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The banquet at the palace had not started yet, and the envoys from the Western Regions had already arranged their residences. There were still a few hours until the start of the banquet.

At this time, the Princess of the Western Regions had disappeared from the assigned hall, and even the Blood Sang Army who had been monitoring the scent of the Western Regions did not notice that someone had disappeared from the palace.

At this moment, Shang Xiange was frowning in front of a bronze mirror. As the only princess of the imperial palace, even if the emperor did not ask about Shang Xiange's matters, his identity was still there, and his status had increased tremendously.

"You may leave, this princess will do it herself!" Shang Liangge spoke to the palace maids and eunuchs standing there. The palace maids and eunuchs immediately withdrew. It was a very beautiful task for them to serve the Second Princess, but the Second Princess had a very good temper and had also executed a few palace maids.

Seeing that there was no one else in the palace, Shang Xiange smiled and said, "You're here!" Just as he finished his sentence, he saw a woman flying in through the window. Wasn't this woman the same woman who had just arrived in Shang Country's Western Territory?

Western Fragrance looked at Shang Xiange as she walked step by step towards her and sat in front of the bronze mirror. She then reached out her hand to pinch her neck and said with a dissatisfied voice, "How dare you!" This princess has given you several missions, but you actually haven't succeeded a single time! Do you want to die? "

Shang Xiange stretched out her hand to pat Western Fragrance's hand that was squeezing her neck, her face went from pale white to purple, and only when she felt that she was about to suffocate to death did Western Fragrance release her hand and sit directly on her bed.

Shang Xiange coughed and held her head low, but her head was lowered as she revealed a crazy smile. Shang Xiange raised her head and looked at Western Paradise's sweet music with a puzzled expression, "How could I dare?" After all, I was poisoned by your poison and my life is in your hands. How could I betray you? "

Western Fragrance was sure that Shang Xiange did not dare to betray her, otherwise she would have killed Shang Xiange just now. Whether it was Duke Qing or Shang Xiange, they were both pawns of the Western Regions, but these pawns were all accepted by the Western Region's sweet music. Unfortunately, the Duke of Qing failed and died, so in the Palace of the Kingdom of Shang, the pawns of the Western Regions were the only pawns that could be used.

"Since you do not dare to betray me, then what about the things that I told you to do?" Xiang Lute from the Western Regions asked. Ever since Duke Qing's death, Western Fragrance had an uncontrollable feeling towards Shang State, so she had sent a lot of information to Shang Liangge, such as killed Emperor Shang and killed Shang Wuxin, but none of the orders were completed yet. Since Duke Qing's death, Western Fragrance had an uncontrollable feeling to Shang State, so she had sent a lot of information to Shang Liangge, such as killed Emperor Shang Jiu and killed Shang Wuxin.

He tried his best to cover the scars on his neck with rouge and other things. His voice carried a sense of helplessness, "Princess Honeylush should know Prince Shang's capabilities, and royal father has never been a simple person. Otherwise, how could grandfather plan so many years without success?" Now that my grandfather's clan has been killed, and I've gone through so much trouble to keep my life, it might seem like I'm just a princess, but there aren't many people in this palace who can command me. Furthermore, there's no one who can trust me.

"I thought you were a very smart chess piece, but now it seems that you're just a piece of trash. You've really let me down!"

Her body was that of a favored princess of the Western Regions, and even the princes couldn't compare to her degree of being pampered. Since she was young, she had always been doted on by her father, and she was also not an ordinary woman. Thus, despite being a princess for so many years, she had done many things for the Western Region Emperor. She had thought that after taking down Shang Guanmo, she would have more plans for her future ascension, but now that her plans had been disrupted, she could not help but be anxious.

In the Western Regions, Shang Xiange was nothing more than a chess piece, she had never held a higher opinion of her. The Duke of Qing was just a lackey in the eyes of the Western Region. A lackey had long used his granddaughter as a pawn for his father to use, and now this pawn belonged to him. Western Fragrance never thought that Shang Liangge would betray her. After all, wasn't he supposed to be obedient to her after all these years?

Such insulting words from the Western Regions did not cause Shang Xiange's expression to change at all, and there was even a hint of interest in the depths of her eyes. Such a subservient attitude made the Western Paradise feel bored, so he directly asked, "I heard that the Minister of the Left and Prince Shang are a couple?"

Although he did not understand the reason behind Ximen Wandai's question, Shang Xiange nodded her head and said, "The two of them are indeed a pair!"

"What a pity!" "Such a handsome man is actually a broken sleeve. Moreover, it seems like he's hiding under someone else. This is truly a pity for this princess!"

