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"High Lord!" The little guy flew to Han Xuan Hao's side with a face full of excitement.

However, the current Han Xuanhao was not the same magnificent man from before. Not only Han Xuanhao, but also Ye Yizhi, Leng Yufeng, and Huan Mo Che who were by his side. The four of them did not look to be in a bad state, and not a single one of their subordinates had a good figure either. For example, Han Xuanhao, for example, he could tell how many assassins had been killed in the Cold Star Pavilion in the recent days. This caused all of the assassins in the Cold Star Pavilion to tremble in fear, not to mention the personal guards that Leng Yufeng had sent over. Although Leng Yufeng would not casually kill people like Han Xuanhao, the number of people responsible for it was unknown either.

"What is it?" Han Xuan Hao and the others were looking at a map of these places. They had been searching for so long, but there was no news of it. However, they did not give up. They had to find Shang.

The little guy only swallowed a mouthful of thirsty saliva, and said with a surprised and excited voice, "I found something new!"

Leng Yufeng threw down the map in his hands, and the few men all looked at Little White with eyes like wolves. This gaze made Little White retreat a few steps in fear, but he didn't expect Han Xuanhao to walk up to the little bird with a few large steps, and grab onto Little White's collar with both of his hands, then ask with a hoarse voice, "What did you say?"

This little boy was only sure that if he didn't make things clear, then the other men would definitely kill him as well, and the High Lords wouldn't care about the relationship between master and servant. Since the disappearance of the Crown Prince, this little boy only knew that the High Lords were fond of killing, even if they were assassins of the same sect.

"Just now, when this subordinate and the rest were searching, they discovered a great mountain. This should have been the end of the mountain, but this subordinate actually discovered that behind the mountain, there was actually smoke. This method of combustion is obviously attracting people's attention!" Little Jun spoke as quickly as he could. Only now did he understand why everyone was unwilling to report the news, whether it was fantasy theory or Little Pouch and the others. It was because everyone's master had become so terrifying.

Just as Xiao Budian finished speaking, he realized that the few men standing in front of him had all disappeared in an instant. The martial arts of these men were of the best, so he could only see everyone riding their light skill towards that mountain, and he didn't dare delay and immediately followed.

When Han Xuanhao and co. arrived, there were already many people standing there. These people were their most loyal subordinates, so even after so long, no one in the capital knew about the disappearance of the crown prince.

"Master!" "High Lord!" "General!" Master! " All sorts of voices could be heard. Everyone moved aside silently when they saw their master appear. Quite a few people had died in the past few days, so everyone knew that their master was not someone they could touch.

Leng Yufeng stepped forward to observe the place carefully, and discovered that it was a very tall mountain, even if they climbed up, they might not necessarily be able to cross it, even they would not think that the upper part of the mountain would be different. Leng Yufeng looked at the smoke rising from the back of the mountain and knew that this was not necessarily a coincidence. Furthermore, this was the bottom of the Broken Soul Cliff, so perhaps Shang Wuxin was waiting for him there.

"Can I go over there?" Whether or not Shang Wuxin was at the back of the mountain, they would not give up. They still had to walk through this place once, and any suspicious areas they wanted to look for.

Leng Yufeng was the most proficient at this scene, after all he had been on the battlefield for many years, so no matter how anxious they were, they still had time to watch him as he circled the mountain.

After a long while, Leng Yufeng looked at the three of them and said solemnly, "There are people living in the mountain, but there is no road to the mountain. Perhaps there used to be a road that is sealed off, but now we need to open up the road!"

Hearing this, none of them objected. At this moment, they were working together more than ever before, so Huan Mo Che directly said, "Yu Feng, if there's anything you need us to do, just tell us. Right now, the most important thing is to find Thoughtless!"

Leng Yufeng looked at Ye Yi Zhe, Ye Yi Zhe who was always quiet these days was like a mute when Shang opened his mouth. Leng Yu Feng looked at Ye Yi Zhe with eyes that flashed with grief.

In fact, everyone found it hard to accept this matter, but Ye Yi Zhe was the most guilty of them all. After all, there was no reason why Shang did not get into trouble with Madam Ye. Leng Yu Feng did indeed try to pull Ye Yi Zhe along at the beginning, but he didn't expect Ye Yi Zhe to do so overnight … Seeing Ye Yi Zhe like this, not only was Leng Yu Feng unable to reprimand him, but even Han Xuan Hao, who originally wanted to kill Ye Yi Zhe, was comforted with a few words of consolation.

