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"This palace's appearance was given to me by my royal father and mother. I am indeed superior." Shang Wuxin to fiddle around with the teacup in his hand, and directly looked at Qing Kui, "Although I am indeed a man and am a bit more handsome, but I am so much better than a lot of people who have let down their parents!"

Everyone could hear who the Crown Prince was mocking, and Qing Kui's face turned green. Qing Kui might look shameful, but the premise was not that he was a match for Prince Shang.

Nangong Qian picked up the wine cup on the table and sipped. His eyes flashed with an indulgent smile as he had forgotten about it. The Crown Prince Shang he loved was not a young man who was a goddess, but a devilish brat who could anger you to death.

Shang Wuxin never felt anything was wrong with his looks. His beauty was given to him by the gods and it was good enough that he wasn't proud. As for the words from within the adonis, Shang Wuxin had completely treated them as praise. Not everyone could bear the praise of a beauty, and not everyone was a real man.

Qing Kui had been the crown prince for so many years, but everyone had always flattered him. Now, a youth who was so much younger than him and had not given him any face, Qing Kui had already memorized this Crown Prince Shang. However, Qing Kui was not too irritable.

"Indeed, Prince Shang is very handsome!" Qing Kui gritted his teeth and said, "Crown Prince Shang, let me toast you!" As he spoke, he raised the wine cup in his hand with a provocative look in his eyes. He noticed that Prince Shang had not touched the wine since the beginning.

Shang Wuxin narrowed her eyes. She had never touched wine and did not know what it was like for her to drink, but wine was a dangerous thing in Shang's life.

"That's right, to actually be able to meet Crown Prince Shang and Crown Prince Qing today is also a good thing. This King will first toast to the two of them, and then toast to them!" Nangong Wen stood up and finished the wine cup on the table in one gulp.

Qing Kui gave Nangong Wen a look. Even though it was their first time meeting, they still acted the same way as a villain.

"That's right!" Then, he looked at Prince Shang with a troubled expression, "Could it be that Prince Shang doesn't know how to drink wine? After all, as long as it's a man, he would drink wine even if he's a kid. A man who can't drink in a country can't be considered a man!"

Since things had come to this point, and with the King of Nangong Country and the crown prince of a powerful country serving as respect, Shang could not back down even if she had no intentions. Nangong Qian extended his hand and prepared to take away the wine cup on Crown Prince Shang's table. As for whether he would offend the two of them or not, Nangong Qian did not care at all.

However, when Nangong Qian's hand touched the wine cup, Crown Prince Shang's voice sounded far away, "I am truly grateful for you being so courteous, then please pour wine for me!"

Nangong Qian instantly knew that his interference had displeased Crown Prince Shang. Indeed, for such a proud and arrogant kid to be able to face such a small matter, he was the same as himself. He never liked others interfering, but he was unable to control himself. He hated others for making things difficult for Prince Shang, but he also didn't want Prince Shang to do anything he didn't like.

Everyone was looking at Prince Shang with ridicule in their eyes, although they were shocked by his actions, they did not think in any other direction, after all, the Minister of the State of Nangong knew very well who he was, so when they heard Prince Shang's words, they felt that he was too arrogant. But before they could look down on him, they saw the most distant prince of the State of Nangong, King Qian, actually pouring wine for him from a jug of wine.

Although he was not afraid of Crown Prince Shang's gaze, he did not want to make Crown Prince Shang unhappy. Furthermore, Nangong Qian was well aware that if he had gone too far, the relationship that he had managed to get close to would eventually return to the past, and Nangong Qian would definitely not do it when the gains were less than the losses. Thus, he could only endure the pain in his heart and refill his cup, thinking of the worry that the Crown Prince would never drink, but thinking of how he would not let anything happen to the Crown Prince by his side.

Shang Wuxin lifted her wine cup and stood up. In her pure white hand was a flawless, jade-like hand, without the slightest flaw. It was as slender as jade, and it carried a seductive and fragrant scent; just one action was enough to cause everyone in the hall to swallow their saliva.

Instead, he slowly raised his neck and drank the wine into his stomach. An indescribable temptation exuded out, making everyone feel that Prince Shang could really afford to be called the 'national beauty of the world'.

Shang couldn't help but admit that the alcohol seemed to be a good thing, but not to himself. Although her head could remain clear for the time being, it was still a little dizzy.

Only when Prince Shang put down the cup and sat down did everyone come back to their senses. They kept thinking that this Prince Shang was being too flirtatious.

Nangong Qian was worried that Prince Shang would go insane from the first drink, but what made him feel at ease was that although there was something wrong with the wine after Prince Shang had finished it, he did not make any noise or move an inch. He just sat there with a straight face and if he did not know enough about Prince Shang, he would not be able to see Prince Shang's confused look. For example, the usual Crown Prince's eyes were clear and deep. At this moment, even if Prince Shang lowered his gaze, Nangong Qian could see that his eyes were misty. He was so adorable that he wanted to hug the devilish brat and kiss him a few times.

Under Nangong Qian's gaze, they saw Prince Shang standing up and walking out of the palace in a very normal manner. Up until the moment he got on the carriage, Nangong Qian thought that Prince Shang was very normal and that the officials who came to greet him had performed very well. However, the moment he got on the carriage, Nangong Qian discovered that something was amiss.

Shang was not in the mood to enjoy the discomfort, either from the poison or from the alcohol. She had always been forcing herself to wake up, but now that she was in the carriage, she frowned. She subconsciously wanted to believe in Nangong Qian, so she let go of her guard to get drunk.