Shang Liangge, who was still flattering her, suddenly paused and thought of the relationship between Huan Mo Che and Shang Wuxin and asked, "It looks like Princess Fragrance is interested in that Lord Minister of the Left?" However, although the Left Premier is handsome, he is a man with missing sleeves. "

At first, I was a little interested, but now that I think about it, this kind of man really makes me feel nauseous! However, such a good man is actually willing to follow behind Prince Shang. Say, if I were to kill Prince Shang, wouldn't that man's expression be interesting? "

The powder in her hands almost fell off as Shang Xiange tightly held onto it, pretending to smile and said, "I don't know about that, but is Princess Fragrance preparing to kill Crown Prince Shang?" Shang Shuangge's question was unintentional, but only she knew that her heart was thumping non-stop. She was nervous.

"What does this princess killing Prince Shang have to do with you?" "Shang Liangge, you only need to know that your life is in this princess' hands. You only need to be obedient!" As soon as the Western Fragrance finished speaking, she flew out of the open window. The sleeping quarters quieted down, but Shang Xiange suddenly pushed down all of the rouge and cosmetic powder on the dressing table.

"Hehe!" "Hahaha!" Shang Shuangge laughed so hard that she had to cover her stomach as she laughed crazily, her voice twisting, "A chess piece? This princess has been a chess piece since birth, but now that I'm tired of chess pieces, I want to change my way of life! "

When Shang Xiange was done laughing, he said to the outside, "Come in!" He saw Shang Xiange's personal palace maid walk into the sleeping quarters and look at Shang Xiange who was sitting there. A flash of heartache passed through her eyes. Shang Xiange said in disgust, "Throw that bed away and let this princess have a new one!"

"Yes sir!" The palace maid replied, then she asked again, "Princess, the poison in your body is difficult to cure. This servant knows that the princess is suffering in her heart, but the princess has already endured for so many years, so she can't just give up halfway!"

Shang Xiange looked at herself in the mirror. She was still as beautiful as ever, but her pair of eyes were already filled with madness. No wonder even the ladies she trusted could see through her. "This princess has endured for too long. I'm afraid that if this princess continues to endure like this, this princess will soon forget what it really feels like to be alive!"

The palace maid wanted to say something but lowered her head. Shang Xiange did not mind and asked, "Is the Crown Prince in the palace?"

"The crown prince entered the royal study!" The palace maid said, but a hint of envy flashed in Shang Xiange's eyes as she listened. She smiled and waved the palace maid off. There were some things she was envious of, but that was all.

Night quietly approached and the palace banquet began.

Emperor Shang had already taken his seat, the officials of the various families were already waiting in the main hall, the crown prince, General Leng and the Left Premier were all present too, causing many of the officials to be shocked, after which they instructed their families not to cause any trouble tonight. Even if there was a dispute in the imperial court, in the external world, many officials were unanimous. After all, the State of Shang had their current status.

Shang didn't seem to be in the mood to be bored, as he sat there. At this moment, Dauntless approached Shang and handed the paper to the crown prince. Shang opened the paper, upon it were two delicate words, "Be careful!"

Shang unintentionally tilted his head slightly, and fearlessly reported, "This is a note from the second princess to her servant, asking her to pass it to the crown prince!"

Shattering the paper in his hand, Shang unwittingly glanced at Shang Xiange. As the princess, Shang Xiange's position was not far from Shang's, so when Shang unwittingly cast his gaze over, Shang Xiange slightly raised his wine cup, smirked and said, "Be careful!"

Shang unwittingly looked at Shang Xiange, as if trying to see through her. But after a while, Shang unwittingly looked away and nodded his head. She did not realize that when she retracted her gaze, Shang Xiange's eyes flashed with longing.

"Princess Honeylush of the Western Regions has arrived! General Huyan from the Western Regions has arrived! " As soon as the voice was heard, Western Fragrance and Huyan Shang walked into the hall. Many men sighed at the beautiful Western Fragrance's beauty, then looked at Shang Xiange who was sitting there, comparing their looks with each other. Western Fragrance's eyes flashed with displeasure when she saw everyone's actions.

"Aroma greets you, Emperor Shang!" Western Fragrance stood in the main hall, bowing slightly as she looked up at Emperor Shang. Imperial Highness Shang, who had thought that he would die, didn't think that he would live well, but Western Fragrance felt that all of this was due to the efforts of Crown Prince Shang, and a look of disrespect flashed in her eyes.

Although the Western Territory was very clever, she had never encountered any setbacks or setbacks in her life. Therefore, at this moment, even though she had concealed her strength well, she was still discovered by the Shang Emperor, who knew that no matter what, he could not be angry with a woman, as it would ruin his reputation and dignity.

"Someone, come!" Emperor Shang didn't even have the slightest bit of interest in pleasantries. It was already good enough that he could greet the Emperor with a smile, no matter who was standing in front of him and coveting his country.

The Emperor did not move, the Crown Prince did not move, General Leng did not say much, and the Minister of the Left did not speak either.

"I've heard that the ladies of the State of Shang are multi-talented. I wonder if this princess will have the honor of watching over them today?" Although she was not happy with the things that she had neglected, she was not stupid enough to say them out loud.

"Since Princess Honeylush is interested, of course we can!" Shang Wuxin said as he held the wine cup, but in reality, what was in the cup was not wine at all.

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