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As the female cultivator cried out in alarm, the "Demonic Enchantress Deer" lightly struck and directly shattered the outer shell of the round pill.

At the same time, a dark golden brilliance and a green radiance flashed, and the "Demonic Enchantress Deer" flew back once again, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Then, a green demonic pill crashed into her body, causing her to vomit another mouthful of blood.

What was blocking Wei Suo's attack was the Demonic Core that the "Demonic Enchantress Deer" had produced.

Now that she had completely transformed into a Blue Luan, and even her beast core had completely transformed into a Blue Luan beast core, but the injuries she had suffered previously was simply too heavy. Right now, she was finally able to withstand Wei Suo's attack and could no longer control her own beast core.

"It won't be that easy to kill me. I can still watch half the show before I leave. " However, there was a trace of indescribable pride in her eyes.

At the same time her voice sounded out, the broken pill instantly burst forth with a golden fog.

This mist was like the sea breeze. It was a bit moist, but it also had a faint fragrance of sweet wine.

"This is bad!" This was … This damned thing can also dissolve true essence and origin energy. I can't come out. " A green light flashed on top of the Spirit Cultivation Potion. The moment the green-robed old man's voice sounded, it suddenly disappeared in extreme panic. It was obvious that the green-robed old man had been scared out of his wits the the moment he appeared.


Seeing the golden fog explode, the female cultivator's body shook violently. Her face was so pale that there was not a trace of blood left in it.

A golden fog of air instantly enveloped the entire five-colored jade mountain. The strange elemental energy within caused everyone's skin to appear indescribably lustrous and smooth. "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …."

"What exactly is this thing?" Han Weiwei could not help but let out a surprised cry.

The true essence that had just recovered within her body had unexpectedly disappeared in an instant. The effect of this golden fog on the true essence was actually even greater than the Heavenly Dragon's infernal energy just now. Moreover, within this golden fog, she felt that something wasn't right. However, she couldn't feel what was wrong with her. It was as if there was an itch in her heart that was hard to control.

"What is this?" With a gloomy face, Wei Suo turned his head to ask the female cultivator beside him. The true essence within his body once again instantly vanished. The expression of the "Demonic Enchantress Deer" that fell back into the dragon bone dust gave him an extremely dangerous feeling.

However, when his gaze met her, the female cultivator didn't reply immediately. Instead, her whole body trembled, and she unconsciously retreated like a frightened little deer.

"You underestimate the strength of our high level beasts! Even though your ancestors left you countless cultivators, but we also have many things that you cultivators cannot achieve! " "Demoness Deer" coughed lightly as she fell in the dragon bone dust. She looked at Wei Suo with incomparable pride. "You don't need to ask anyone, I'll tell you just what this thing is used for."

"There is a type of wind attribute Ancient Celestial Dragon. This type of Heavenly Dragon was born with a formidable wind attribute. However, it had an indifferent and aloof nature. It had no interest in breeding its own descendants. Based on the nature of these dragons, they would probably die out within a single generation. However, as this Azure Dragon grew, its body would also form a piece of Heavenly Jade Crystal, also known as the dragon bag. When it reaches adulthood, when its essence is at its most exuberant, it will melt on its own, filling the cold and indifferent Azure Dragon with boundless emotions, searching for a mate and reproducing its descendants. "

"In order to prevent cultivators from obstructing it when it is in love, the elemental energy of the jade can even make the primeval essence and demon essence of cultivators and other demon beasts near it disappear. Moreover, the consequences will be that the cultivators and demon beasts that touch the elemental energy will also be immersed in endless emotions and unable to extricate themselves."


The moment he heard the words of the "Demonic Enchantress", Wei Suo's face immediately became deathly pale. At this moment, he felt an extremely strange feeling rise up within his body, making him unable to control it no matter what.

"To put it simply, this sort of thing is the most powerful of enchanting medicines." "Demonic Enchantress!" Looking at Wei Suo and the rest, her eyes revealed an extremely mocking expression. "Her gaze swept past Wei Suo's body, and then fell on the trembling body of the female cultivator who was completely drenched in the rain." From now on, you all should be unable to control yourselves. Wei Suo, aren't two of them your Dao-companions? And this male cultivator, is he your good friend? "

"What do you mean by that!" Upon hearing these words, Han Weiwei's body trembled violently as she cried out loudly with a pale face.

"What else can it mean?" The succubus looked at Han Weiwei with ridicule in her eyes. "If you have a good friend who is dating your Dao-companion right in front of you, how would you feel when you wake up?"

