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Chapter 4.2: I Look Like a Pig?

New Arcana Group rented out a total of sixty to eighty floors in the Empire State Building and he, Xiao Zheng, was the undisputed number one tenant in the building.

He married the goddess, after all.

The Security Department was located on the 78th floor, making it easier for security guards to move up and down the building in case a dispute or trouble occurs.

And according to the lawyer’s statement, the staff included mainly young women. The company had extremely high requirements when it came to the quality of their security personnel. The lawyer also mentioned that relationships between men and women were forbidden, but there’s bound to be errors that would arise.

After all, in a place filled with women, there’d always be endless stories where beauties were as common as the clouds.

Under Laywer Deng’s explanatory help, Xiao Zheng was able to gain a basic understanding of New Arcana Group’s structure and how it functioned. He was quite impressed with what his “wife” produced, but he also believed that she was a psychopath due to her cold extreme nature.

She was twenty-seven years old and she never found herself in a relationship much less a fling. She loathed men, despised their existence, especially men who were full of themselves.

“The Security Department is up ahead. I’ve already notified the department of a new employee that’ll be joining them. As the Security and Marketing Department are both on the 78th floor, I’m sure you’ll run into one another. Well, best of luck. This’ll be your resting place from now on.”

Xiao Zheng nodded his head in satisfaction. “A passionate colleague with a wonderful environment… coughs…” Then he whispered, “And they’re women too…”

He turned to face Lawyer Deng and said perfunctorily, “Lawyer Deng, I’ll work hard.”

“Go and report to the Security Department. They’re waiting for you,” said the lawyer before walking away, his pace a bit hurried.

Faced with the lawyer who had a touch of inexplicable sense of panic and lack of confidence in his aura, Xiao Zheng felt that the Security Department of New Arcana Group was full of mystery.

At the latest… it’s not an ordinary department.

Ring ~

Just as he was about to head to his assigned department to report his arrival, Xiao Zheng heard the sound of a phone ringing from his back pocket.

He quickly grew nervous and hurriedly went to the bathroom. He picked up the phone, but once hearing the voice from the other side, he grew angry that he almost threw the phone into the toilet bowl.

Locking the door, Xiao Zheng sat on the toilet lid and shouted, “Hey, four-eyes, how the f*ck did you get my number? Hurry up and delete it, otherwise, I’ll make sure you won’t live to see another day!”

“Boss, I’m innocent!” The voice from the other line pleaded. “It was Big Brother Monkey who encouraged me saying they were afraid of losing contact with you, Boss!”

“Get them to answer the phone.” Xiao Zheng impatiently lit a cigarette, his expression morphing to one unrecognizable like he’d become a different person.

“Big Brother, what are you doing? I missed you so much!” Monkey said excitedly.

“Scram!” Xiao Zheng’s face was filled with disgust. “What do you want?”

“Right, there are some things I have to tell you!”

After a series of messy noises passed through the line, a masculine voice said in a low muffled tone, “Boss, Big Sister has been out of her mind lately! Oftentimes she lashes out on us. Ma Yingjun had been beaten badly to the point that he needed to be sent to the hospital! Doctor said he had three broken ribs and would need to stay in the hospital for at least a month.”

The voice from the other line spoke in fluent German.

“Why didn’t he dodge?” Xiao Zheng replied in fluent German.

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