Ye Yi Zhe felt Leng Yufeng's gaze on him. With a hollow voice, he said, "Speak!" These days, Ye Yi Zhe didn't dare to close his eyes. He was afraid of the scene where Shang carelessly fell off the cliff in his dreams. Ye Yi Zhe found it hard to accept such a selfish person being unable to determine whether his mother was dead or alive. On one side was the mother who raised him to live, and on the other was the girl he loved with his life, but he didn't expect that such a matter would be involved. Ye Yizhe felt that all of this was his fault.

"I need gunpowder!" Leng Yufeng said calmly. On the continent, gunpowder was rare, but it was mostly used to make cannon bamboo. It was because of its rarity that it could not appear on the battlefield. Even he could not get his hands on gunpowder. However, Ye Yi Zhe was the head of the Ye family. The Ye family's financial resources were unimaginable. Only Ye Yi Zhe could obtain gunpowder as soon as possible.

Without any hesitation, Ye Yi Zhe said to the small bag standing not far away, "Immediately tell all the industries under your command to collect all the gunpowder. I need it as soon as possible!"

Although the head of the Ye family was the person who held the power of Ye Yizhi, he also had an elder. For example, the elders were already dissatisfied with Yizhi's disappearance and the fact that he had transferred so many people away. If he took out the extremely scarce raw material for gunpowder at this time, even the elders would not agree, and they would not obey their master's decision.

Ye Yi Zhe's eyes were ice-cold as he looked at the small bag. He suddenly took out his flute and approached the small bag's neck. "You want to disobey this genius doctor's orders?" At this moment, the one standing in front of Ye Yi Zhe was not his subordinate, but an enemy that wanted to stop him from finding Shang.

Immediately, the small bag lowered its head, not daring to look into those emotionless eyes. The pain on its neck made the small bag immediately answer, "This subordinate doesn't dare, I'm just afraid that the elders will stop me!" Only when he felt the flute at his neck being removed did Sachet relax. Although Master had no complaints about his small bag, he did not want Sachet to die even if he could live.

"Kill anyone who blocks you!" Ye Yi Zhe's cold voice was like an icicle on a snowy mountain, directly piercing into the small bag's eardrums. At this moment, the small bag clearly understood that if those elders tried to take advantage of their seniority this time, they would really lose their lives.

Ye Yi Zhe looked at Han Xuan Hao. Before he could say anything, Han Xuan Hao beckoned some of his subordinates to come over. Han Xuan Hao ordered, "Escort this person back and bring him back safely. Otherwise, don't come!"

Ye Yi Zhe had great medical skills, but there weren't many people like Han Xuanhao who knew martial arts. Moreover, this matter required a vicious and merciless killer. Han Xuanhao also understood this point and directly ordered his subordinates to do so.

"How long does it take to go back and forth?" Today, they had been hiding their tracks here for so many days. If someone found out that there really was a problem with the State of Shang, then there might already be people who suspected that the State of Shang was unintentional. No matter what Shang might think of the State of Shang in the future, the State of Shang had to be protected well.

Ye Yi Zhe thought for a moment. "Three days!" These three days were the fastest, but even though it was just three days and night, Yizhi still felt like he was living a year. Seeing Ye Yi Zhe like this, Huan Mo Che wanted to open his mouth to say something, but he discovered that his heart was frighteningly anxious. He couldn't even speak words of comfort, and could only instruct the people below to set up camp. They wouldn't leave for the next three days, even if it was the only way to get closer to Shang.

The few people who should have been resting did not sleep. Ye Yi Zhe walked out of his tent and stood in front of the mountain peak to look at the towering mountain, wondering where Shang Wuxin was, whether she was in a bad condition, if she was injured, if she had been bullied, if she was behind all this.

Ye Yi Zhe never thought that Shang Wuxin would actually save his mother. It would be a lie to say that he wasn't moved, but his heart was filled with guilt that nearly drove Ye Yi Zhe crazy. He originally thought that Shang's heart was as cold as ice, but now he knew how happy he was. If Shang's heart was not truly as cold as his own, how could he have saved his mother if he did not treat her sincerely? If … If something really happened to Shang, Ye Yi Zhe felt that he would definitely accompany Shang Xin. The hell was too dark and he had to accompany her. If Shang Xin was safe and sound, then he would accept whatever punishment he had to suffer.

At this moment, Ye Yi Zhe suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, causing the three who had not slept in the camp to instantly leave the tent. When the three came out and saw Ye Yi Zhe vomiting blood, Huan Mo Che worriedly asked, "What's going on?" Don't let something happen to one of them before you find Shang.

Ye Yi Zhe wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and ridiculed, "No problem!"

The trio knew that even if they said anything, it would be useless. They could only find Shang and only then, their condition was not much better. The four men stood in the darkness with worried expressions …

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