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Emperor Shang stepped forward and patted Shang's shoulder, his sharp eyes showing the intention of protecting his daughter.

After all, these days, the palace was very serious with regards to the Emperor Shang's condition. However, at this time, the person with the most serious condition was actually sitting on the throne, regardless of whether it was in terms of aura or body, he didn't look like he was sick at all.

"Your Majesty, the crown prince and the Left Premier just now … "He actually did such a thing!" An old official could no longer sit still. He hurriedly knelt in the middle of the hall and kowtowed as he cried out in pain. It was as if the crown prince had done something heaven angering.

Emperor Shang looked at the old officials and said unhappily, "What has the crown prince done to make you all panic like this?"

If the court officials were to observe closely, they would be able to see the displeasure in the Emperor's eyes. However, they believed that the Emperor was dissatisfied with the crown prince, and the bold official even said, "The crown prince and the Minister of the Left actually kissed in the middle, they are both men!"

Emperor Shang's eyes lit up and he immediately turned to look at his daughter. The interest and longing in his eyes caused Shang Wuxin to retreat slightly, but to the crowd, it was merely the Emperor's rage. The Crown Prince was somewhat fearful.

Emperor Shang looked at his daughter, who seemed a little awkward, then looked at Huanmo Che, the light in his eyes making his scalp tingle. Huan Mo Che had seen the Emperor Shang countless of times, from the first time he entered the palace since childhood until now, he had always seen the Emperor. Although the Emperor's pressure was very high, to Huan Mo Che, he was not afraid at all. No matter what, he was meeting his father-in-law as his son-in-law. The more he thought about it, the more he couldn't sit still, afraid that he would be stopped by Emperor Shang, which would be even more difficult for him to catch up to.

"Your Majesty …" Huan Mo Che looked at the Emperor Shang who seemed to want to stand up and observe him, but he realized that no matter how he tried to explain himself, his thoughts would remain the same.

"Sigh!" Although Emperor Shang was happy, he managed to restrain himself and said in a low voice, "When are you going to call us royal father?!" Just thinking about it made Emperor Shang think that if his daughter and Huan Mo Che had a grandson together, the more he thought about it, the more Huan Mo Che looked at him with a strange expression.

Emperor Shang's voice was so soft that only those seated in the upper echelons could hear it. Naturally, Huan Mo Che could hear it as well. If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't want to listen to Huan Mo Che and see if he was hallucinating, would he have been acknowledged by the Emperor?

Just as he was about to shout for his father, he saw Shang Wuxin, who was beside him, look at the emperor with a devouring gaze. Immediately, he knew that he was being looked down upon, and even though he had taken care of his father-in-law, he wasn't able to do anything to himself.

Emperor Shang looked at the officials below and realized that although there were many who disagreed with him, the crown prince was also in favor of him. Emperor Shang looked at the officials below and realized that although there were many who disagreed with him, the crown prince was also in support of him.

"Father, what the crown prince has done this time is dishonorable. This son thinks that perhaps the crown prince has been bewitched by someone, after all, the crown prince is only sixteen years old and does not understand the truth is very normal. Father, please do not blame the crown prince!" Shang An Cang was kneeling in an embroidered green robe, begging for mercy for the crown prince. His words and actions caused everyone to praise him for his love for his brothers.

Huan Mo Che looked down at Shang An Cang, and saw that he was yet another wolf. This was the fault of Shang An Cang. If anyone else dared to say such words to him, then he would definitely fall out with them. But if it was for Shang no longer cared, then even he himself would be willing to shoulder the blame. He seemed to be the one luring the Crown Prince. It was not that he was being wrongly accused.

Everyone looked at the Minister of the Left and felt that he would definitely be angered, just like he would be disheartened by the crown prince and thus withdraw from the ranks of the Crown Prince. After all, many courts and halls in the Great Hall had begun to punish Huan Mo Che upon receiving the Duke of Qing's gaze, saying that he was a person who bewitched and seduced their master.

Shang Wuxin merely sat below Emperor Shang and looked coldly at the countless court officials who were looking down on him. He never opened his mouth to say a single word to justify his actions, and it even pushed him to the heart of the struggle.

Listening to the crowd's increasingly unpleasant words, it made Huan Mo Che sound like someone who had committed a great sin. From start to finish, Huan Mo Che had not changed one bit, and even the smile on his face had not faded in the slightest. He looked as though he was watching a play by the crowd.

"Enough?" Seeing that the ministers were a little tired from talking, Huan Mo Che asked with a smile.

For some reason, the courtiers felt a little scared when they saw the Minister like this. After all, although he appeared gentle and refined, his skills in the court were not inferior to anyone else's. He was obviously young, but his thoughts caused countless courtiers to lose their heads.

