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Chapter 90: Gambling

Tevez was looking a bit unnatural. He completely didn't expect Xu Cheng to dare to play like this! Now, he really regretted not doubling his bet to force a reveal on his card!

How dare he play him like this!

In the third round, Xu Cheng's hand was still trash. He took a look around, and he could only beat Tim's but not Tevez or Lin Guiren's hand, so he couldn't really try and bluff. After all, this trick wouldn't work if the opponent actually had a good hand and dared to raise. If bluffing gets exposed, then Xu Cheng would also end up losing a lot of money.

In the third round, Xu Cheng directly folded, and Tevez laughed. "I thought you were going to keep on bluffing.

"It's not like I don't have a brain. Even if I think my opponents are idiots, I know they won't fall for it twice, am I right?" Xu Cheng laughed. Such an indirect insult.

Tevez snorted and folded as well, and Tim got the round.

When the fourth round was dealt, Xu Cheng didn't even look at his hand and said to Tevez, "How about let's play something more exciting this round?"

The other three players at the table all looked at him curiously, and Xu Cheng smiled and said, "Let's not look at our hand and place our bets, how's that? If someone can't hold it anymore, he has to double his bet to check his card, and then he has to double the amount each time he raises."

Lin Guiren also felt that this might be more entertaining so he agreed, and only Tim and Tevez exchanged a look. Seeing them hesitating, Xu Cheng chipped in, "I think this Mister that goes by the name Tim must not like this very much, right? It would make it hard for you since you had been counting cards, right?"

Tim awkwardly coughed and said, "I'm fine with your suggestion."

Xu Cheng smiled, and then he looked towards Tevez. "How about you?"

"I will gladly join."

So, without looking at their hand, Lin Guiren first raised 50 thousand yuan.

Xu Cheng directly threw in 500 thousand yuan, and it slightly shocked Lin Chuxue, who was by his side.

Seeing Xu Cheng directly raise 500 thousand yuan, Tevez paused for a moment. Then, he looked at him in disdain and said, "Who are you trying to bluff? No one has seen their hand, and you think just throwing in 500 thousand yuan will scare us off? I'll raise too, 500 thousand!"

Tim also directly threw in 500 thousand yuan.

Lin Guiren was also a bit shocked to see his son-in-law this bold and resolute now, quite unlike his character in the past. He was a bit dumbfounded, but he also raised 500 thousand yuan as he patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and said, "It's good for young people to be bold and resolute, but don't take unnecessary risks."

Xu Cheng smiled, and then he threw in 1 million yuan in chips, his face not showing a hint of nervousness, as if he wasn't taking a risk at all, but rather that he could see all the cards.

Tim also raised a million.

Tevez wasn't in a rush to follow. He first looked at Xu Cheng and said, "If you play like this, then you will soon run out of money."

"You don't have to worry if I have the money to keep on playing or not. If I run out, I will just go and take out more. Are you raising or folding?" Xu Cheng smiled and asked.

Tevez muttered in his heart, Very well, I was just worried that you would not walk into my trap. But, if you want to play big, then I will accompany you. Just don't lose to the point where you have to sell your wife to pay me back the debt.

"Of course, I'm a shareholder here, obviously I wouldn't want to discourage our guests from betting big, right? Since you really want to play like this, then sure. One million, I raise as well! Blind," Tevez said.

Lin Guiren laughed, "Purely on luck? I raise as well!"

Then, playing completely blind, Xu Cheng took out the remaining 3 million and went all in. "3 million yuan, still going blind."

Then, he immediately looked at Lin Chuxue who was by his side. He handed her his card and said, "There should be 20 million left in the card, can you withdraw and exchange it into chips for me?"

Lin Chuxue took the card, nodded, and then got up, following the staff to go and get more chips.

"Oh, are we playing seriously now?" Tevez revealed his white teeth and said, "Very well, I will accompany you."

