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Three days had passed since the banquet at the palace. Although the rumors about the crown prince and the Minister of the Left did not dissipate, no official had confirmed that the crown prince was the man with the severed sleeve. This was all thanks to Emperor Shang's intimidation.

At this time, no one knew how many women were crying in the country of Shang, although whether the crown prince was Broken Sleeve or not had yet to confirm, but everyone still felt that there was a bit of ambiguity from the series of events between the crown prince and the Minister of the Left. If it was someone else who had taken over the crown prince or the crown prince, perhaps people would not be happy, but the two handsome men could only look on with envy.

No matter how great the rumors in the capital were, at this time Shang Tong was already on his way out of Shang's country, the rumors about her and all kinds of conjectures did not enter his ears. However, Shang's lack of concern did not mean that people did not mind, for those who were not in the capital heard the rumors and were angered, and secretly disdained the actions of Huan Mo Che.

"Crown Prince, we have already left the country of Shang. Do you need to rest for a day before leaving?" Fearless said to the carriage. As for why they were going there, even Fearless did not know. After all, ever since Emperor Shang had "recovered", the crown prince had pushed everything away from the capital and left with the Blood Sang Army. Even Young Master Fantasy had not said goodbye.

"No need, let's hurry!" Shang closed his eyes and said. After all, she had suffered a loss last time and had to get it back no matter what. Furthermore, the situation of the Qing Mu Garden was not looking good, so she could not bully her subordinate, so she might as well start with the Qing Kingdom.

Fearless nodded his head and didn't stop the carriage, he then asked fearlessly, "Crown Prince, the Emperor has already sent his letter of credence over. This time, he's going to Qing Dynasty to marry the Crown Prince's consort!" No matter which country the crown prince went to, he needed an honorable reason. Otherwise, if something were to happen to him in another country, no other country would admit it.

"Oh, Qing Kui is actually going to marry the crown prince's consort?" Shang Wuxin snickered, not knowing how long Qing Kui could stay drunk on the lap of a beauty. Firstly, he had gone to Qing dynasty to settle some matters for the sake of pleasing others. Secondly, Shang Wuxin really did not know how to face royal father's urging and the more presumptuous love of the Illusory Mo Che, so he could only watch and not be annoyed.

After a long time, Dreadless heard the crown prince's voice from inside, "Have you been doing well in Qing Mu Yuan recently?"

Both Dauntless and fearless knew that the Crown Prince had a somewhat different attitude towards this wooden garden. He now had a little more care and compassion, which once confused both Dreadless and Dreadless, but now, they had more interactions even though they were loyal to the Crown Prince. In their hearts, they felt that the little girl was indeed pitiful.

"Qing Mu Yuan has been bestowed with the marriage of a Great General of the Qing Dynasty!" Speaking of this fearless and somewhat angry "Great General Qing Zi is already over 40 years old and Emperor Qing is actually treating his daughter like this. Moreover, this servant has heard that the Great General Qing Yi is very brutal in the matters of the bed, so I don't know how many of his concubines died in bed." Qing Mu Yuan is just a child, yet she was actually given a marriage to someone who can be her father. Furthermore, the wedding is going to be held before the end of the year, Qing Guo is trying to send Qing Mu Garden to its death! "

"This Green Wood Garden is truly pitiful. If I did not follow the crown prince, I'm afraid …"

There were many pitiful people in this world, and the reason why she saved the Wood Garden was only because this little girl was somewhat similar to him in the past. Now, this little girl was actually a good subordinate, and Shang Wuxin more or less, was more or less sincere.

If one wanted to go through the Nangong Nation, they would have to go through the Nangong Nation. If Shang did not want to go through the Nangong Nation, they would have to go through the Nangong Nation, there were only two methods, the first was to destroy the Nangong Nation, and the second was to make an agreement with the Nangong Nation, but the country's benefits were above all else. No matter what, there were very few people who could let their armies go through their own country's borders, this was a very dangerous matter, and Shang was not in the mood to think about it for a long time.

"Crown Prince!" Fearless looked at the man in front of him and laughed.

Shang Wuxin closed his eyes and continued speaking fearlessly, but before he could reply fearlessly, he felt the curtain of his carriage slightly open and someone walked in. In the carriage, Shang Wuxin did not open his eyes, and the person who came in sat beside Shang Wuxin without a word, slightly holding Shang Wuxin who was leaning against the carriage, and leaning against him with a smile on his face.

The familiar smell of body temperature gave people a sense of peace. Shang Wuxin, who had yet to fall asleep from today's journey, slightly fell asleep while leaning on someone's body.

The person who was sleeping did not seem to be comfortable, so Nangong Qian gently picked Shang Wuxin up and put him in his arms, this way, even if the carriage was to be slightly jolted, it would not disturb the person in his arms.

The two of them looked at each other in a comfortable and peaceful manner, and slept soundly. The fearless carriage outside also instructed everyone to walk in a quiet manner, and not a single person in the group said a word. Fortunately, they were walking in a remote area, otherwise, Shang Wuxin who was so noisy might not be able to sleep.

An hour had passed when Shang had no intention to wake up. He felt as if he was sleeping in Nangong Qian's embrace. Shang had no intention to blush nor did he act pretentiously. After all, the ambiguous feeling between the two of them was clear.

"Nangong is preparing to send me off?" Shang opened his eyes and teased. After all, this was still the Nangong Country. Nangong Qian knew that it was normal for him to come here, and according to the current situation in the Nangong Country, Nangong Qian could not be left here.

