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Chapter 1579 - The Lord of the Sealed Realm's Calamity!

The space outside planet Suzaku wasn't dark with bright stars but surrounded by a blue light. The entire starry sky was completely blue!

It was like a sky curtain!

Or you could say a sky suddenly appeared outside planet Suzaku!

This was originally impossible, but now it became true! How could there be a sky outside planet Suzaku? It was as if the entire place was shrouded by a heaven-shattering dao spell that had dragged it into another world!

This world was blue! It replaced the star system!

There was nothing under the blue sky beside a single planet. This planet was planet Suzaku!

Wang Lin's expression changed greatly and his eyes became monstrously cold. His divine sense spread across planet Suzaku and his expression became even more gloomy. At this moment, no life remained on planet Suzaku!

Not only cultivators, but even the mortals, grass, and beasts all disappeared completely! At this moment, Wang Lin was the only thing left on planet Suzaku!

It wasn't that all the creatures on planet Suzaku had just died or gone missing, the one that had gone missing was Wang Lin!

Planet Suzaku was still there in the Inner Realm, and the countless living beings on it were still carrying out their daily tasks. Zhou Wutai was still drinking while sitting on the statue, and those cultivators were still excited about the Lord of the Sealed Realm's return.

On planet Suzaku, on the mountain Wang Lin was sitting on, there was no one there. The sky was blue and calm; there were no dark clouds.

This planet Suzaku seemed to be reflected by a mirror and divided into two. One was in the Inner Realm, where everything was. The other had no living beings and was completely dead aside from Wang Lin.

It was the same mountain, but it was filled with sunshine.

Wang Lin stood on the top of the same mountain, but this one was surrounded by rolling black clouds. Thunder roared and the rain fell.

This spell was like stealing from the heavens! Wang Lin looked gloomy as he stepped forward and charged through the rolling black clouds. He left this copy of planet Suzaku!

The moment he walked out, he saw a glaring light coming from the world outside. The endless blue light seemed to be able to penetrate the endless void.

Wang Lin stood inside this world. Behind him was the dead planet Suzaku, and before him was a vast world that he could not see the edge of. Not even his divine sense could cover this place; it was like a real endless void.

The ground was not earth but a calm water surface. There were no ripples, so it perfectly reflected the blue in the sky.

From afar, the vast place Wang Lin was in was like an endless well, a well that had been expanded indefinitely and had no end!!

A faded voice came from the sky and entered Wang Lin's ears.

Wang Lin silently pondered and looked at up at the sky. His pupils shrank and he took a deep breath. Popping sounds echoed inside his body and he released faint, golden light as he activated his full cultivation.

In the blue sky, the blue light slowly condensed into a blue figure. The figure was wearing blue and was a middle-aged man. He looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze and let out a sigh.

Wang Lin clasped his hands and calmly saids, "Wang Lin greets the Dao Master."

Dao Master Blue Dream silently looked at Wang Lin and time gradually passed. After a long time, the complicated expression in his eyes disappeared and was replaced with determination, then he slowly spoke up.

"The last time the Lord of the Sealed Realm died, I didn't get involved… This time I won't attack you either. This world is formed by all the Arcane Void cultivators in the Outer Realm working together. The celestial imperial concubines also helped so that it could break the void and trap you here without anyone in the Inner Realm noticing...

"This world can exist for three hours… During these three hours, you… will find it difficult to escape death!

"This old man knows you, so I showed up to tell you. If you want to blame anything, then blame that you are…. the Lord of the Sealed Realm! The Lord of the Sealed Realm must die!" Dao Master Blue Dream let out a sigh and his figure turned into specks of blue light that disappeared into the void.

When they disappeared, violent ripples appeared in the sky. A person walked out of the ripples. This figure was blurry and one could only tell it was a grey-robed old man.

This old man's gaze was like lightning and contained a hint of killing intent. The moment he appeared, he raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin!

"Although this old man can't use my full cultivation, even if it's just mid stage Spirit Void, you will die just like the Lord of the Sealed Realm in the past!"

With this point, the world changed colors and a gust howled across the world. A grey line appeared and soon turned into a grey dragon. It was fierce and charged at Wang Lin at an unimaginable speed.

What was even more shocking was that this dragon contained chaotic Joss Flames. As the Joss Flames condensed, shocking and shrilling roars came from the grey dragon.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his expression became extremely serious. He no longer considered his life and death calamity at this moment. This time, he would pass if he lived, and even if he dies, he would still pass!

