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A huge ruined palace was floating in the dark, empty space. The palace was connected to a ramshackle square and was one of the key frontline strongholds that the demon hunters of the Council of Elders had just captured.

Therefore, it was also the most suitable as the first stop for the demonic army's counterattack.

A shimmering, green runestone enveloped by dark shadows rushed out of the dark void and hit the square in front of the palace heavily. It then exploded, causing a burst of electric light. The distorted, murky demonic portal burst open with a gush of electricity and formed a massive fissure of more than 10 m long in the air in the blink of an eye. The soldiers guarding the square were caught off guard. They were startled the moment the demon portal opened, nonetheless they reacted instantly, warning the rest loudly and hurtling towards the distorted space fissure.

Yet, their reaction could not compete with the demons who had been preparing for so long. As soon as the defenders moved, the demons charged out. A blade with the burning breath of death shot through the portal, followed by a giant, reptilian monster that was nearly 10 m in length!

They heard the heavy footsteps and clashes of weapons. A scene that only occurred in nightmares and tales from the Mythological Age was unfolding: countless demon soldiers were swarming out of the portal!

"Enemy attack!" the defenders in the square cried out loudly the moment they saw Brutalus rushing through the gate. "Monster attack!"

The defenders in the other parts of the square were all alarmed at this moment. The demon hunters, who had encamped in the ruined palace, rushed out to fight their enemies. Silver weapons were shining brightly in the darkness and Letta runes were lighting up all over the place. The demon hunters of the Council of Elders were all elites. Even though they were being attacked by this bizarre army that they had never seen before, they still rushed out without hesitation!

However, the demon king's army that burst through the portal did not go any farther. Instead, they just gathered in the square to intimidate the demon hunters who had come from all directions. Brutalus left the team and walked forward with his sword held high. Every step he took caused a great quake and a heavy echo in the square. The attention of countless demon hunters was drawn to this exceptionally strong and ferocious demon. They lifted up their swords and dashed towards Brutalus at once.

Brutalus simply smashed his sword to the ground and the shockwave forced the closest demon hunters to retreat. Then, the super loudspeakers all over his body blared out an earsplitting noise; again, forcing all the fighters to back off. "To the warring parties, please exercise restraint, resolve disputes rationally and seek long-term development through diplomatic channels…"

The square echoed with Brutalus's voice.

Each loudspeaker on Brutalus was as big as a human, so there were countless visible shockwaves erupting from all over his body, sending the demon hunters into chaos.

Lily immediately covered her ears, shrieking and jumping. "Ouuuuuuu"

She had four ears but only two hands. It was not enough!

The loud noise echoed throughout the square and palace not far away for a long time. This caused the demon hunters to fall into a great confusion. They had been dealing with unusual creatures all their lives, but they had never heard a demon say such things. However, it did not affect their instinctive reaction towards combat. As soon as the chaos of the loud noise had slightly subsided, the demon hunters charged at their enemies immediately.

*Bang! Bang!*

An explosion at Brutalus' foot was triggered by Letta runes. The giant monster was shaken by the blast before he continued to shout, "…Put aside temporary differences and think about the long-term situation. Coldpath has been a peaceful land for demon hunters throughout history…"

Several silver swords and cross-shaped hammers were hurled at the hulking body of Brutalus, but the giant demon deflected all of them with a swift move. "…We believe that a talk can eliminate hate. We, as peacekeepers, will do what it takes to stop this senseless dispute. Can you let me finish my lines?!"

The demon hunters could not stand the loud noise, therefore, they did not pay any attention to what Brutalus was shouting about. Their only thought was to shut the noisy and deafening giant creature up. Without wasting any time, they attacked Brutalus even more fiercely under the lead of several commanders!

The last group of soldiers who rushed out of the portal heard Brutalus' last few words: "I've finished reciting my lines."

"Everybody, now!" A fierce black dwarf shouted at the top of his voice.

All of a sudden, countless demons and all kinds of soldiers burst onto the scene. The frontline troops, who had been waiting for orders, joined the battle when they saw that the elves and the humans had already begun fighting.

The screams of death, the clashes of swords, and the explosion of magic were all over the battlefield. Numerous bizarre demon soldiers rushed excitedly towards the demon hunters who were still confused. It looked as though they wanted to vent their anger at the ultimate defeat of their homeworld. The army, which had caused a torrent of bloodshed on countless battlefields, began to storm the positions of the council's demon hunters!

The warriors of the council charged from every direction, facing the overwhelming threat of the demon king's army. "Guard the line of defense! Go, sound the alarm!" a high-ranking demon hunter shouted.

Brutalus brandished his sword across the battlefield. The Lord of the Abyss easily withstood the attack of his enemies by sheer force. He was like a super, heavy tank while his deafening voice continued, "…We hope that the Council of Elders will exercise restraint in this incident…"

Suddenly, there was a great crash, and some of the demon hunters were knocked about by Brutalus. They fainted mid-air.

"…The warring parties should make reasonable concessions… Any form of talk is beneficial…"

An obsidian statue charged into battle. The fearless, rough-skinned monster began to wreak havoc, sending beams of demonic power from its forehead and causing a series of explosions.

"…Since this incident occurred, the demon empire has been highly concerned about the regional conflict. We respect the choices and traditions of the local people, but we cannot ignore the deteriorating situation…"

The dwarves set up their evil cannon. Amid the glowing light of the demon coil, the powerful runestone screamed down at the palace not far away.

"…We are willing to work together with all regional forces to achieve an in-depth understanding. We're looking to have frank and honest exchanges, and make joint efforts…"

The demonic runestone and the Judgment Hammer formed by the holy light hit the palace of the Council of Elders at the same time. The palace shields were torn apart with a great crash, and the entire battlefield was in flames.

"…to maintain long-term peace as well as stability!"

The last group of the council's warriors finally fell apart. The demon king's legion charged into the enemy's palace fortress in wild excitement. Brutalus put down his sword, let out a long sigh and said, "I'm done."

There was a faint voice from one of the demon hunters lying at his feet, saying, "Finally…"

Meanwhile, Hao Ren and his gang were standing in a corner of the battlefield, watching the chaos.

At first, they wanted to join the battle, but when they started to fight, even Y'zaks found that he did not need to involve himself. So, all they could do was stand at a distance and watch the demons, who seemed to be on drugs, turn the whole situation upside down. White Flame was still in a state of shock even after the battle had ended. "Hey!" Vivian said as she slapped her hard on the head.

White Flame shook her head vigorously, looked at Hao Ren and asked, "So, this is the peacekeeping force you mentioned earlier?"

"…It didn't turn out exactly as I planned," said Hao Ren, scratching his head. "I shouldn't trust these demons too much. But yeah, this is basically it."

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