Nangong Qian looked at Shang Wuxin who had only glanced at him for a moment before retracting his gaze and looking away. Dissatisfaction rose in his heart as the repressed male chauvinism began once again. Nangong Qian used both hands to hold Shang Xin's head and pulled it over, their eyes looking at each other.

After seeing Shang Bin's gaze on him, Nangong Qian's mood improved a little, and he gently caressed his long hair. "Of course I'm following you all the way to Qing Province. You're in great danger this time, so I can't be at ease!"

Shang Wuxin pushed Nangong Qian's arm away and sat up with a face full of anger, "You're investigating me?"

Shang Wuxin was not unaware that he had a few men by his side, but he knew that Nangong Qian and Leng Yufeng had no ill intentions, so he left them be. However, if they crossed his bottom line, Shang Wuxin would feel uncomfortable.

When Nangong Qian saw Shang unintentionally leaving, the soft body in his arms disappeared, and he turned towards Shang and unintentionally berated Nangong Qian, who was in an even worse mood. Nangong Qian saw Shang unintentionally leaving, and the soft body in his arms disappeared, and he turned unintentionally towards Shang and reprimanded Nangong Qian, who was in an even worse mood.

"Is that what you think of me?" Nangong Qian grabbed both of Shang Wuxin's hands, his tone full of anger and heartache. His hands' movements were a little rough, and even his phoenix eyes were ice-cold, something Shang Wuxin had never seen before in his life.

Both of their hands were locked in place. Both of them did not use any internal force. Shang Tong's unintentional physical strength was incomparable to Nangong Qian's. This was the first time Nangong Qian had treated him in such a way, and also the first time since his rebirth that a lot of men had treated him with such power. At this moment, Shang Gou suddenly remembered that when he first met Nangong Qian, he knew that he should not offend Nangong Qian, but because Nangong Qian was always so gentle and pampered in front of him, he had already forgotten the cold blood and danger Nangong Qian was in after he got used to it.

"Let go!" Shang Wuxin berated, both his hands could not move. He bent his legs and prepared to attack Nangong Qian's lower body. But as soon as Shang Wuxin's legs moved, they were suppressed by Nangong Qian's legs. He could not even move his legs, and his entire body was suppressed by Nangong Qian. The two of them were very close, and Shang could not feel Nangong Qian's chest moving up and down due to his anger.

Nangong Qian looked at Shang Bin who was being suppressed by him, and because he was angry, his pale face had a tinge of red, and his pair of deep eyes were filled with anger. This kind of Shang Tong was more realistic, and Nangong Qian could not help but want to kiss him, but when he thought of the night when Shang was being drunk, he could not bear to use force, and could only suppress the impulse in his heart, but the strength in his hands and legs did not loosen.

"Let go?" Nangong Qian gnashed his teeth and said, "Since you have provoked me, then don't think that I will let you go!" Thoughtless, you have to know that I love you so much that I didn't even let go of you. Nangong Qian's voice was deep and resounding, like an aged wine, rich and intoxicating.

Seeing Shang Bin was suppressed by him without any response, Nangong Qian bit on Shang Xin Xin's neck.

The sudden pain made Shang Wuxin frown. He was only slightly gritting his teeth on his neck, but the person on his body seemed to be afraid of hurting himself, so after taking a bite, he actually licked it. Then as if he had found something fun, he started licking it more and more vigorously, licking it all the way from Shang's neck to his shoulder.

Shang Xin Xin's expression was misty, it was obvious that he was moved. On his body was Nangong Qian. One of Nangong's hands was covering Shang Xin's wrist while the other was eagerly stroking his body.

Nangong Qian looked at Shang Wuxin with an emotional expression, but the person he was suppressing was a little strange.

Nangong Qian was undoubtedly smart and paranoid. He had never suspected Shang Wu Xin's gender was because he had helped Shang Wu Xin with his pulse, but at this moment, his doubts continued to surge in Nangong Qian's mind, making Nangong Qian to slowly move her hand under Shang Wu Xin's body.

Nangong Qian's hand got lower and lower. Shang Wuxin, who was stirred up by Nangong Qian's rough but powerful palm, suddenly regained her senses. She broke free from Nangong Qian's other hand and pushed Nangong Qian away, escaping from Nangong Qian's grasp.

Shang was not in the mood to tidy up his messy clothes. Fortunately, his white shoulders were not exposed.

Nangong Qian was pushed to the side of the car by Shang and was staring unblinkingly at his current appearance. No matter if it was the delicate appearance of his face or his soft body, Nangong Qian thought maybe … He might have guessed wrong from the beginning, but he could not use force to confirm Shang's appearance. Well, there would always be a chance, if he knew Shang's true nature as a woman, hmph! He would make Shang not know the price of deceiving him.

"I will accompany you to the Qing Dynasty!" Perhaps because he saw the mark on Shang's neck, his mood became a lot better, and his tone became more gentle, "I did not investigate you, but you suffered a loss that day, so why don't you let it go? So I already knew what you wanted to do after you left the State of Shang and left the State of Shang." "I admit that I did send someone to watch you in the capital, but that attention was not an investigation. I was just worried about you!"

Shang Wuxin knew that he had wronged someone, and slightly nodded, "I'm sorry, I misunderstood you!"

"Just an apology?" Nangong Qian pulled Shang Bin to his side and sat down, "Then lean on me and treat it as your apology!" As he spoke, he wrapped his arm around Shang and the atmosphere between the two became harmonious once again. Perhaps at the start, Nangong Qian's anger was simply jealousy, jealous of the rumor about Huan Mo Che and Shang Wu Xin. Now that the beauty was in his arms, Nangong Qian's mood naturally improved.

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