"I've heard all of you talk for a long time, but not all of them are boring. After all, it's true that I'm the one who's clinging onto the crown prince!" "However, what kind of woman can compare to this Young Master's talent, looks, and abilities? So what if I am the one who loves the crown prince? "

"How shameless!" Someone unhappily said it, but Huan Mo Che was not angry. As long as he could follow the crown prince's words, what did it matter? Moreover, interest flashed through the depths of his eyes. He had indeed heard the crown prince's voice.

"Was it because I was too merciful that you guys actually ignored me?" Shang Wuxin picked up a long sword and stabbed it to death the official who was still cursing at the Illusory Dream Che just now. This action was too fast for everyone to react.

"It's time for the farce to end. If anyone wants to lose their head, I don't mind hacking off their own head!"

Although the court officials were dissatisfied with the Crown Prince's actions, many of the court officials did not dare to speak. However, this did not mean that Qi Hou would dare to say anything.

"Crown Prince, is all this loyalty because you are going to be killed with just these few words? That's against the ears. How can the crown prince ignore the lives of these people like this? The emperor is still there. If the crown prince dares to kill people like this, does the Kingdom of Shang still have any laws? " As Qi Hou spoke, he seemed to be grieving.

"A loyal official?" Shang Wuxin sneered, grabbing a thick stack of papers from Dauntless's hand and tossing it to Qi Hou. The papers scattered in all directions, but the offenses on it shocked everyone; this was the evidence of the Minister who was killed just now, and the Minister who seized the women, one piece after another could be said to have killed that Minister a hundred times over.

"This …" Qi Hou looked at the crime in his hands, speechless.

"Is there anyone else who would like to speak out?" Shang Wuxin's smile was sinister, cold, and as cold as the moon in the dark. In fact, this evidence was not investigated by the Blood Solidification Army. Furthermore, it was investigated by the Cold Star Pavilion.

No one said anything, who knew if the crown prince still had the evidence on them. As an official, who could be sure that they were clean? Who could be sure that they hadn't done something against their will? The Crown Prince was currently holding onto their lifeline.

Noticing that the crowd had quietened down, Shang Wuxin waved his hand, "Dance and singing, today is a good day after all, isn't it?" However, after a while, the singing and dancing started in the main hall. No one went to watch the singing and dancing. No matter how hard the palace maids tried, they were still scared.

Furthermore, the Crown Prince had not admitted to it yet, but the Minister of the Left had been too obvious in his attitude, and he had left today's consort selection in the dust. Furthermore, the Emperor Shang's attitude was too complicated that many people could not see or dare to rashly take action, and after a long time, no one dared to bring up the matter of the Crown Prince marrying a concubine.

"Unintentional!" Huan Mo Che and Shang Gong were not in the mood to walk out of the Crown Prince's Palace, they were not calm, and instead walked directly in the carriage.

The two walked side by side on the road. Not too far away, a subordinate dared not make a sound, but in the eyes of others, the two figures seemed to match perfectly.

Just as Huan Mo Che was about to say something, a woman dressed in black appeared in the street. The woman held her sword with her face covered and pierced towards Shang Wuxin, shouting, "Shang Wuxin, go to hell!"

However, after a while, ten of these assassins appeared around them, and not far away, Fearless, Huanhuan, and the others also sprinted over, surrounding Shang Wuxin and Huanmo Che in a circle.

Shang was not in the mood to watch the fight between the two of them. He had a feeling that this woman was very familiar.

Dreadless' kung fu was not bad, but his foundation was not that good. That female assassin's kung fu was not only good, but also very strong. The other killers that came with her were all taken care of.

"Crown Prince!" When Fearless saw that he was starting to get injured, Fantasy began to feel anxious. After all, Fearless was a woman's fantasy that he admired.

"Step down!" No matter what kind of unintentional decision Shang Mo Che made, he supported it, and even more so did not wish for his subordinates to question it.

"Little Mei!" Just as the assassin's long sword was about to pierce Dreadless' chest, Shang Wuxin suddenly spoke. She had always felt that this female assassin was very familiar, but now that she thought about it, this girl resembled the little beauty that she had seen in the Pavilion of Stars that day. However, upon seeing the female assassin's hand that was holding the sword tremble upon hearing his name, Shang Wuxin knew that his guess was correct.

While the female assassin was in a state of panic, the longsword in Dreadless' hand didn't stop. The sword pierced towards the female assassin, easily controlling Little Mei. If the two were distracted by the battle, that would mean they had lost.

Dauntless took off the female assassin's veil, and Shang didn't have the heart to look at it closely. It really was Xiaomei.

"Send it to Star Pavilion to the old procuress. We'll deal with it when Xuan Hao returns!" Shang's orders were unintentional. He directly returned to the crown prince's mansion, and along the way, he had followed Huan Mo Che for so many times without being able to say anything.

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