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Chapter 3: Returning Home

Ever since she backed out from her marriage and left without a word, the relationship between her and the family had soured. Her father was infuriated to the point where he refused to speak to her. Her stepmother and stepsister didn’t better the situation at all, as they constantly belittled her.

Her bond with her father was strained to the extreme because he thought she was just a reckless person with an unstable life without a shred of decency. However, time healed the old wounds and she patched up things with him to some extent by occasionally sending him pictures of herself and her son.

She received a call from her father, stating that he was ill and wanted her to come home and he was looking forward to seeing his grandson.

After five years away from home, Tang Siyu already forgot all grudges. Her only concern was now her son, she didn’t have the time to hold useless grudges. So she agreed to come home.

Soon, they hailed a taxi from the airport which dropped them off at Tang residence.

Tang Siyu sighed in dismay, looking at the glorious mansion. Even though the mansion was of the topmost quality, it was no longer comfortable for her. After her mother passed away, there was no place for her here.

Three months after her mother’s death, her father married a woman named Qiu Lin who brought along a daughter. It was then when she realized that her father had an illegitimate child. She was absolutely against the whole arrangement and she struggled a lot too, however, in the end, she had to begrudgingly accept it. Before she knew it, she became an outsider for her own family.

“Mummy, what are you thinking about?” The boy questioned in a soft voice.

Tang Siyu snapped back to reality and turned her lips up into a smile. As she bent down to fix her son’s crooked hood, she said, “It was nothing! Now, do you remember everyone’s names?”

“Mhm, I know!” As her son beamed a cheerful smile at her, she couldn’t help but hold her breath, looking at his eyes that shined like stars.

As soon as she gave birth to this beautiful boy, she let go of her grudge against the vile man who stole her virginity. As her son grew up, he became even more good-looking. Yet the fact that he looked nothing like her always irked her. However, no matter what, the child was her precious son. As for that man, she wanted to do nothing with him for the rest of her life!

Tang Siyu stood up and rang the doorbell. After a moment’s delay, a servant opened the door and exclaimed with delight, “Eldest Miss, you finally came home! And that must be the young master! He’s such a handsome child.”

“Is Father home?”

“Yes, he’s right over there. However, Madam and Second Miss are also home…” The servant’s voice trailed off towards the end and her smile froze.

Tang Siyu stopped letting the evil duo get to her already, so she didn’t spare them a single thought. She only came back to let her son meet his grandfather.

She led the little boy to the hall, where her father was making tea. As soon as Tang Xiong spotted the mother and son enter, he put hastily put his teacup away and stood up.

“Father, I’m back.” Tang Siyu greeted him warmly. It was her obligation as his daughter to let go of all previous hatred, after all.

“Now that you’re back, I can finally be at ease.” Tang Xiong took a good look at his daughter. Over the years, she grew up to be even more beautiful. His gaze then shifted towards the child beside her. He already knew what his grandson looked like because of the pictures Tang Siyu sent him but looking at him in real life, he was immensely happy.

“So you are Little Xi!”

“Hello, Grandpa!” Tang Xiaoxi greeted him politely as he bowed.

“Ahh… Such a good child! Come closer and let this old grandfather take a good look at you.” Tang Xiong’s heart melted at his Little Xi’s words.

Little Xi immediately jumped into his grandfather’s arms. Tang Xiong hugged him tightly and began to carefully examine his grandson’s features. Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows, as if comparing them to Little Xi’s and said, “He inherited my eyebrows!”

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