was rich.

The young lord of the Wilderness was a barbarian; he would treat whoever was good to him.

When the young master of the Wilderness said this, those who wanted to fight immediately turned cold.

"One hundred and ten!"

"11 times."


Long Fei smiled faintly as his heart blossomed with joy.

"The spear of the Immortal Foundation, hehe!"

The president of the Thunder Merchant Union was bitter. Just taking this thing out of the Underground Devil Temple would cost him no less than two hundred fairy stones. However...

Right now, he had only won 110 of them, which was a huge loss.

This was also because he had no other choice.

He looked for countless appraisers, but none of them were able to appraise the properties of this nail-like item.

And then …

"The second item."

"Diamond Bracer, starting bid: 15 fairy stones."

"Begin the auction."

Long Fei looked at the wrist guard on the stage and muttered: "Isn't this made specifically for Yuan Ba?"

"Eighteen fairy stones!"

He instantly called out a price.

Lei Zhong stood up again and said: "My brother wants to buy it, please give him some face."

He crushed them again.

Long Fei bought another one, and said to Lei Zhong: "Brother, thank you."

Lei Zhong said, "You're welcome!"


Constant auctions were taking place. One could not help but admit that special treasures were being auctioned in a variety of strange and varied ways.

It is also the most diverse.

The goods were getting better and better, and the price was getting higher and higher.

Other than the first two times, Long Fei did not attack again.

"The thirteenth item."

"This is an meteorite from outer space. It contains the nature's attribute. Although it is only the size of a fist, it has the weight of a hundred thousand jin."

shi qian looked at Zhou Lian, and said: "Master, can you do me a small favor?"

The reason why Zhou Lian had appeared at the auction venue was because of this meteorite.

However …

With the Alloy Armor, he no longer cared about the meteorites anymore. Walking to the stage, he felt around and said: "The weight is not less than a hundred thousand Jin, and the power contained inside the meteorite is also very chaotic. This kind of power does not belong to Sky Martial Continent."

He glanced at shi qian and did not continue.

Because …

The energy contained within this meteorite was too chaotic, and even a master refiner would be unable to control it. The crucial point was that there was a very special energy within the meteorite that was faintly discernible. It was extremely strange.

He did not say this out loud.


Long Fei leaned on the chair, because he was too tired, he fell asleep.

Being called out by the Yan Huang ancestor, he reacted as if he was electrocuted, and said: "What's wrong? What happened? "

Yan Huang ancestor said: "Buy that meteorite."

Long Fei rubbed his eyes and walked out of the window. Looking at the meteorite on the stage, his gaze suddenly sank.

The meteorite was emitting this yellow light.


It was a quest item.

Long Fei immediately called out a price.

This time, there were a few people who wanted to bargain with Long Fei, but … The thing Long Fei wanted would not let him go, "Eight hundred fairy stones!"

At this moment.

Zhou Lian sent out a idea and said: "This meteorite is unable to be refined, the energy inside is too chaotic, don't be tricked."

Long Fei replied, "Thank you."

But the price had already been announced, and Long Fei had to obtain this meteorite.

"Congratulations to the Feng Yuan Merchant Union."

Long Fei handed over the money and looked at the meteorite within the Space Ring, his eyes trembling.


"Finally …"

"He's finally appeared!"

"F * ck!"

"It's been three whole years, and now there's finally a clue." Long Fei's heart was moved.

Item: Heart of Dragon Domain


Description: Dragon Territory's core!

DESCRIPTION 2: You need to unravel the secrets within.

Description 3: The secrets of the Dragon Domain are hidden within.

… ….

"Looking for the Dragon Domain!"

"SSS level mission, 10 years of time. It has already been 4 years, these 4 years, I don't even have a clue, now..." Long Fei was incomparably excited in his heart.

This sort of excitement followed the appearance of the Azure Dragon Ancestor.

With the evolution of the Dark Ancestor, he was becoming more and more curious as to what secrets the Dragon Domain was hiding.

What in the world...

What exactly was the relationship between the dragon race and Long Family that had disappeared by several million?

In here.

Where exactly did his father, Long Zhanting, go?

Everything was a mystery!

He wanted to unravel it, and he couldn't wait to do so.


He finally found the quest item for the Dragon Domain.

As long as he could unravel it, he would be able to find the location of the Dragon Domain. Once he found the Dragon Domain, he would be able to solve all the mysteries within. Floating Life: [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] No windows? a + +

Azure Dragon Ancestor.

Patriarch Darkness.

At this moment, they were all trembling …

Long Fei suppressed the excitement in his heart and asked: "Ancestor, do you have any way to remove it?"

Chapter III

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