Nan Gong Qian immediately pulled Prince Shang into his embrace, his soft body without any bones made Nan Gong Qian's heart fill up, he caressed the flushed face of Crown Prince Shang and kept asking, "But where do you feel uncomfortable? "It's good that you can bear with it. We'll be going back soon!"

To Nangong Qian's surprise, Prince Shang did not push him away, but instead hugged him with both of his arms and nuzzled his chest with her nose, causing Nangong Qian's heart to heat up. He held Prince Shang's hand tightly, and only after seeing his unwell expression did he slightly let go of Prince Shang's hand.

When the carriage arrived at the palace, Nangong Qian took up the cloak from the carriage and wrapped it around Crown Prince Shang before using Qing Gong to return to his bedroom. When he entered the bedroom, he met the person standing outside and was stopped.

"Crown Prince?" Although he felt that Prince Qian wouldn't harm the Crown Prince, he couldn't be sure.

Shang Wuxin revealed his head from Nangong Qian's chest. It was so cute that it made people want to love him. Her voice was no longer as cold as usual, but more cute and innocent, "No fear!" "I'm fine, I want to sleep!" Shang said with a smile. With that, Nangong Qian carried Prince Shang into the palace.

She stood there fearlessly for a long time without moving. That must be the crown prince, right? But who was it that told her to pinch such an adorable person like him? Who was this cold and domineering crown prince?

Nangong Qian placed Prince Shang on the bed and didn't leave as he stared straight at the sleeping Prince Shang, his nose emitting a faint fragrance that belonged solely to Prince Shang. Nangong Qian's gaze gradually shifted to Prince Shang's face, looking at her delicate long eyelashes lightly covered like a butterfly fan, her small and straight nose was so cute that it made people want to pinch it, her slightly open mouth was so moist that it was like a cherry soaked in water, making people want to bite at her.

Just as Nangong Qian was about to lower his head and kiss those pink-lipped lips that he had been thinking about day and night, he saw Crown Prince Shang suddenly open his eyes. He was so shocked that Nangong Qian almost jumped off the bed.

However, although Shang Wuxin had opened her eyes, she looked foolish. She smiled at Nangong Qian, and when Nangong Qian saw her smile, it was as bright as a spring flower, as bright as the autumn moon. She was originally as beautiful as the moon, but now with her lazy smile, the corners of her eyes had a hint of flirtatiousness, causing Nangong Qian to be intoxicated with her smile.

"Sleep!" Shang Wuxin said as he pouted. Then, he directly pulled Nangong Qian down onto the bed with his hand and slept beside him.

The Night Pearls in the hall emitted a gentle light, and the muslin curtain draped over the bed. The entire room was filled with a hazy atmosphere, as well as a faint incense.

After Nangong Qian laid down, he laid on his side with one hand supporting his head, his deep gaze was focused on the sleeping Prince Shang beside him, his whole body was exuding a joyful aura. After a while, he saw Shang Bin opening his eyes and looked at Nangong Qian in confusion, "Why don't you close your eyes and sleep?"

Prince Shang would never have asked such a question if he was sober, but the current Prince Shang was like a cute child.

Nangong Qian tenderly caressed Prince Shang's hair. He felt that if only Prince Shang could be so trusting and dependant in front of him, he would be able to pamper this devilish brat forever.

"I can't sleep! I want to see you! " Only at this moment could he show his love without any scruples, get close to Crown Prince Shang, touch Crown Prince Shang, and not conceal his possessiveness.

Nangong Qian looked at Crown Prince Shang with an inclusive gaze, but the look in his eyes changed when he looked at Nangong Qian, because under the blanket, Crown Prince Shang's hand was touching his chest, slowly feeling for his clothes before he could react, and then taking off his clothes like a stubborn child. He was already wearing it, and now that he was naked, Nangong Qian did not want to admit that he was very cooperative.

He could feel Prince Shang's delicate hands slowly moving down from his chest. Just when Nangong Qian felt that his heart was about to jump out of his chest, he felt that Prince Shang was taking off his pants.

"Xin'er?" Nangong Qian called out the name in his heart, "What are you doing?" Nangong Qian said that he seemed to be helpless, but the prerequisite was that he ignored his overly excited gaze.

"Take off your clothes and go to sleep!" Shang said in a silly manner, his hands did not stop moving.

However, in just a split-second, Nangong Qian was fully aware that he had stripped off his pants along with the strength of Crown Prince Shang. Without the protection of his clothes, that man in his heart was still groping on his body, and Nangong Qian felt like he was about to explode.

Before he could react, Prince Shang suddenly stood up and sat on him. He did not even blink as he looked at Prince Shang lowering his body, the two of them immediately becoming very close to each other. His body was very hot, and Prince Shang's body was slightly cold.

His hair was tangled in the wind, and Prince Shang's lips were just short of touching Nangong Qian's cheek. Nangong Qian held his breath, continuously anticipating the next moment, his heart was beating rapidly, from his ears to his neck, it was getting hotter and hotter, making him look very nervous.

Happiness comes too fast, Nangong Qian felt that he almost couldn't endure it. His loved one was caressing him to seduce him, and he was even stripped naked. Nangong Qian felt that if he didn't do something, he would be letting him down.

Nangong Qian's hands moved to embrace the waist of Crown Prince Shang who was sitting on him. His right hand held the back of Crown Prince Shang's head. It looked like Crown Prince Shang had kissed him on the lips, but in reality, he was forcing Crown Prince Shang to kiss him on the lips …

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