This was the calamity of the Lord of the Sealed Realm! The previous Lord of the Sealed Realm had died to the encirclement of many Outer Realm third step cultivators. Like a reincarnation cycle, this calamity reappeared for Wang Lin today!

Three hours!

The grey dragon closed in. Wang Lin stepped forward without hesitation and pointed at the sky. Call the Wind appeared in this blue world and turned into 13 extremely powerful black dragons. The 13 black dragons let out roars and revealed a faint, golden glow as they shot toward the grey dragon.

"Golden color?" The grey-robed old man's eyes narrowed.

They collided in an instant and a thunderous rumble echoed. The grey dragon twisted as it entangled with the 13 black dragons. The roars shook the heavens and earth.

Under this impact, Wang Lin's long hair fluttered and he retreated several feet. His face became pale and he raised his right fist. He didn't attack forward but turned around and threw a punch.

Just as he turned around, a ripple echoed and an old woman with a blurry figure appeared. The old woman had a gloomy expression as she raised her dried-up right hand and pointed at Wang Lin's back.

However, what greeted her was Wang Lin's punch!

The punch and her finger collided an instant later. Wang Lin's body trembled and he coughed out blood while being knocked to the side. The old woman trembled and the fingernail on her right index finger collapsed. There was a flash of coldness in her eyes and she walked toward Wang Lin.

"You have some skills!"

Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, but his eyes were calm. He knew that the calamity today would be very difficult to pass and that the three hours before him were like a deep gully. However, it was impossible for him to accept his death!

"No one can control my fate, not even a life and death calamity!"

At this moment, as he retreated, his right hand pointed at the sky. Golden light appeared out of thin air and condensed into a palmprint.

"Golden light again!" The grey-robed old man's pupils shrank. Even the black-robed old woman squinted.

However, just as the palmprint appeared, a shocking sword energy appeared behind Wang Lin. This sword energy was extremely cold and formed an icicle behind Wang Lin!

This icicle came from the void and shot toward Wang Lin, creating crackling sounds on its way. There was a blue short sword at the front of the icicle!

This short sword was too fast. When it appeared, Wang Lin used the War Spirit Print. The ice of the heavens and earth shot toward Wang Lin!

Endless light gathered around Wang Lin. A giant light shadow appeared around him as the blue sword closed in. The blue sword collided with the light shadow.

Cracking sounds echoed and the Light and Shadow Shield became a giant ice sculpture!

The cold sword pierced through the ice sculpture and rushed at Wang Lin with monstrous killing intent.

A thunderous bang rang out and Wang Lin's War Spirit Print was interrupted. He coughed out blood once more and his body was thrown forward. Behind him, the icicle chased after him.

Wang Lin's expression was gloomy and there was a flash of blood light in his hand. He waved his hand and the blood sword shot toward the cold sword.

From afar, this scene looked extremely shocking. This was a confrontation between the blood light and the cold ice. This was a confrontation between survival and killing intent. In a flash, the two swords collided.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Miserable screams came from the two swords. The cold sword trembled as it split in half and was knocked back.

The blood sword trembled and the blood light collapsed. Wang Lin grabbed the blood sword and stared ahead.

A man in white slowly walked out beside the cold sword that was split in half. He looked at Wang Lin with a merciless gaze.

"Quickly, finish this battle!" The man's words were as cold as his appearance. As he moved forward, the grey-robed old man and the black-robed old woman charged at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin quickly retreated. Although their cultivation was suppressed here, three mid stage Spirit Void cultivators was not something Wang Lin could resist!

While he retreated, Wang Lin pointed at the sky. The interrupted War Spirit Print appeared once more. Wang Lin's eyes revealed a golden glow and released intense battle intent.

"Since you want to battle, then let's battle!!" Wang Lin's voice was calm. The more dangerous it was, the more crazy he would become, but his mind would become calm as well. This was a habit he had developed during his cultivation path over the past 2,000 plus years.

At this moment, he waved at the sky and the world rumbled as the golden light shined. The huge palmprint gave off a golden glow and descended. Before the palmprint even got close, a powerful pressure descended.

This was the most authentic War Spirit Print. In the palmprint, the lines on the palm were visible like mountain ranges as it smashed down.

"What the hell is this golden light? It gives me a faint feeling of terror!" The grey-robed old man stared at the golden light coming from the War Spirit Print.

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