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And then …

Then the Yan Huang ancestor's aura disappeared.

The dragon salyer s and heart of ancient fairy tree s of Long Fei's Space Ring also disappeared together.

"Immortal Divine Fist?"


Long Fei moved and started cultivating.

Skill Path: Immortal Divine Fist

Grade: Immortal Grade Nine

Consumption: 100 power of celestial s

proficiency: >

Description: This cultivation technique possesses Decaying Power. With a punch, wood type energy will surge. With a heavy punch, the user will be able to turn the opponent into wood.

"This should be the Mu Clan's best cultivation technique, right?"

Long Fei smiled slightly, "Mu family... Basically, my eyes are rolling over. "

At this moment.

drug race and the other disciples also came to their senses, their faces filled with shock.

Looking at Long Fei, he started to admire him even more, could this even be considered to be a human?

The astonishing peerless talent of his Alchemy was not counted, he still had such powerful fighting strength, it was too terrifying. It was fortunate that he was also angry and did not take action, otherwise … drug race's fate was unimaginable.

"Too cool!"

"Young Master Long is simply too handsome, so handsome that it's crappy." Xiao Ying was incomparably excited, and the moment she saw Long Fei summon the Giant Demon, her heart trembled.

This was too fucking valiant.

Man Tuoluo was also extremely excited, but...

At this moment.

Man Tuoluo's face turned pale white, her fingers slowly turned into wood, her body became stiff, her eyes became blurry, and she fainted.



"Young Master Long, the young miss fainted." Xiao Ying was so anxious that tears almost fell, and she shouted out loud.


Long Fei was so excited that he forgot to let the pavilion master give Man Tuoluo a Almighty Antipoison Pill.

The Great Pavilion Master's forehead tightened as he immediately said, "Hurry up and carry her into the Medicine Valley. Hurry, hurry, hurry …"

"Tian Chang, go get the Almighty Antipoison Pill."

"Hurry up!"

No one was more anxious than him.

He had done wrong before, but now … Furthermore, the fact that she was able to research a Spirit Powder was enough to show that her Alchemy talent was higher than all of the elders in the drug race. Furthermore, they all knew in their hearts that Man Tuoluo's true strength was not in her Alchemy.

It was poison!

Her immortal roots were a type of highly toxic immortal root.

Long Fei reminded them, "Let me carry her. You two better stay far away from them, or else your temperament will become a mess."

The aphrodisiac phenomenon on Man Tuoluo's body could not be resisted by just anyone. The tragedy that happened must be related to the strange fragrance on her body.

Long Fei carried Man Tuoluo, retracted his breath, and quickly ran into the valley.

Even though he was holding his breath, Long Fei's eyes couldn't help but look at Man Tuoluo's body. There was no way to describe it.

His body felt soft and boneless.

"Big, but straight."

Her slender legs and jade-like skin, every inch, every pore exuded a temptation that no man could resist.


Her domineering age was like a ripe peach, ripe to the point that juice was about to fall out.

The most crucial point.

Long Fei Mandala was born with the innate skill of aphrodisiac, the realm that no one could stop.

"Hold on!"

"Hold on!" Long Fei muttered.

Xiao Ying said from the side: "Miss will definitely hold on, she will definitely hold on."

"F * ck!"

Long Fei muttered in his heart, and thought: "I'm asking me to hold on by myself, I can't even hold on anymore, the power of primordial energy under my crotch is too strong."

At this time, the Yan Huang ancestor was no longer around.

He had to rely on himself.

"With the infinite sword, when will we be able to use a few big moves, one that is as powerful as Pan Shen? A calamity? " Long Fei's mind was constantly thinking of other things to distract himself.

Only this way would he be able to control himself slightly and not think about Man Tuoluo's sexy figure.

"If it doesn't work."

"It's good to have areof-effect skills, my areof-effect skills are too few, Fei'er's strength is not bad in the Southern Heaven Region, but in immortal domain, I'm afraid … "We need to increase our strength as well." Long Fei muttered in his heart.

"What hero's skill is good when it comes to areof-effect attacks?"

"Mages' magic is not bad …"


Long Fei was on the verge of losing control, and asked: "Why aren't you here yet?"

"How far is it?"

Looking at Long Fei's flushed face, and thinking back to that tragic event back then, the Pavilion Master felt even more that his own grandson, his son, was unstable.

He was impressed by Long Fei's ability to control himself, "This kid is incredible."

"It's up ahead."

"We'll be there soon!"

The pavilion master pointed to a courtyard.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei's entire body flushed red as he let out a furious roar. His entire person ran out crazily as he cursed in his heart, "Damn, I have yet to experience the greatness of another hero, but this … I, on the other hand, have experienced Kuang Warrior Olaf's greatness. "


His entire body turned red, and he rushed out like a madman.

He rushed into the courtyard with lightning speed, placed Man Tuoluo on the bed and immediately ran out. After taking in a deep breath, he found himself unable to control the power of the flood.

"Grand Pavilion Master, where is the river?"

The pavilion master was stunned for a moment before saying: "In the back of the mountain, there is a deep pool, where …"

Not waiting for him to finish.

Long Fei had already disappeared.

A few minutes later.


Long Fei dove down fiercely, his heart was cold and his heart was in the air. The flames all over his body slowly descended under the deep pool of this ice-cold, bone-piercing water.

This feeling was hard to describe.

However …

If he still could not descend, Long Fei was truly worried that his body would be destroyed by the power of the flood. Thinking back to the tragic case in drug race back then, he reckoned that he was also like this?

"Huff …"

Long Fei let out a long breath, and said: "Damn, so my quality was actually this good? I admire myself. "


"What's the difference between taking advantage of a human and a beast?"

"However... "I was unmoved by that kind of situation. I was even worse than a beast."

Long Fei forced a bitter smile.

On one side, there were beasts. On the other, there were beasts that were inferior to beasts.

"No rush."

"Anyway, the affability level has already reached 89 points. It won't take more than a few days." Long Fei glanced at his affability level with Man Tuoluo and excitedly started laughing.

However …

Thinking about the aphrodisiac immortal roots on Man Tuoluo's body, his chrysanthemum tightened, "Don't kill them off when the time comes."

"That's a problem."

"I still want to find a few more girls." I still want to find a few more girls.

Half an hour later.

Xiao Ying hurriedly ran to the back mountain, looked at Long Fei who was deep inside the pond, and said: "Young Master Long, Young Miss has woken up."

Long Fei was startled, "The effects of the Almighty Antipoison Pill is really fast, it woke up already in such a short time."

Following that …

He crawled up from the deep pool. As he was not wearing much clothes, his body became translucent when he wet himself.

The muscles were not big, but they were filled with boundless power. 36o search: (. "Half Floating///="

In addition to the few visible scars, Long Fei's steel-like and handsome face became even more prominent. He looked extremely manly and cool.

Xiao Ying's cheeks flushed red when she saw this.

Long Fei immediately hugged her hands and shouted: "You female rogue, what are you looking at?"

"Haven't you seen a man take a bath before?"

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