Then, he told the staff to get him 10 million yuan in chips using his title as a board member. In fact, he wasn't feeling too confident. Although his family sent him to run this casino, he wasn't given too much cash. For the majority of the time, he was living a lavish life with the bonuses he was paid by the casino. Most of the money he earned at the casino still had to go back to his family, so he couldn't advance too much.

"What? Is 10 million enough for a good time?" Xu Cheng ridiculed him.

Tevez snorted and replied, "It won't take too much to beat you."

"That's good, are you raising 3 million with me or not?" Xu Cheng asked.

Tevez narrowed his eyes. "I raise."

Tim looked at Xu Cheng and said, "Mr. Xu, gambling isn't meant to be played like this. Wouldn't you be upset if you lose this much money so fast?"

Xu Cheng laughed. "I know I'm not good with gambling, so that's why let's all bet on luck instead of trying to count and guess cards."

Tevez: "You are being too risky. Let's say you are just playing against me, your chance is 50%. But, we have four people here, so your chance to win is only 25%. You are not very wise. I think even if you want to bet on luck, it won't be you who wins."

"If that's the case, then I will raise another 5 million." Xu Cheng didn't say anything else and directly threw in his money, giving the expression "you guys do whatever you want".

Tevez narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he muttered to himself: Very well, if you want to play like this, then I'm not scared too. Tim is on my side, and although Lin Guiren's on Xu Cheng's side, the probability of winning is still 50%. Based on how our luck was in the past three rounds, I think that either Tim or I will have the bigger hand. It's worth a gamble.

"I raise!"

Tim obviously couldn't quit now, or he would lower Tevez's side's chance of winning down to 33% with Xu Cheng being 66%. So, he could only continue to raise with Tevez's money.

After Tevez put in another 5 million, he gritted his teeth and said to his assistant, "Go and get another 30 million for me."

"Sir, according to the rules, you can only take out 10 million."

"Do what I say. If the other board members have something to say, you can get them to talk to me." Tevez's face became gloomy. "If you want to keep your job, you better go right now."

The accountant pushed up his glasses and had no choice but to go and get the chips.

Lin Guiren told Lin Chuxue to get more chips with her money and doubled his raise. "I want to see my hand."

After he saw his hand, he sighed. It seemed like luck wasn't on his side today, and he directly folded.

Seeing this, both Tim and Tevez smiled. That meant the chance of Xu Cheng's side winning was significantly smaller now.

Seeing those two smile, he pushed 10 million yuan in chips to the center of the table. "10 million, still playing blind."

Tim and Tevez were immediately shocked, as they completely didn't expect Xu Cheng to still be so balls deep. Tevez originally planned to let Tim use his skills and make Xu Cheng lose all of his money, but who knew he would actually want to play purely based on luck. Now, the risk was a bit too big.

Although the chance of Xu Cheng's side was even lower now, Tevez's side had 2 people so the total was double of Xu Cheng's bet. So, if they lost, they would also lose a ton of money.

Thinking of this, Tevez calculated and knew that he didn't have too much money to work with, so he immediately gave Tim a look. Then, Tim spoke right away, "20 million, I want to see my hand."

He took a look at his hand, and his eyes lit up. When his eyes met with Tevez's, he instinctively nodded at him. Tevez got the signal and knew they were set for this match. So, when it was his turn to raise, he directly folded.

"I fold."

It was just Xu Cheng and Tevez left. Tim looked at him as he smiled and asked, "Just the two of us now, you want to reveal now?"

"Why now?" Xu Cheng replied, "I raise another 20 million!"

Tevez was dumbfounded for a second. To be frank, his hand wasn't bad all, it was a straight! In the case of a blind play, this already has a very high chance of winning. But, he didn't have the money.

He looked towards Tevez, and Tevez also hesitated.

If he wanted to raise, Tim had to raise double the amount since he saw his hand already. If he wanted to end the match, he also needed 40 million in order to reveal Xu Cheng's hand. But, where would he be able to go and find the 40 million yuan?


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