After chuckling, the succubus glanced at Han Weiwei and the female cultivator. "Maybe you and him will dual cultivate in a while. Maybe you and Wei Suo will double cultivate in a while." If you really want to know, then I can stay here for a while. At that time, I can leave some words here to tell you who you dual cultivated with first. "

"Impossible!" If this thing is the same as what you said, how can you not be affected! " The faces of Ji Ya, Nangong Yuqing, Wei Suo, and the others completely changed when they heard the Demon Enchantress' words. As for Han Weiwei, she couldn't help but scream.

"As I said, we high level beasts also have a lot of things that you can't hope to reach. "Right now, my demon essence is also gone, but our phoenix bloodline is not affected by this." The Succubus Demoness smiled complacently and glanced at Han Weiwei with ill intent, "Look at me, I'm now a true Blue Luan, the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Moreover, whether this thing is the same as what I've said or not, you should be clear about it by now, right?"

"I will kill you!"

Han Weiwei uttered those words. However, her body was swaying like a lotus leaf in water. Even her teeth were chattering slightly. Her legs were tightly pressed together and she couldn't move away. Her charming face was flushed red.

Wei Suo took a step forward towards the "Demoness Deer" that was smiling complacently. His body was emitting a monstrous killing intent, but the world in front of him seemed to be distorted. His consciousness seemed to be suppressed by an extremely powerful force, gathering on the bodies of Ji Ya and Nangong Yuqing beside him.

"Kill me! Weasel, kill me! I will always be yours! Kill me and then take revenge for me! "

Jia Ya was about to lose her consciousness as well. A stream of hot air was constantly flowing out from her body, pushing her towards Wei Suo. However, at this moment, only a sliver of her consciousness remained as she let out a sorrowful cry towards Wei Suo.

"Kill me!" Nangong Yuqing let out such a voice at the same time. However, her cultivation level was not as high as Ji Ya's, so her eyes were completely clouded.

Just at this moment, Wei Suo was already completely unable to move a single step.

"Wei Suo …" One of his hands was held by Yinhua.

Lianhua stood beside him, her two shoulders shaking, but her two hands held tightly onto one of Wei Suo's hands.

The palms of her hands were extremely hot, and her eyes seemed as if they were about to drip water.

Her two slender jade hands, together with Wei Suo's, slipped into her clothes and held onto that soft and exquisite peaks.

The female cultivator's body trembled even more violently, as if she had been struck by some lightning spell.

Her gaze stopped at the mountain rock in front of her. She wanted to smash her head into the rock in front of her.

However, at this time, a light moan sounded out.

Just a glance was enough to make her unable to move.

A petite figure leaned on Wei Suo's body and grabbed his other hand.

This lovely figure was very straight. With a grasp of her slender waist, she drew a perfect curve.

It was Han Weiwei.

The despair and helplessness that Han Weiwei had shown earlier had completely disappeared. Her bright red lips trembled slightly as she spoke. There seemed to be faint tears in her eyes as she struggled, shyly, anxiously, and imploringly.

The silver clothes on her body had already been half taken off. A straight, slender, and half of a jade ball were revealed. It was so white that it was dazzling.

Wei Suo's hands were brought into her lower abdomen. She slumped against Wei Suo's body, as if she couldn't even breathe. There was a strange sound of breathing in her voice.

A loud buzzing sound resounded in the female cultivator's mind. All of her resistance suddenly disappeared. It was as if Wei Suo had turned into a giant whirlpool, sucking her closer and closer.

"Serves you right! Who told you to try to kill me!"

"Demoness Deer" saw that Ji Ya and Nangong Yuqing were also hugging Wei Suo from behind, their hands trembling as they caressed every part of Wei Suo's body.

Her eyes were full of the pleasure of revenge, and she was immensely proud.

"How is this possible!" However, when he suddenly saw the female cultivator, this "Demoness Deer" screamed in disbelief and almost jumped up.

The female cultivator's body was covered with a layer of dense, transparent light that was disappearing, but the 'he' was changing.

"He's actually …" This "Demonic Enchantress" saw the change in the female cultivator, and her mind went blank.

At this moment, a figure emitting a faint yellow spirit light suddenly appeared in front of her.

"You … "What are you doing …!" The "Charm Demoness Deer" who was already a true Blue Luan seemed to have suddenly reacted to something and let out an extremely shocked shriek!

"Me …" The Yang Lipid Bird's figure pressed down on the Blue Luan's body.

"Save … Life … Help! " The Blue Luan struggled with all its might, but at this moment, it had suffered a heavy injury. It was simply unable to push away the Yang Lil Bird.

"Stop …" "Ahhh!" A wailing cry immediately sounded.

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