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Chen Xiang closed his eyes and started searching for a solution within the Heavenly Alchemy. If he could not find one, then he would not be able to progress any further.

When concocting pills, one needed to be precise and proficient in controlling the fire. They needed to refine out the energy within the material, leaving behind the essence and burning away all the impurities! However, this Bone level fruit would never give Alchemist the chance. It could ignite itself and quickly incinerate itself.

"Let's try using the flame first, it might be useful!" Chen Xiang was unable to find a suitable solution from the Heavenly Alchemy at the moment, so he could only use a method that he thought was feasible.

After he used the Mystic Flame, the interior of the pill furnace was extremely quiet. Just as Chen Xiang thought there was hope, the Bone level fruit suddenly lit up, and in the blink of an eye it disappeared.

"We wasted another one!" Chen Xiang was completely speechless. This Bone level fruit seemed to have disappeared the moment it touched the flames, he had no idea how to refine it, and if he did not use the flames, he had no idea how he could do it.

He did not dare to try again now, and could only continue to search for a solution within the Heavenly Alchemy. Just like that, he searched for ten days, but he still did not have any clues, causing him to become extremely agitated.

"Could it be that Bone level fruit is really unable to refine a Divine Pill?" Chen Xiang asked himself.

"Didn't the Heavenly Alchemy say that it can refine all living things in the world? There must be a way, but you haven't found it yourself. " Yue'er laughed: "Now that you have three sets of divine medicine used to refine Three lotus Dan, are you going to start refining them?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "Give it to me, I want to first refine the Three lotus Dan heart!"

Before, when he was refining the Nine Yin and yang Dan and the Three lotus Dan, he encountered many problems and could even get a clue in the end, but now the Bone level fruit did not have a clue. No matter how he thought about it, he did not know how to deal with it.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed. Chen Xiang had successfully refined twelve Three lotus Dan s, and he was now able to condense four pellets in one furnace, which made him very satisfied, because this was not a small breakthrough. If it was before, when he refined three pellets in one furnace, he would only be able to condense nine.

Now, Yue'er could concoct three sets of divine medicine in ten days' time, so Chen Xiang had only just finished three batches, and was about to start concocting again.

In about three months, Chen Xiang had refined eight batches of Three lotus Dan, with four pellets each, for a total of thirty-two pellets!

"Do you still want to continue refining Bone level fruit?" Yue Er asked.

"No, I have no idea where to start. Refining it would just be a waste of a Bone level fruit." Chen Xiang said: "Let's go out and exchange for those five hundred Bone level fruit. Moreover, I had said before that I would be returning in three months. We'll talk about it after we return to the Villa! "

Chen Xiang walked out of the courtyard and found Ge Long!

"It's not even a year and you're already out, Chen Xiang? Isn't it too boring? " Ge Long laughed.

"Of course not, I'm in a hurry to go back! Here are thirty Three lotus Dan s, are you ready? " Chen Xiang laughed.

Ge Long was greatly shocked. It had only been three months or so, yet he was able to refine thirty Three lotus Dan s. Ge Long found it hard to believe that this was true.

"This... Can I see it? " Ge Long did not dare believe it.

Chen Xiang took out a jade box and handed it over to him. Ge Long took a look at it and took a deep breath in shock: "It is real as expected! Did you really refine this in three months? How did you refine it? I told the old man in my clan that you were going to refine thirty Three lotus Dan in a year, and he said it was impossible … And now you're a lot ahead of schedule. You're done in three months. "

"Of course I used a pill furnace?" Chen Xiang laughed: "I am a very powerful Pill God, different from those you have seen before! Oh right, Brother Ge, where is your Bone level fruit? It couldn't be that he wasn't prepared! "Am I refining too fast?"

"I'm ready!" Ge Long immediately gave Chen Xiang a Storage bag: "Count it yourself!"

Chen Xiang counted them, and there were a total of five hundred.

"Brother Ge, do you know what happened in the Everlasting Mountain in the past three months?" Chen Xiang asked because if Purple Yuan Sect died here, something would definitely happen later.

"Well... I also feel that it's very strange, it's already been three months and Everlasting Mountain is actually calm and tranquil, it's really abnormal! If we were the Purple Yuan Sect, we would have killed our way over long ago and levelled the Everlasting Mountain, occupying the entire Wang Ancient Heavenly Star. " Ge Long said: "But whether it is the Purple Yuan Sect or the Everlasting Mountain, there are no movements. It is as if nothing had happened."

Chen Xiang also felt that it was strange, he said: "Then I will take my leave first, next time when I am at the Bone level fruit, I will come again to find you, Brother Ge!"

"Brother Shen, where are you in Wang Ancient Heavenly Star? If I want to find you, how can I contact you? " Now, Ge Long already knew that Chen Xiang was an extremely terrifying Pill God.

"There's a villa in Cang Cloud City. You can go there to find me, but whether or not you want to announce my name, just say that you want to find Leader." Chen Xiang said.

"Leader? "Alright!" Ge Long felt that it was already quite a good amount of luck that he could recognize Chen Xiang as a Pill God. He could solve the problem that they had been unable to do for many years in such a short period of time.

Chen Xiang left the Earth Dragon Star and returned to his villa.

"Elder Wu, I was on Earth Dragon Star before. According to my understanding, Purple Yuan Sect did not make any movements, and Everlasting Mountain was like that as well. Why is that so?" Once Chen Xiang returned, he immediately went to find Wu Zhi and asked him about this matter.

Wu Zhi was still meddling with the cultivation techniques. When he saw Chen Xiang had arrived, he immediately got up and said, "The other Heavenly Stars and other major powers are also puzzled by this, but I have learnt a lot through my clone!"

"This is really strange!" Chen Xiang sat down.

Dan God Institute and the elder's courtyard have all agreed to merge with the Purple Yuan Sect, and Wang Ancient Heavenly Star is also one of the Purple Yuan Sect, after a while the Purple Yuan Sect will send people to take over the Everlasting Mountain, and that person will even become the Leader. " Wu Zhi said: "This way, the Everlasting Mountain will not be attacked by the Purple Yuan Sect, and those fellows will not suffer any losses. And Purple Yuan Sect does not need to go overboard just to obtain Wang Ancient Heavenly Star s and have them take control. They all feel that it's worth it. "

"I really don't know what those idiots from the Everlasting Mountain are thinking! Once the Everlasting Mountain is taken over, they will definitely not have any good days in the future, especially those inner sect disciples who have weak strengths. " Chen Xiang sneered.

"Leader, your original plan was to defeat Everlasting Mountain! It seems like it will become even more difficult now. In the next few days, the Purple Yuan Sect will send his people over to take over the more prosperous parts of the Wang Ancient Heavenly Star. At that time, many of the Peak Divine Lord will come over. " Wu Zhi said.

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